Training for Mentor and Coach 19 May 2012


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Training for Mentor and Coach 19 May 2012

  1. 1. College ofScience,Engineering &TechnologyCommunityEngagementI-SETInspired towardsScience,Engineering andTechnology
  2. 2. I-SET Robotics Coach and Mentor Training19 May 2012
  3. 3. What is a team?Issues and reality
  4. 4. Outline• What is a team?• What does a team look like?• Requirements of an FLL team.• Requirements of a WRO team.• How to start a team?• How to build a team?• Reality check
  5. 5. What is a team?• A collection of learners.• Working and learning together.• From a school, community, family …• Diverse talents, skills and passions.• Different ages, genders, race, background.
  6. 6. What does a team look like?• No fixed recipe!• Age, gender, size, IQ …. Shoe size!• Sense of humour ...
  7. 7. Teams 2012
  8. 8. Drama – how not to ...
  9. 9. Presentation/Training
  10. 10. Singing?
  11. 11. Strategy!!
  12. 12. Prizes!
  13. 13. Fun competition
  14. 14. And the team needs• A coach (hands on teaching, technical)
  15. 15. Hints for the coach• You do not need to be an engineer to be a coach.• Your team must define team rules.• Tell parents – especially that kids do the work!• Keep asking questions – what of, why, how?
  16. 16. More hints for the coach• Do not do it alone!• Figure out funding.• Committed to meeting schedule.• Parents need roles too!• Good time management.• Keep it FUN Fun Fun.
  17. 17. And the team needs• Mentor(s) (motivator, guidance).• Any person that works with the team in an area of expertise.• Engineer, student, graphic artist, programmer, marketing expert, drama teacher, carpenter ….
  18. 18. And the team needs• Managers.• Administration - registration, attendance• Photography, sponsorship, media, transport, catering ….• Website – design and read …
  19. 19. And the team needs• PARENTS that support• Especially in weeks around competition!!!• Treats appreciated!
  20. 20. Where is the team?
  21. 21. Other team issues ...• Team name.• Team logo.• Team roles and responsibilities - research, build, program, present, strategy, time keeper, marketing, documents ... .
  22. 22. Requirements of a FLL team• Must work together from begin September to end October (at least).• Max 10 learners. Aged 10 -16 years.• Must program and build robot to complete FLL challenge missions.• Must research challenge, identify a problem, suggest solution and present research.• Will be judged on TEAM WORK!
  23. 23. FLL - Gracious professionalism • We are a team. • We do the work to find solutions with guidance from our coaches and mentors. • We honour the spirit of friendly competition• What we discover is more important than what we win.
  24. 24. FLL - Gracious professionalism • We share our experiences with others. • We display Gracious ProfessionalismTM in everything we do. • We have fun.
  25. 25. Requirements of a WRO team• 2 or 3 learners working together.• Challenge according to age group (elementary, juniour high school, seniour high school, and open• Many long hours and patience needed to practise, test and try designs for challenge.• On competition day, work together to build robot in 2 hours!
  26. 26. How to start a team?• Start with a group (6 to 10) of learners.• Divide session into team building, robot building, programming and ‘free’ time.• Encourage participation in all activities!• Assign different roles and combinations.
  27. 27. 2009 Team techno π
  28. 28. 2010 Team Work Nationals
  29. 29. How to build a team?• Read the manual.• Link to manual ....
  30. 30. Quotes from the manual• It requires no special expertise, just patience, dedication and a willingness to learn ALONGSIDE the team.• You are never in this by yourself or for yourself.
  31. 31. How to build a team?• Good to start with team building activity.• Talk about team work.• Talk ‘nicely’ to each other – it takes practice.• Take lots and lots of photos of the teams and the robots
  32. 32. Team building activities• Google ...
  33. 33. My team secret!• Condensed milk!
  34. 34. Reality?• The learners grow up and mature ….• Life happens – and other things interfere!• Teamwork does not happen naturally.• Every one has a “bad hair day”.• Not everyone on the team wants to build or program. The team needs researchers, speakers and artists too.
  35. 35. More reality …• It’s the learners who are learning … let them do and try and think!• Allow learners make mistakes – again and again!• Guide do not dictate!• There needs to be fun, laughter, and learning!
  36. 36. Africa Reality
  37. 37. Africa team reality
  38. 38. Good news• Robotics in Africa• Posted by Vu Nguyen on Thursday, May 3rd, 2012 | 1 Comment• We came across an article about a great initiative that’s happening in Africa. A program called AFRON, or the African Robotics Network , is “aiming to mobilize a community of institutions and individuals working on robotics-related areas, strengthening communication and collaboration among them.”• You can read more about AFRON by clicking on the following link:•• …read more.•
  39. 39. Thank you