Summer Startup Academy 2013: Session 2


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Summer Startup Academy 2013 gathered for Session 2 on Tuesday, June 11 at Hypepotamus. This city-wide program is designed for college students interning at startups to gain a broader understanding of startups, meet startup leaders, and connect with each other.

Session 2 focused on transformational leadership in startups, identifying individual startup personas, and the importance of knowing which of the Four Startup Roles is your primary role.

Feature speakers were Keith Herndon, President at Internet Decisions & Professor at The University of Georgia, Eric Langley, Founder of Abeo, and Scott Henderson, Executive Director at Hypepotamus.

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Summer Startup Academy 2013: Session 2

  1. 1. SESSION #2TRANSFORMATIONALLEADERSHIP#StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
  2. 2. TODAY’S SPEAKERS#StartupAcademy @hypepotamusTransformational LeadershipKeith Herndon@KeithLHerndonSelf-AwarenessEric Langley@_eric_langleyThe Four Startup RolesScott Henderson@scottyhendoTuesday, July 11, 2013
  3. 3. Keith Herndon, Ph.D.President, Internet DecisionsVisiting Professor, University of GeorgiaTRANSFORMATIONALLEADERSHIP#StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
  4. 4. Transformational LeadershipDr. Richard McCline, Senior FellowJ.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development“Transformational leadersare those who inspireothers to see the positivein what most see as direcircumstances; they arethe individuals who lift usup and get us to theresults we did not see aspossible.”#StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
  5. 5. Leadership ModelIdentityValues andBeliefsCapabilitiesBehaviorsEnvironmentThe Being ofLeadershipThe Doing ofLeadershipSource:  Anton  Camarota,  “Finding  the  Leader  in  You”  #StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
  6. 6. Transformational LeadershipStrategy &InnovationCritical ThinkingChange ManagementDecision MakingFunctionalSkillsFinancial LiteracyWritten CommunicationPublic SpeakingCompetencies CompetenciesCore Principles - Ethics - Sustainability#StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
  7. 7. Leadership in TransitionIn the digital era:Charisma CollaborationStyle SubstancePower Influence#StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
  8. 8. Transformational Leadership•  Power is positional. Influence ispersonal.•  Power is wielded. Influence isgranted.•  Power pushes. Influence persuades.•  Power is resented. Influence isrespected.•  Power expires. Influence endures.- Richard McKeown, consultant and speakerSource: @hypepotamus
  9. 9. #StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
  10. 10. #StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
  11. 11. #StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
  12. 12. Transformational Leadership•  Intrinsic Motivation•  Culture–  Purpose•  Meaning–  Values•  Trust–  Vision–  Mission•  Extrinsic Motivation•  Culture–  Undefined–  Political–  Transactional•  Reward based–  Pay for effort#StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
  13. 13. #StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
  14. 14. #StartupAcademy#StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
  15. 15. HOW and WHY• Social Style = HOW• Hidden Motivators = WHY#StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
  16. 16. Behavioral OrientationTASK ORIENTEDINTROVERT EXTROVERTPEOPLE ORIENTEDCSD#StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
  17. 17. Natural and Adapted Style#StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
  18. 18. DISCDominance, the need for controland challenging activitiesInfluencing, the need to interact orpersuade to our point of viewSteadiness, the need for securityand stabilityCompliance to high standards, theneed for accuracy and cautiousness#StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
  19. 19. ProceduresPacePeopleProblems(How people handle problems & challenges)(How people interact or influence others)(How people pace themselves or react to change)(How people handle rules & procedures set by others)DISC#StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
  20. 20. WHAT DISC MEASURES - HIGHS AND LOWSD I S CWill moreassertivelyaccept problemsHow a PersonSolves ProblemsOrWill actively seek outpeople to interactwith or influenceWill actively resistchangeSlow paceWill follow rulesset byothersHow a PersonInfluences PeopleOrHow a PersonSets the PaceOrHow a PersonResponds toRulesAcceptsChallengesProcedures orConstraintsInteracts withOthersReacts toChangeWill acceptchallenge inconservative mannerAvoids conflictWill use moreskeptical logicalapproach toinfluenceWill activelyseekchangeFast paceWill activelyattempt toset theirown rules#StartupAcademy@hypepotamus
  21. 21. THE EMOTIONS OF DISCD I S CQuick toAnger(Short Fuse)High Trustof Others(Optimistic)Non-emotional(Doesn’t ShowEmotions)High Fear(GetPermission)Slow toAnger(Long Fuse)Low Trustof Others(Pessimistic)Emotional(ShowsEmotions)Low Fear(ExpectForgiveness)#StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
  22. 22. #StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
  23. 23. Hidden Motivators#StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
  24. 24. Hidden Motivators#StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
  25. 25. #StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
  26. 26. #StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
  27. 27. #StartupAcademy @hypepotamusThe Four Startup RolesScott Henderson@scottyhendo
  28. 28. { which is yours? }!"#$%&($#)%*"+,-!"!#$%&()*+,-./01)22345,/+,-6!728&+2/9,:8!45/5/;<9,:=4(<.9)>?+29:,@AB@94(,->C92@(19D(/95,E94+F4(09,:G@4(/95,>H>6::4+:(/95,C92@(1>G5,/+,/15::9,:G5,/+,/>I/4(/+:;J(4*+/9,:>H>I(1+2J+,/(1>J5-+1G.(,,+1>I+1+)/95,G@2/50+4>?92)5K+4;@29,+22>J5-+1C9295,>H>I/4(/+:;CoderDesignerStorytellerBusiness Lead#StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
  29. 29. #StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
  30. 30. #StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
  31. 31. #StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
  32. 32. #StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
  33. 33. #StartupAcademy @hypepotamus
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  35. 35. #StartupAcademy