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Lars cabrera amit_anand_assn6_insomnia

  1. 1. A Crash Course on Creativity: Assignment 6 Challenge Assumptions 2 100 INSOMNIA/SLEEPLESSNESS SOLUTIONS by: Lars Cabrera and Amit Anand1. Avoid caffeinated drinks (coffee, teas, sodas, etc.) an hour or so before sleeping2. Eat a light meal before sleeping3. Eat a snack before sleeping4. Drink warm milk before sleeping5. Drink relaxing tea (chamomile, non-caffeinated) before sleeping6. Keep a proper work and sleep schedule during day and night to allow body to synch to circadian rhythm7. Try controlled breathing exercises to calm and normalize body function8. Do light exercise before sleeping9. Take a walk before sleeping (after dinner)10. Do yoga exercises before sleeping11. Do some light stretching before sleeping12. Have a regular exercise regimen every day for at least 30 min. - 1 hr.13. Try some meditation before sleeping14. Say prayers before sleeping15. Keep humidity optimal in sleeping area by using a humidifier16. If it is very cold, wear socks before sleeping17. Adjust room temperature (thermostat, air condition, heater) for better personal comfort18. Change your sleeping clothes into something more comfortable according to the weather19. Change your bed sheets and linens to accommodate for the current climate20. Use an electric blanket21. Sleep with extra layers of clothing22. Sleep naked23. Wear a sleeping mask or blindfold to block sight24. Use earplugs25. Eliminate sources of sound in your bed room- highway sound, creaking floor boards, etc.26. Turn out all lights in the room, even the smallest LEDs, for complete pitch blackness27. Change the lighting in the room/try a night light28. Use an insect net or insect repellent if you are bothered by insects29. Turn your mattress regularly to prevent depressions or lumps from forming30. Air your mattress and expose to direct sunlight, at least once a year to remove musty smells, insects, etc.31. Try to sleep earlier in order to wake up earlier, adjust sleep schedule accordingly32. Take a warm shower or bathe before sleeping33. Wash face/hands/feet thoroughly before sleeping, if possible using special soap/lotion34. Warm your clothes before wearing them and going to sleep
  2. 2. 35. Change clothes immediately after work, to help conscious disconnect and relax for sleep36. Keep your sleeping are well ventilated and open windows if necessary37. Keep glass of water close, so when thirsty, you can drink quickly and go back to sleep38. The head of your bed (and your head while you sleep), should not point in North direction, check the direction of the bed using a compass39. Remove excess clothing/accessories (watches, jewelry) before sleeping40. Choose loose clothing to wear while sleeping to allow body more freedom of movement41. Start dimming the lights at home, 1-2 hours before sleeping42. Clock in the sleeping area should not make sound (analog) and be lit only when the person needs to view the time43. Don’t sleep on the ground- it will be hard to get a sound sleep without some insulation and cushioning44. Try to use the correct pillow for the position that you sleep in- on the back or on your side45. Do not keep plants in the room where you sleep, they emit carbon dioxide at night and that will not be helpful for a sound sleep46. Avoid sleeping in any other position besides lying down on a bed (ex. sitting)47. Plan and optimize the work and home chores that you do each day- to avoid some very busy days in the week, that lead to exhaustion by the end of the day48. If your partner’s snoring keeps you awake, get him/her to obtain treatment for the health issue or at least sleep somewhere else49. Stop watching TV an hour before sleeping and start quieting down the sounds at home50. Don’t exercise too close to your sleep time as it may energize you at the wrong time51. Don’t take daytime naps as they will interfere with your night sleep52. Get treatment for back ache and use a firm bed, if that prevents you from sleeping53. Use pain reducing creams for muscle pain that is preventing sleep54. Use an Auyrvedic remedy of applying sesame oil all over your body55. If you are unable to sleep because of ‘restless leg syndrome’ get treatment from your doctor56. Take sleeping medication/pills (i.e. Lunesta) with doctor’s approval57. Drink Nyquil (nighttime drowsy)58. Take aspirin (Tylenol,)59. Use a form of sleep therapy60. Try self-hypnosis to help get to sleep61. Drink alcohol/get drunk, which tends to make people get drowsy62. Get a massage from someone to promote comfort before sleeping63. Try all different sorts of sleeping positions until you find one that works64. Use a stress reliever (like a stress ball for your hands)
  3. 3. 65. Make sure to expel bodily wastes before bed66. Clear out any obstacles or clutter around you (possibly think of Feng Shui)67. Try sleeping, get up, try again, get up, repeat68. Use an electric fan on yourself69. Use a pillow between hips to straighten spine70. Move away or remove electrical devices to avoid EMFs71. Get up and recheck the entire house for locked doors72. Purposely change alarm clock time to trick your mind73. Quickly multitask on as many different things to distract yourself74. Try to get outside in normal sunlight at least 30 min. each day75. Don’t take medicines that can disrupt your sleep- consult your doctor76. Avoid alcohol before sleeping, which for some people cause sleep problems77. Don’t surf the web before sleeping78. Reduce your stress levels- try to get out of high stress family or work situations79. Try to get your mind to focus on calming thoughts and memories before sleeping80. Lie down in complete silence of all noises81. Listen to soothing music or use other sound therapy82. Read a boring book83. Watch boring tv show/movie84. Count sheep (through imagination or actual visual aid)85. At bed time, write down the to-dos, thoughts/concerns that are still on your mind and work on them tomorrow86. Write something down in your personal diary87. Try yawning which helps to induce sleepiness88. Take some time to think about sleepy thoughts as much as possible89. Just stop thinking of anything and try to empty your mind completely90. Don’t lie awake in bed but rather get up and do any relaxing activity for a few minutes and then again try to sleep91. Listen to an audio book in complete darkness
  4. 4. 92. Think of the color of pure whiteness in your mind, or try complete blackness/darkness93. Take some time to talk to someone, maybe vent out feelings from the day94. Try talking to yourself, especially if no one is around95. Listen to someone that you find extremely boring96. Do something, or think of something funny and try to laugh it out97. Sexual activity to bed can cause body to become sleepy98. Try aromatherapy of some kind99. Use tranquilizers or barbiturates on yourself100. Get knocked unconscious or let someone sleeper-hold you