Summer Startup Academy Session 3 with Jen Bonnett


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What came first, the hacker or the hustler? In Jen Bonnett's case it was the hacker. In this slide share she tells her story and describes the hatching of a new idea – Startup Chicks.

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  • 7 startups, 1 was woman owned.
  • People Magazine November 2000
  • Mr. Bredder and the beginning of my career.Let to a BS in Math & CS from Dickinson College.Key Lesson: When you LOVE what your are doing, time disappears.
  • Key LessonsDo things differently.Fake it till you make it.If you want something, you need to ask for it. And be willing to walk away if you don’t get it.It Takes a TeamCommunicate, Communicate, Communicate
  • What was eTour.
  • 2000 sq feet (14), 12000 sq ft, 62,000 sq ft$100k - $400 k in f&f1st angel round $500k10m round ~= 40m round
  • Key LessonsThere is a formula that ties marketing & tech together. Without the right mix of either, a company will fail.There are different types of entrepreneurs (Lifestyle vs Startup)I have a history of teaming w/ dysfunctional CEOs.
  • Key LessonsIts all about connections.CEOvs CTOStill working on it….
  • 2000 sq feet (14), 12000 sq ft, 62,000 sq ft$100k - $400 k in f&f1st angel round $500k10m round ~= 40m round
  • Summer Startup Academy Session 3 with Jen Bonnett

    1. 1. From Hackerto Hustler#StartupAcademy@Hypepotamus
    2. 2. 15 minutes of fame#StartupAcademy@Hypepotamus
    3. 3. The Start of My Career#StartupAcademy@Hypepotamus
    4. 4. Corporate America#StartupAcademy@Hypepotamus
    5. 5. Late Bloomer
    6. 6. Overnight SuccessFounded: August 1997FF $400k: Jan 1998Beta Launch “ProLaunch”: April 1, 1998Out of Beta: June 199820 employees, new office, new name: June 1999“Stickiest Site”: June 1999$10m investment: July 1999“Launch” Party: Oct 1999500,000 Subscribers: Nov 19991m Subscribers: Feb 20002.5m Subscribers, new office: July 20003.7m Subscribers, 160 employees: Aug 2000Acquisition by AskJeeves ( June 2001
    7. 7. Building Your Own CloudInsert picture of Network Map here.
    8. 8. Continued Life as a Hacker#StartupAcademy@Hypepotamus
    9. 9. Transition to Hustler1350 Members5 Countries25 States27 female founders have graduated from SCAP2000+ Users2nd Place StartupRiotWomen 2.0 Pitch FinalistSelf-funded to exitLicensing deal w/ MAJOR software company in the worksAcquired by TRX last summer
    10. 10. Hacker vs. Hustler• Someone else’s idea.• Wrote the 1st version of the code• Wired the office, fixed theprinter.• “Closer”• Grew tech team from me to 60+people• Architect / Problem Solver• 24x7x365 job• Lots of quiet time forplanning/strategizing• Pessimist• Lonely job• Usually committed to stay w/company at exit.• My idea• Wired the office, fixed theprinter.• “Cold Caller” for both Sales &Investors• Focus on “Growing company”• Cash is King• Face of the Company• 24x7x365 job• No quiet time• Optimist• Lonely job• Usually has quick earn-out atexit.
    11. 11. Which role are you?• Pick one idea, validate it and then, fully commit.• Have clearly defined roles for your founding team.• Whichever role you are in, fully commit to it.• Have a “startup pre-nup” – have the toughconversations.• Enjoy the ride!#StartupAcademy@Hypepotamus