Rising Stars Presentation by Peter Minium


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Prezentarea noilor formate de bannere "Rising Stars" sustinuta de Peter Minium in cadrul evenimentului "Meet the Rising Stars" - 26 septembrie 2011, organizat de IAB Romania

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  • We are all familiar with the humble beginnings of online advertising, starting with this famous AT&T banner from Hotwired in October of 1994
  • By the banner’s sweet 16 th birthday last fall, we had managed to fill the page, but we hadn’t jumped off of it.These standard units that represent well over 80% of the display volume were still all 2Dimenstional.Is this the logical end?Any units with truly 3-Dimensional characteristics—with the third dimension being true viewer interactivity—are custom formats that capture perhaps a 10% share by volume. The ability of these rich media formats to grow share has been severely hampered by the complexity of executing these often hand-crafted campaigns.
  • We are all familiar with the humble beginnings of online advertising, starting with this famous AT&T banner from Hotwired in October of 1994
  • In fairness, these issues became acute only in the past several years as bandwidth and consumer technology advanced markedly and our industry exploded with innovations to take advantage of the new potential.The IAB called for a creative revolution at the time to match this accelerating technology evolution.To enable this revolution, the IAB set out to solve the creative canvas problem for brand marketers.The Rising Stars program, begun over a year ago is now bearing fruit.
  • Step one: creatie white space by delisting units with little appeal
  • Step one
  • Rising Stars Presentation by Peter Minium

    1. 1. Creative-friendly Ad Formats “Rising Stars” Update Peter@iab.net September 20110
    2. 2. The Humble Beginning AT&T banner on Hotwired, October, 19941
    3. 3. The Humble Ending? IAB Standard Ad Formats, 16 years later2
    4. 4. The Humble Ending? A Direct Marketer’s Dream A Brand Marketer’s Nightmare3
    5. 5. Interactive Advertising Needed a Creative Revolution • “Creative quality is driving 70% of the business impact we’re seeing in our return on advertising.” (P&G) •Creative agencies and publishers must collaborate to create outstanding marketing and communications products •Creative teams now must include technologists along with writers and designers, to engage the intellect and emotions of audiences and individuals across all channels, toward the goal of creating enduring brands •“Causing the heart to beat quick is at least as important as making the mouse click.” (IAB)4
    6. 6. First Step: De-clutter IAB Standard Ad Formats, 16 years later5
    7. 7. Seven Standard Ad Units6
    8. 8. Wisdom of the Crowd7
    9. 9. Involve the Buy-side8
    10. 10. Evaluation Criteria  Branding - How well does the ad format provide a canvas for brand creativity?  User Experience - How well does the ad format positively impact user experience?  Functionality – How does the ad format take advantage of online user behaviors and technologies?  Page Integration – How does the ad format enhance the relationship between the ad and publisher page layout?  Adoption - How easily could the ad format be widely adopted by publishers?9
    11. 11. The IAB Rising Stars IAB Billboard, IAB Filmstrip, IAB Portrait, IAB Pushdown, IAB Sidekick, and IAB Slider10
    12. 12. Marketer Early Adopters11
    13. 13. IAB Billboard12
    14. 14. IAB Filmstrip13
    15. 15. IAB Portrait14
    16. 16. IAB Pushdown15
    17. 17. IAB Sidekick16
    18. 18. IAB Slider17
    19. 19. Early Metrics Industry Rich Media IAB Rising Stars Benchmarks (Unicast Industy Rpt q1-4 ‘10) Engagement Rate (= ITR + CTR) 10.12% 1.58% Interaction Rate (ITR) 9.82% 1.43% Click-Thru Rate (CTR) 0.29% 0.15% Ad Engagement Time 34, 47, 98 seconds 14 seconds Ad Display Time 94 seconds 59 seconds Avg. Video Play Time 24, 17, 23.6 seconds 12 seconds18
    20. 20. Question? Peter@iab.net19
    21. 21. Thank you.Peter@iab.net
    22. 22. Extra slides…http://www.iab.net/iab_products_and_industry_services/508676/508767/Rich_Media 21
    23. 23. Mobile Rising Stars Update September 2011 Peter@iab.net
    24. 24. Mobile Rising Stars Program Designed to uncover the best creative-friendly ad units in the mobile ecosystem and make these the first ever IAB-endorsed formats “Creative Ad Products” for smart-phones and tablets Wisdom of the crowd approach Buy-side working group leading evaluation Criteria:  User Experience - How well does the ad format positively impact user experience?  Branding - How well does the ad format provide a canvas for brand creativity?  Functionality – How does the ad format take advantage of mobile user behaviors and technologies?  Integration – How does the ad format enhance the relationship between the ad and the publisher content?  Adoption - How easily could the ad format be widely adopted across the mobile ecosystem?
    25. 25. Timeline Launch & Call for Entries: IAB Mobile Marketplace July 18th, 2011 Fuel & manage submission process to ensure support: ongoing Deadline for submissions: October 15th Ad Ops Evaluation: November/December Agency Working Group evaluation: January (NYC) Announce Mobile Rising Stars: February 2012 at IAB annual meeting Build Out: March, April, May 2012 Evaluation Period: June-December 2012 IAB Mobile Standard Ad Formats named: Year-end 2012
    26. 26. Mobile Rising Stars Update September 2011 Peter@iab.net
    27. 27. Next Steps Now fueling and managing submissions ● Six entries already Please encourage those in your sphere of influence to enter
    28. 28. Thank you.Peter@iab.net
    29. 29. Mobile Rising Stars Agency Working Group
    30. 30. E.g., Display Judging Grid
    31. 31. E.g, From Display-Standard Ad Formats vs. Rising StarsIAB Standard Ad Formats Display Rising Stars (3 of 6) Filmstrip Slider Pushdown
    32. 32. 2. Do we segment mobile category? Some ideas I’ve heard on segments include separate categories of standards based on: Browser vs. App; Phone vs. Tablet; Small, Medium, and Large screen; Aspect ratios; Cross-mobile platform; Use-case (tactical vs. immersive, reach vs engagement); High- end vs less “smart” devices Hypothesis: Call for entries that are mobile device and size agnostic, i.e, Mobile Ad Product Concepts, and require entrants to demonstrate how they could work across platforms (conceptually, not technically) ● Agnostic in the sense that they are not device/screen specific, not that they must work on all of them ● Focus on concept and not chase screen proliferation
    33. 33. Known Adopters MSN  NPR MSN Money  Hearst (cosmopolitan.com, esquire.com, goodhousekeeping.com, marieclaire.com, CBS Interactive redbookmag.com and seventeen.com.) Fox Sports  Aexp Pub (Travel &Leisure , Food & Wine) NBC (Daily Candy, Fandango, iVillage)  Entertainment Weekly Undertone networks  TheStreet AOL  Zillow CNET  Ziff Davis, CondeNast  Fox News Business Insider  Meredith Corp. New York Times  Variety Washington Post  WSJ Digital Network Forbes.com  Weather The Atlantic  YouTube32
    34. 34. The IAB Rising Stars IAB Filmstrip  MSFT Interactive IAB Portrait Filmstrip IAB Sidekick  Aol Project Devil IAB  Unicast Sidekick Pushdown  Pictela Pushdown IAB Billboard  Google/YouTube IAB Slider Masthead  Genex Slider See www.iab.net/risingstars for full details33
    35. 35. 34
    36. 36. RM Guidelines in Revision Max Add’l Initi Maximu File Web Site al Flash Audio m Format Format (Wx Weight Labeling Load Specifi Initiati Animati Controls Category H) File (Polite cs on on & Other Downloa Items Size Length d) * • Control = • Label = In-Page See IAB Ad Unit User Anything up “Close X”, Play, “Advertiseme Video Guidelines, for 40 KB 1.2MB** 18 fps Initiated to 15 Pause, Rewind, nt” Units example, 300x250 (on click) seconds Volume • Font = 16 pt • Font = 16 pt User-initiated Expandable Ads: See IAB Ad Unit Guidelines. Anything up • Control = to 15 “Close X” Landing Spots: seconds • Font = 16 pt Maximum width of • Location = On Expandabl 2X the initial ad • Label = User Edge of Original e/ size* “Advertiseme 40 KB 80 KB 18 fps Initiated (non- Retractabl nt” (on click) expanded/expan e Units User-initiated Expansion: Font = 16 pt Retractable Ads: ded) unit • 3 seconds, • Feature = Maximum width of if no user Enable Mouse-Off 600 pixels. interaction Retraction • Up to 15 Landing Spots: See seconds IAB Ad Unit within ad Guidelines Pop-ups: 250x250; 300x250 Pop-Up or See IAB Pop- User Anything up Pop- Pop-up Large: Provided by Up 40 KB 80 KB 18 fps Initiated to 15 Under 550x480 Browser Window Guidelines for (on click) seconds Units more details Pop-under: 720x300 • Control = Floating: “Close X” • 10 seconds • Font = 16 pt max, if no • Location = • Label = User user Floating Variable Fixed placement “Advertiseme 80 KB 160 KB 18 fps Initiated interaction Units at the location of nt” (on click) the first • Font = 16 pt • Up to 15 completely seconds visible frame within ad Landing Spots for Not Applicable 35
    37. 37. Global Implications• It’s a small (digital) world• Microsoft, Google/Doubleclick, AOL, Mediamind/Unicast/Pointroll • UK, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Australia…• Do our major common members want global standards to include “creative friendly” RM formats? • If yes, are these a good place to start?36
    38. 38. We’re in Adoption Mode  Developed in 2010  Announced in February 2011  March-June 2011 “Build-out”  In-market evaluation 2nd half 2011  Ecosystem adoption and consumer engagement data  New IAB U.S. Standards named end 2011  (N.B. Mobile Rising Stars now ongoing!)37