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IABC FRance at EME Leadership Institute 2012
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IABC FRance at EME Leadership Institute 2012


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The IABC EME Leadership Institute took place in PAris on Octobe 22, 2012, co-hosted by IABC France. We shared our savoir-faire in terms of events programming and professional development.

The IABC EME Leadership Institute took place in PAris on Octobe 22, 2012, co-hosted by IABC France. We shared our savoir-faire in terms of events programming and professional development.

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  • 1. Welcome to the 2012 Leadership InstituteBeingExceptionalHow can we excel inDisruptive Times?October 22, 2012 #emeli #iabcfr #iabceme FRANCE
  • 2. EMELI 2012. Next up ...10:15 - 10:45Claudia Vaccarone & Lise JanodyPresident & Vice-President, IABC FranceBest Practice SessionEvents programming that works! #emeli #iabcfr #iabceme FRANCE
  • 3. #emeli #iabcfr Best Practice Session Events Programming That Works!October 22nd, 2012
  • 4. IABC France AT A GLANCE• 2001: Chapter founded• 2003: Hosted first Leadership Institute outside USA• 2005: Hosted EuroComm• Stable membership (between 55 and 70)• Ecosystem of 500+ communications professionals• 330 members on the IABC France LinkedIn Group • 67% in the Paris region IABC France Membership 2011-2012
  • 5. WHY EVENTS?• Strategic choice: – 2010: Significant drop in membership – Strong need to demonstrate membership value – SHOW, not TELL! IABC dynamic resources – Recognized importance of face value and events as a valuable community building tactic
  • 6. INGREDIENTS FOR SUCCESS1. A truly committed Board & Events Team2. A successful partnership with AUP3. Two regular formats • Networking • Professional Development Seminars4. Quality of speakers & leveraging the IABC leadership5. Regular dialogue with members6. Events-focused communications program
  • 7. 2012 -2013 BOARD MEMBERS• Claudia Vaccarone - President• Lise Bissonnette Janody -Vice President• Bob Simpson - Past President• Kristen Sukalac - Secretary• Thomas X. Scott - Treasurer
  • 8. 2012-2013 EXTENDED LEADERSHIP• Andrew Hennigan - Director of Communications• Eileen Lavergne – Dir. Professional Development & Events• Marie-Laure Blanc - Director of Member Relations• Maureen Jenkins - Co-Director of Career Development• Tatiana Orozco - Co-Director of Career Development• Kristen Sukalac – Dir. of Leadership Awards & Accreditation
  • 9. 2012-2013 EVENTS COMMITTEE• Victoria Marshall - Event Officer• Clare Mattock - Event Officer• Elisabeth Carroll Simon- Event Officer
  • 10. SUCCESSFUL PARTNERSHIP: AUP • Global Communications Program (Graduate & Undergraduate) • Campus: 2 central locations • Reciprocal added value: • AUP hosts IABC events - for free • IABC welcomes at events registered students & faculty - for free • Faculty members available to speak and moderate panels • Promotional support
  • 11. EVENTS PROGRAMMING1. Content marketing approach: – SHOW, DON’T TELL!2. Collective effort, a combination of: – Brainstorming – People coming forth with ideas – Energetic events managers!3. Consistent strong logistics: – AM event breakfast – Evening PD events followed by drinks
  • 12. EVENTS PLANNING• Competitive analysis• Avoid conflicting dates/events
  • 13. PROFIT MAKING SCHEME COSTS REVENUES1. Venue: 0€ Members: FREE2. Speakers: 0€ AUP Students: FREE3. Refreshments: 100€ Non-members: 30€
  • 14. SIGN UP PROCEDURE• Sign up on• Weezevent platform• New mail address recuperated and added to mailing list
  • 15. EVENTS SEASON 2011/12• 8 seminars – 10 networking events (including Christmas Party)• 3 venues (AUP, Alcatel-Lucent, Eutelsat SA)• Seminars: 342 participants altogether• 23 speakers – 8 different topics• Most attented: Social Media Week event (100 onsite + 233 online)
  • 16. NETWORKING EVENTS• Regularity • Second Thursday of the Month• Always same venue • Hotel Des Etats Unis (Opera)• Board Members attend • Best spokespersons & advocates• Regular promotion on social channels & by email
  • 18. A SAMPLE OF TOPICS Women in Communications: A Velvet Ghetto Still?Weaving localization into web content strategy March 2012 May 2012 Social Media in Corporations: Empowerment Internal Social Networks: or Surveillance? Lessons From the Trenches Feb 2012 Oct 2011 Les grandes tendances Brand Content: The mesurées de Enterprise as Publisher la communication Nov 2011 Sept 2011
  • 19. A SAMPLE OF TOPICS Digital Branding: The Latest Trends and What You Need New Challenges for to Do About Them Oct 2010 Communicators in the Digital Workplace Apr 2011 The Power of Stories: How Corporations, NGOs and Professionals Use Storytelling to Engage With The B2B Challenge: Their Audiences Mar 2011Integrating Social Media inCommunications Strategies March 2011 PR People and Journalists: A Working Relationship for the Social Media Age Nov 2010 Developing International Communications Plans and How to prepare for a crisis and Deploying Them Locally communicate when one happens Jan 2010 Dec 2010
  • 20. QUALITY OF SPEAKERS• Leveraging the IABC leadership• High Profile International Speakers
  • 21. REGULAR DIALOGUE WITH MEMBERS• Formal: Polls & Surveys• Informal: At networking events• Meeting the demand for PD in terms of : – Formats & timing – Topics• Evaluation Forms
  • 22. EVENTS PROMOTION• Events-focused communications program PRE-EVENT: POST-EVENT: 1. Email shots 1. Event write-up on IABC France blog 2. Social Media 2. Viral push of event’s pictures 3. Board Members Personal Contacts