Cornelia Sofronie - Unicef Case study - P&G Presentation for IAB Forum Romania - 5th Oct 2011


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Prezentarea sustinuta de d-na Cornelia Sofronie - External Relations Specialist, P&G - in cadrul evenimentului IAB Forum Romania, 5 Octombrie 2011, Bucuresti

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Cornelia Sofronie - Unicef Case study - P&G Presentation for IAB Forum Romania - 5th Oct 2011

  1. 1. Pampers UNICEFBalkans JF2011 1=1 1
  2. 2. VaccinesRomania donated 1.3 millions vaccines, rising the overalldonation to 5.8MM vaccines since start-up of the campaign in2008. Romania Unicef 3.0/ JF11: 1.3MM vaccines
  3. 3. HOW THESE RESULTS WERE ACHIEVED? Local amplification ideas with clear focus on Digital, Influencer and In Store
  4. 4. Pack Design ER: Partnerships w Magazines, In Store: Customized Celebrity Bloggers exploitations and POSMs and Social Media Facebook contest- Mosaic of 1 pack = 1 life life saving vaccine Local Topspin Double Help- donations to maternities voted by consumers ‟ LocalIn Store: Trial/Loyalty campaign, Topspin Demo (diapers+ wipes) and ER: Launch Events, CelebritiesCustomized POSMs - Local Topspin POSMs, Call to action from an unprecedented number of celebrities - Local Topspin Mosaic of life OOH - Local Topspin
  5. 5. Communication PlanWho Barriers: I need help first, before I start helping others I am more interested in helping kids in need from my own countries rather than the ones in other countries Seeding Call to action Thank you Buzz & Enable Awareness & Engagement Emotional Connection Create awareness on the cause and explain how easy it is to help save a Recruitment of ambassadors: use Build emotional connection with life. various ambassadors and build mums, make every mum a hero of Enable mothers to spread the message credibility. the cause. to others by transforming them in our spokespersonsTouch points PR: influencers (celebrities , doctors, real mums), news (thank you phase) Online: i-media, facebook Online: Pampers Village, facebook, parenting forums
  6. 6. Initiative Timeline Dec10 Jan11 Feb11 Mar11 In-store Facebook: 1=1 Pampers Mosaic for Life Thank You OOHPR Seeding 4 Maternities: Opening events PR:Thank You
  7. 7. Objective behind Digital„ Drive fast Awareness of the cause: build WOM. ‟ Focus on WIN as a community vs WIN as an Individual ‟ Empower mums„ Build Engagement to mums
  8. 8. 1=1 Mosaic of Life„ Enter the Pampers 1 = 1 Mosaic of Life to support:„ Global cause: become Pampers ambassador & drive awareness within your community to help eliminate new born Tetanus+ Local cause: be a decisive factor of the local cause ‟ Pampers will make a donation to the maternity you support
  9. 9. Mechanism„ Step 1: Go on Pampers Facebook page„ Step 2: Upload a picture of your little one showing his support for the 1=1 campaign„ Step 3: The picture will automatically enter the Pampers Mosaic for Life building the KV of the campaign„ Outcome: ‟ At the end of the 6 weeks activation 1 BIG OOH = symbol of the fight against Tetanus will be created from all the little 1=1 pictures gathered ‟ Every 2 weeks, a maternity will be renovated in the city supported by most mums entering the Pampers Mosaic for Life (8 maternities in Total “renovated” by consumers choice ‟ in Bucharest, Timisoara, Brasov and Iasi)
  10. 10. The ExecutionGallop II to UNICEF III
  11. 11. Facebook Calendar:- Leveraging Past documentaries- PR Endorsers & Events- Videos, pictures- Call to action for in-store every 3 days & advertise in- store activations
  12. 12. PIMP Your Profile
  13. 13. Creating Life Saving Invites:e.g. Mark this day in your calendar & your friends calendar not to miss last day for entering the Mosaic
  14. 14. Leveraging all Local Help activities on Facebook Community also
  15. 15. Enabling WOM within PampersFacebook communities:- We revealed the Endorsers tomums 1 by 1 closing with a videowith all their testimonials tokeep the fans alert & engage them(Dec-Jan)
  16. 16. AmbassadorsRomania We secured Unprecedented number of Celebrities to support the cause
  17. 17. Final Thank You OOH
  18. 18. Community Doubled in the 4 Weeks of Mosaic!Total Fans in Romania after Total Fans in Romania afterPampers Gallop II: Pampers UNICEF III:>6.000 > 13.000 189 Fan Growth Idex in Romania WITHOUT any incentive for mums > 3000 pictures posted for the Mosaic
  19. 19. Thank you forhelping us savebabies lives!