2012 I-SET Teaching Building Programming
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  • 1. College ofScience,Engineering &TechnologyCommunityEngagementI-SETInspired towardsScience,Engineering andTechnology
  • 2. I-SET Robotics Coach and Mentor Training19 May 2012
  • 3. Teaching & LearningBuilding and Programming
  • 4. Outline• Equipment• Building basic• Programming basic and beyond• Building• Challenges (with add-ons)• Resources• Schedule & lesson plan
  • 6. Equipment• Robot – MindStorm (9797) & resource kit.• Container. Recharger & download cable.• Laptop & software.• Paper, pens, colour pens, pencils. Chalk!• Camera.• Chocolates, sweets, condensed milk!• Clock.
  • 7. Building basic• The book in the kit.• Build first robot (good for team building!)• Just follow instructions – carefully!• Easy?
  • 8. Programming basics• First programming experience.• A paradigm change …• Make it FUN and EXCITING.• No big deal!• Avoid all FEARS and I CANNOT.• BE AWARE of manipulators ….
  • 9. Visual programming NXT-G
  • 10. Programming MOVE and NOISE• MOVE FOREVER• MOVE TWO ROTATIONS STOP• MOVE THREE ROTATIONS NOISE MOVE• Forward, backward, stop, different sounds!
  • 11. CHALLENGE• Attach a pen to the robot.• Program robot to draw the first letter of your name.• Program the robot to make a noise when you are done.
  • 12. BUILDING
  • 13. Specific purpose building• Specific purpose robot attachments.• Passive – push (bumper, plough, box), hook (fish), dump, collect.• Power – grab, lift (lever, forklift), pull.• Gears disguised.• Movement options – wheels, legs.
  • 14. Building• Purpose of specific challenge.• CHANGE and consider effect.• Explain concept (in own words).
  • 15. Building concepts• Centre of gravity.• Robot robustness.• Stress.• Alternatives and options.• What if ….
  • 16. Building ideas• Simple shapes and structures.• Ways to attach NXT motors.• Front end setups - 15 minute project.• Grippers, and Gears.• Building creativity – Out the box.
  • 17. PROGRAMMING• Teach concept and logic.• Show the implementation.• Set the challenge.• Input, process and output.
  • 18. Robot Educator
  • 19. SEQUENCE OF CONCEPTS• MOVE (and all the alternatives)• NOISE (just for fun)• SENSORS – light, colour, ultrasonic, touch, sound (input values and calibrate)• LOOPING• SWITCH (decision linked to sensors)• CODE BLOCKS (important)
  • 20. Challenge options• Download an existing program with building plans.• Learn to interpret code.• Modify code and see what happens.
  • 21. Challenges - examples
  • 22. RESOURCES• Internet – Google, YouTube• Books• FLL website and Twitter (NB competition details)• Coaching SUPPORT• I-SET
  • 23. Internet – Google, YouTube• Lesson plans.• Programs and building instructions.• Robotic design• NXT tutorials• YouTube (‘kyk en leer’) FLL, Lego, MindStorms
  • 24. Lego engineering
  • 25. Lego mindstorms
  • 26. YouTube MindStorms Lego
  • 27. BOOKS• Try to get e-books.• Amazon, Kalahari.
  • 28. FLL Website and Twitter
  • 29. Coaching Support (**cost)• TUT student engineers – 2-6 July 2012 holidays**.• JEFA - representative **.• Engenius toys – consulting **.• Hands on Technology – consulting **.
  • 30. I-SET• I-Set Website for contact details• Twitter @ISETLego• FaceBook I-Set• Virtual learning environment (under construction) for team collaboration and coach support (July 2012)
  • 32. LESSON PLAN (minimum 2 hours)• Must be a break and time limits.• Vary instruction. Challenge activities.• Ideally <=5 learners/kit. Initially explore groupings, roles, participation.• Groups*** with ‘leader’.• Assessment? Register? Handouts?
  • 33. Lesson Part A
  • 34. Lesson Part B
  • 35. p.s.• It must be fun.• The kids do all their building and all their programming!!!• The coach does not need to know everything – just be there!
  • 36. Chinese proverb found by a robotics kid • Tell me, and I may forget … • Show me, and I may remember …• Involve me, and I will understand.
  • 37. Thank You