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Modern cancer prevention approach
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Modern cancer prevention approach


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Modern CANCER PREVENTION Approach A Science Premier Mr. LEE Chee Cheow (M.Sc.) Chief Scientific Officer, International Advanced Bio-Pharmaceutical Industries Pte Ltd. Dr Lee Chee Wee (Ph.D.) Chief Scientific Advisor, IABPI Pte Ltd Adjunct Associate Professor, YLL School of Medicine, NUSPromoting the Nutriceutical Science of Preventive Self-care
  • 2. Cancer:Number 1 Killer Disease in Modern SocietyMajor causes of death in Singapore About 1 in 3 (31%) Deaths is from Cancer•Source: Registry of Birth & Deaths
  • 3. Ten Most Frequent Cancers in Singapore Males,2006 -2010 Singapore Cancer Registry ; Interim Annual Registry Report ; Trends in Cancer Incidence in Singapore 2006-2010
  • 4. Ten Most Frequent Cancers in Singapore Females2006 – 2010 Singapore Cancer Registry ; Interim Annual Registry Report ; Trends in Cancer Incidence in Singapore 2006-2010
  • 5. Our Immunity decline : As we ageDiseases ofagingIncidents increaseexponentially withage
  • 6. Cancer : A Disease of agingincidents increase exponentially with age Colorectal Cancer
  • 7. Cancer – Disease of agingincidents increase exponentially with age Lung Cancer
  • 8. Cancer – Disease of agingincidents increase exponentially with age Liver Cancer
  • 9. Recommendation 1:As you get olderGet Screened More Regularly To discover the cancer early Screening should include:  Skin  Mouth  Colon  Rectum  Prostate  Testes  Cervix  Breast
  • 10. The role ofenvironmentand genes in thedevelopment ofcancer
  • 11. Genesassociatedwith risk ofdifferentcancers
  • 12. Recommendation 2:Know Your Personal & Family HistoryTake preventive measure to avoid Hereditary Cancers Common hereditary cancers:  Breast cancer  Ovarian cancer  Colorectal cancer  Prostate cancer Genetic testing:  Breast (BRCA1 & 2)  Ovarian (BRCA1 & 2)  Colorectal (MLH1 & MSH2)  Prostate (6 potential genes)
  • 13. Cancer is A Largely Avoidable Disease Up to 4/5 (90%) of cancer may be prevented through environment & lifestyle modifications 1/3 (33%) of these cancer occurrences can be minimized via dietary modifications and/or enhancement
  • 14. Recommendation 3: Avoid Tobacco & AlcoholCancers thathave been linkedto alcohol andsmokingIncrease cancer risk if exceeded: 2 drinks a day for man 1 drink a day for woman 1 drink a day if about 65 yrs old
  • 15. Obesity Increases Cancer Risks Type of Cancer Exercise Reduction of Proportion of incidence Cancer risks1 attributed to Obesity2 Colon Cancer 30-40% 11% Breast Cancer 20-80% 9% Endometrial Cancer 20-40% 39% Lung Cancer 20% - Kidney Cancer NA 25% Esophageal Cancer NA 37% Gall Bladder Cancer NA 24% Source: 1. US National Cancer Institute: Fact sheet; Physical Activity and Cancer 2. Australia Cancer Council: National Cancer Prevention Policy; Preventable risk factors; Overweight & obesity
  • 16. Summary of Mortality from Cancer According to Body-Mass Index for U.S. Men in the Cancer Prevention Study II, 1982 through 1998.
  • 17. Summary of Mortality from Cancer According to Body-Mass Index for U.S. Women in the Cancer Prevention Study II, 1982 through 1998.
  • 18. Recommendation 4: Stay Active & Maintain a Healthy Weight Cancers that linked to obesityPhysically active for 30 minor more on most days ofthe week Low-key activities  Brisk walking  Swimming  Tai Chi  Ballroom dancing
  • 19. Cancers thatlinked toinfection
  • 20. HBV DNA Levels and Liver Cancer
  • 21. Recommendation 5: Get Immunized Hepatitis B Liver cancer Human papillomavirus (HPV) Cervical cancer Also cancers of anus, penis, throat, vulva & vagina
  • 22. Recommendation 6:Avoid Behaviors that can lead to infections Viruses transmitted sexually or by sharing contaminated needles: Human Papillomavirus (HPV) • Cervical cancer, cancers of anus, penis, throat, vulva & vagina HIV (AIDS) • Anal cancer, cervical cancer, liver cancer & lymphoma etc Hepatitis B and C • Liver cancer
  • 23. Cancers thatlinked toenvironmentalcarcinogens
  • 24. Recommendation 7:Avoid Environmental Risks Known carcinogens  Gasoline  Diesel exhaust  Arsenic  Vinyl chloride  Nickel chromates  Coal products  Mustard gas  Chloromethyl ethers Radiation  Mobile phone?!?! •0 min •15 min
  • 25. Recommendation 8:Protect Yourself from SunSkin cancer is one of most common & preventable kinds of cancer Nearly all skin cancer is treatable if detect early Avoid peak radiation hrs (10 am – 2 pm) Stay in the shade; Cover exposed areas Don’t skimp on sunscreen  SPF30 - prevents skin reddening 30 times longer than unprotected skin  Apply every 2 hrs
  • 26. 35% Cancer deaths linked to diet as reported by Willett** W. C. Willett. Diet andcancer. Oncologist.5:393–404 (2000)
  • 27. Recommendation 9:Keep A Healthy DietThe general dietary recommendations:  Do not Over Eat (Caloric restriction / periodic fasting)  Rich in fruits and vegetables (Low glycemic load), low in sugar / refined carbohydrates  Low intake of saturated fats, cholesterol & trans fats  Low in red meat, processed meat, rich in soy & fish  Cut back on salt & MSG  Avoid alcohol
  • 28. Additional Recommendation :Through Dietary Supplementation• Improve Digestion with Probiotics & Food Enzymes• Take Chemopreventive supplementation Modern Approach Through Chemoprevention The use of natural or synthetic substances to reduce risk of developing cancer
  • 29. Cancer is a long progression disease
  • 30. Cancer Chemoprevention Strategies Major categories of chemopreventive agents: Anti-toxin Detoxification, strengthen liver functions Anti-infection Strengthen immune systems Anti-oxidant Protect against free radical attack Anti-cancer Anti cell promotion Anti cell proliferation Activate programmed cell death Multi-pronged approach is recommended
  • 31. Foods that have Cancer Preventive properties Cancer Fighting properties Alkaline Forming (1) properties (2) Beans Lemons & Limes Berries Watermelon Cherries Grapefruit Cruciferous Vegetables Mangoes Chia seed / Flaxseed Papayas Garlic Asparagus Grapes Onions Green Tea Parsley Soybean Spinach Tomatoes Broccoli Mushrooms GarlicSource:1. American Institute for Cancer Research2. Diet, Nutrition and the Healing & Prevention of Cancer & Other Diseases (XVIII); Acid-Forming & Alkaline-Forming Food Table
  • 32. Mushrooms (Fungus): source of potent natural based Chemopreventive Agents• Mushrooms are prebiotic• They contain Host Defence Potentiators compounds which can have immune system enhancement properties• They are anti tumor agents• Currently used as adjuncts to cancer treatments in Japan, Russia, China, & U.S.A.
  • 33. Medicinal mushroomsMany Pharmaceuticals are derivedfrom the Fungus Kingdom: • Penicillin, • Ciclosporin, Grifola frondosa • Griseofulvin, Trametes versicolor • Cephalosporin, • Ergometrine, • Statins Antrodia camphorataPharmaceutical Properties:• hypoglycemic,• anti-cancer,• anti-viral,• immune system enhancing Ganoderma lucidum Cordyceps sinensis
  • 34. Antrodia Camphorata: A Rare FungusWorld’s most valuable medicinalfungus compared:Bio-Active Ingredients Ganoderma Lucidium Antrodia CamphorataBio Active Triterpenes 20-50 types >200 typesTriterpenes concentration 1–3% 10-45 %Anti-cancer Triterpenes NA 4%AC is highly priced for its effectiveness in treating thefollowing ailments over centuries in Taiwan: • Anti-cancer • Improve liver functions • Anti Fatigue • Anti-inflammation • Anti-hepatitis infection • Improve immunity • Anti-allergenic
  • 35. New Anti Cancer CompoundIsolated from Antrodia CamphorataChemical name : 18Antroquinonol® 19 17 16 15 22 21 14• US Patent 7342137B1 Mar.11,2008 7 11 6 13 O 1• US Patent 7385088B1 Jun.10,2008 5 8 9 10 12 20 23 2• US Patent 7411003B1 Aug.12,2008 O 3 4 OH• US Patent 7456225B1 Nov.25,2008 O 24• US Patent 7468392B1 Dec.23,2008• US Patent 7501454B2 Mar.10,2009 Molecular Weight: 390 Formulation: C24 H28 O4EfficacyBased on Human Cancer Cell, Antroquinonol® can Assist theTreatment of Multiple Therapies in Solid Tumor.
  • 36. Antrodia CamphorataPowerful Natural ChemopreventiveCompound • Anti Initiation • Anti oxidationAC simultaneously • Anti inflammationattack the various Anti Promotionstages of cancer • Growth inhibitionformation Anti Progression • Induce apoptosisAC in Cancer Applications SummaryTreatment Pre-Cancer therapy During Chemotherapy Post ChemotherapystagesApplication Neo-Adjuvant / Adjuvant PreventiveMode: Complimentary Anti oxidation Hepatoprotection ChemopreventionTherapeutic Anti infection Immune modulation Immune modulationActions: Anti inflammation Tumor regression Anti oxidation
  • 37. A Natural Health Science Company Establish since 2003国际先进生物药理科技