PR in the Age of NOW


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Shonali Burke, Shonali Burke Consulting, "waxes unlyrical" about the NEW new things: social media tools and measurement tips and techniques to help you keep current in a warp-speed world.

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PR in the Age of NOW

  1. 1. Image: Be en Becker via Flick kr, CC
  2. 2. Image: Sweetie187 via Flickr, CC Today’s Agenda• 9 – 10:15 am: Presentation on “PR in the Age  of NOW of NOW”• 10:15 – 10:55 am: Working session: Tools &  ps Tips• 11 am – 12 noon: Live #measurePR Twitterchat• 12 – 12:45 pm: Lunch/conversations• 12:45 – 1:30 pm: Working session: Social 12:45  1:30 pm: Working session: Social  Media SWOT• 1:30 – 2:15 pm: Reports/Feedback 1:30  2:15 pm: Reports/Feedback• 2:15 – 3:30 pm: Open discussion/close
  3. 3. … and PRImage: Intersection Consulting via Flickr, CC
  4. 4. PR is (still) about relationships Image: tuchodi via Flickr, CC
  5. 5. Image: Krypto via Flickr, CC
  6. 6. The Case of the Hungry Child The Case of the Hungry ChildSource:
  7. 7. • 1 of 6 kids hungry Story • 1 click feeds 140 kids •S d l Standalone site online hub i li h b • SM outposts • Easy call to actionStrategy • 2 “co‐chairs,” 50+ “champions” • T itt F b k Y T b Twitter, Facebook, YouTube accounts t • Email • Avatar, hashtag, badgesTactics • CTA: give, volunteer and/or share Courtesy: Scott Henderson & Media Sauce
  8. 8. Goals Raise awareness of childhood  hunger in US Give people tools to take action Non‐profit case study on SM &  cause marketing 1K pledges in 7 days Metrics Audience # of pledge signees Active Twitterati, bloggers Active Twitterati bloggers $$ raised for Share Our  $$ raised for Share Our Strength SXSWi attendees &  followers Unique site visitors,  url click‐thrus, Facebook  Corporate/non‐profit email  cause members, YouTube  databases videos viewed,  videos viewed Wild cards: 2‐3 degrees of  #HungerPledge usage,  separation SXSWi podium mentionsCourtesy: Scott Henderson & MediaSauce
  9. 9. Results • 4,800 pledges (380% > goal) • 1st 1k pledges in 28 hours • > 19k site visitors • $28k for Share Our Strength  (@95% 1st‐time donors) • 2,600 members of Facebook  Cause • 560k servings of food to  food banks in 4 citiesCourtesy: Scott Henderson & MediaSauce
  10. 10. The Case of The OKC Jeweler @dangordon @samuelgordons© Daniel Gordon, used with permission
  11. 11. The 4‐1‐1 • Local focus on OKC customers slowly growing national customers Local focus on OKC customers, slowly‐growing national customers • Brick‐and‐mortar storeWho •106‐year old jewelry store in OKC •Not just jewelry: love, commitment to service, trust What • Grow sales • Build community… and convert themWhy • 2004 ‐ 2010When • Some advertising • Traditional earned mediaWhere • Social sites Social sites
  12. 12. © Daniel Gordon, used with permission
  13. 13. Courtesy D Daniel Gordon, Sam muel Gordon Jewe elers Blog traffic
  14. 14. The Case of the Blue KeyUsed with permission from USA for UNHCR
  15. 15. Phase I Goal: 6 Weeks, 6K Keys yUsed with permission from USA for UNHCR
  16. 16. Bloggers aka Blue Key Champions Tracking links are key (no pun intended) … as well as from Facebook, Twitter, email newsletters, blog, etc…Used with permission from USA for UNHCR
  17. 17. Blue Key “Champions” Drove the ConversationBlog posts Secret Facebook  GroupTwitter Email outreach #bluekey “tweetathon” y LinkedIn YouTube Used with permission from USA for UNHCR
  18. 18. Tweetathon:  • 258 people/1,524 tweets with #bluekey • 169% increase in web traffic 169% increase in web traffic • led to >50% of key purchases that weekUsed with permission from USA for UNHCR
  19. 19. Analytics Tell StoriesOverall Traffic ll ff Campaign Traffic ff Used with permission from USA for UNHCR
  20. 20. The Framework: Step 1What are the business goals?What are the business goals?How does communication  Strategy help reach these? For which you  Measurable  Tactics with… use the  objectives… objectives appropriate tools
  21. 21. The Framework: Step 2 The Framework: Step 2 Strengths Weaknesses What internal factors add  What are the organization’s  value to the organization?  internal value‐destroying  Services? Thought  Services? Thought issues? Low morale? Bad  issues? Low morale? Bad Internal leadership? Financial  reputation? Lack of  base? vision/leadership? Opportunities ThreatsWhat can add value to the  What external negatives organization from the outside?  threaten the organization? Weak competitors? Growing  Change in government?  Externalmarketplace? Technology? Change in audience?  Technology? Positives Negatives
  22. 22. The Framework: Step 3 pWhere do you want people to  Direct people from your go? A website? A landing page? ? A b i ? A l di ? social outposts to your hub i l h b Image: stacyjclinton via Flickr, CC
  23. 23. Questions?Oh, I forgot!Oh, I forgot!That’s later… Image: Håkan Dahlström via Flickr, CC @shonali Thank you! ShonaliBurkeConsulting
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