Bournemouth Uni<br />Media Agency - Digital<br />
Hello !<br />Name:  Natasha Spencer-Warren<br />Company:  Mindshare<br />Dept:  Digital Exchange <br />Job Title:  Account...
Inside a media agency<br />Client  Leader - ‘The Client Inside’<br />Business<br />Planning<br />Invention<br />The<br />E...
Mindshare’s Main Clients<br />
Our Culture – Our Values<br />We bring a high level of energy,<br />commitment and curiosity<br />to everything we do.<br ...
Our Ambition<br />To be our clients’ lead business partners<br />
Working in harmony with all agencies <br />
Skills needed for life in a media agency<br />
2/28/2010<br />Sample Footer Text Here<br />9<br />The Digital Revolution!<br />
<ul><li> Responsible for managing the campaign delivery and reporting
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Mindshare's Natasha Spencer Warren's presentation at the Digital Talent Roadshow in Bournemouth


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Mindshare's Natasha Spencer Warren's presentation at the IAB's Digital Talent University Roadshow in Bournemouth. March 2010.

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  • What is a media agency?Broadly speaking, media agencies are responsible for the planning and buying of media, but nowadays we do far more than that. We no longer describe what we do as media planning, but perform a much broader role for our clients which we call communications planning. It is becoming increasingly common for media agencies, rather than creative agencies, to lead the communications process in partnership with clients. Media agencies are best placed to stay abreast of opportunities and developments within media, because we talk to the UK’s media owners (TV companies, newspapers etc.) every day, while planning and buying media for our clients.Media buying involves negotiating the best price, position and added value for media space. Media buyers are responsible for ensuring that each brand is advertised in the most appropriate environment i.e. the magazines and TV programmes which best reach the brand’s target audience. It is a very exciting time for media agencies. A time when we are leading the debate on the future of the communications industry.
  • Who are MindShare?MindShare is the UK’s second largest media agency with annual billings in excess of £750 million.As part of the WPP Group, we have been able to invest extensively in developing the MindShareoffering, including building the world’s strongest global network. We have over 500 staff in ourLondon office and 4,500 global employees across 63 countries.Why MindShare?Our dedication to insights - getting under the skin of consumers and really understanding theirrelationships with brands and media - is central to our approach
  • MindShare is committed to lifting the standard of the media industry through the quality of our offer and service. One of our greatest strengths is the breadth of experience we’ve gained through working with some of the UK’s most successful marketers. Each client has unique business and brand challenges, andby working collaboratively we are helping them meet these challenges every day.
  • Ultimately, MindShare’s strength is in our people. Smart people who are passionate about helpingclients win; who get excited when someone says “that can’t be done”; people who really wantto raise the bar.
  • Although we strive to be our clients lead business partner, we would be stupid to believe we can fulfil all roles ourselves. There are many agencies and all have an important role to play in delivering on a clients communication objectives. On a daily basis you will not only be working with teams within your own agency but also dealing with external Creatives, PR, experiential and media owners. Its crucial you learn to develop strong relationships with all parties involved and have a good understanding of what they do and what role they play in order to deliver the best possible results for your common client.
  • Numeracy: With millions of pounds of our client’s money at your disposal, you need to make sure the numbers add up! You don’t need to be Einstein, but as you’ll be responsible for delivering maximum return for your client’s investment on media, a solid grasp of Maths is a must.Literacy and Verbal Skills: In all your dealings with clients, sales points and colleagues you need to be able to express yourself confidently and succinctly. Media buying is not a place for shrinking violets and we are looking for people with strong opinions and the ability to express them.Ability to work in a demanding environment: Whether it’s producing reports for senior clients, pulling together a schedule for the planning team or securing that elusive spot in tonight’s Champions League game on ITV, the Investment teams are constantly working to deadlines. At times, the phone will be ringing off the hook and you’ll be juggling a number of projects, but this is all part of what creates the unique buzz and energy that can be found in few other jobs.A sense of fun: You can’t work in Media without this. Media is a great environment for those who really want to enjoy their time at work. From the great team atmosphere, to the vibrant feel in the MindShare bar and the array of social events organised by the company and media sales houses throughout the year, if you can’t have fun in this job, there’s probably something wrong with you!
  • Lets focus now on my favourite subject: Digital MediaIf you choose a career in digital media then you are walking into a world where things move and change constantly. Its exciting, stretching and moves so fast it can make your head spin ! I specialised in digital 5 years ago, after starting life in a full service agency and I can safely say that no two days have ever been the same and I absolutely love it.If you’re a numbers person, then direct response accounts like Virgin Money, 3 or Talk Talk will be your idea of paradise. With digital media being the most accountable. Being able to track and measure the activity you have planned and brought to within and inch of its life, in order to show your clients exactly what return you have been able to deliver on their investment is a massive challenge but also incredibly rewarding as the results are there for all to see. You need to be a numbers wizard and have exceptional attention to detail. You will also need to keep pace with the massive advances in technology that are always pushing the boundaries in this areaFor those who like more creative work, then brand accounts like Unilever, Ford, Pepsi and Nestle will give you the chance to push digital media to its limits. We always say that if you can think it then you can probably do it in digital !Finding where your target consumers are and then developing ways which will engage and encourage them to interact with your brands is exciting and challenging. Whether it be partnering with the likes of MSN to develop a one off online music event for Lynx or developing a social media strategy for Kit Kat, you need have limitless ideas, be a strong story teller to help sell the idea to a client, be an excellent project manager to actually make the project happen, but crucially always be thinking back to how you can measure the success of the activity to prove that it was the right way to spend your clients money.In 5 years I don’t think I have ever stopped being challenged or stretched. Its hard work but it’s a great career and I would recommend it to anyone. To give you an idea of what to expect lets have a look at the career path of someone in digital media
  • When you graduate, you will enter into a media agency as such. After 6 months and successful completion of your probation period, you will have your place as an AE confirmed. After 18 months you should be ready to take the next step
  • Whatever path you choose – be it client leadership, insights or planning and buying make sure you have a clear understanding of what the job involves and where its going to take you in the years to comeAny job in media means hard work, but you get what you put in, and if you work hard the rewards will come. Remember media is a small world so be nice to everyone as you’ll be surprised just how small it is and reputation is everything !Keep learning. The media landscape changes fast – especially digital – start the habit now of keeping abreast with industry news and advancements. Most importantly though, make sure you always have an opinion about whatever is happening. Your clients will be looking at you as their expert. Be passionate and love what you do. You need to give media 150%. Its long hours, lots of work and sometimes can push you over the edge. If you don’t love it you won’t last longRemember. Its only media. Yes, its very very important, but you need to keep perspective and have fun whenever you can !
  • Mindshare's Natasha Spencer Warren's presentation at the Digital Talent Roadshow in Bournemouth

    1. 1. Bournemouth Uni<br />Media Agency - Digital<br />
    2. 2. Hello !<br />Name: Natasha Spencer-Warren<br />Company: Mindshare<br />Dept: Digital Exchange <br />Job Title: Account Director<br />Clients: Unilever <br />Passions: Digital Media, London, Socialising, Lying down, Formula 1 and being sensible (as you can see!)<br />
    3. 3. Inside a media agency<br />Client Leader - ‘The Client Inside’<br />Business<br />Planning<br />Invention<br />The<br />Exchange<br />‘Producing<br />Rich Ideas’<br />Architects<br />Project management<br />Specialists (e.g. sponsorship, music, film, <br />social networks)<br />‘The Right Question’<br />Analytics<br />Consumer insight<br />Strategists<br />‘Bringing Ideas<br />and Value to Life’<br />TV, Press, Radio, OOH, Digital, Search<br />
    4. 4. Mindshare’s Main Clients<br />
    5. 5. Our Culture – Our Values<br />We bring a high level of energy,<br />commitment and curiosity<br />to everything we do.<br />Learn It<br />We are brave, challenging and believe in what we are doing. We champion ideas – wherever they come from – and we take pride in seeing things through to completion.<br />Do It<br />We work in an integrated, informed and joined-up way, which keeps us plugged-<br />in to what’s going on with consumers, <br />colleagues, clients and brands.<br />Share It<br />We bring new ideas, fresh thinking and a different perspective on everything we do.<br />Challenge It<br />
    6. 6. Our Ambition<br />To be our clients’ lead business partners<br />
    7. 7. Working in harmony with all agencies <br />
    8. 8. Skills needed for life in a media agency<br />
    9. 9. 2/28/2010<br />Sample Footer Text Here<br />9<br />The Digital Revolution!<br />
    10. 10. <ul><li> Responsible for managing the campaign delivery and reporting
    11. 11. Dealing with issues with media owners e.g. getting compensation
    12. 12. Good knowledge of the digital media market and a broad understanding of the role of all the other digital channels, SEO, PPC, affiliates etc.</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Understand the client’s business, build a good relationship with that client and creative agencies
    13. 13. Working with AD, develop strong strategic digital planning skills with the ability to articulate clearly and with rationale of the role of digital
    14. 14. Ensure campaigns are implemented to plan and are managed successfully by the execs
    15. 15. Build strong knowledge/relationship with key media owners in order to seek out best opportunities</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Advanced strategic planning skills and ability to formulate strong digital campaign proposals
    16. 16. Overall responsibility for digital campaigns throughout planning, buying and implementation to ensure delivery of what’s been agreed with clients
    17. 17. Management and development of the AM and AE on that account</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Takes the lead for the digital thinking on accounts
    18. 18. Is an evangelist about digital media, inspiring and challenging all involved to think more digitally
    19. 19. Is a strong leader who inspires the team below them
    20. 20. Understands and has a vision for digital media’s future for clients and the agency</li></li></ul><li>5 Tips for media success<br />
    21. 21. Thank you <br />