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Ecommerce School: Joe Reger, Jr., Springbot
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Ecommerce School: Joe Reger, Jr., Springbot


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Joe Reger, Jr. (@joereger), Co-Founder and CTO at Springbot (@springbot), articulated to the attendees how Springbot helps ecommerce stores get unstuck using big data.

Joe Reger, Jr. (@joereger), Co-Founder and CTO at Springbot (@springbot), articulated to the attendees how Springbot helps ecommerce stores get unstuck using big data.

Published in: Education, Business
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  • amazon, walmart, target… they have big budgets and data scientists
  • Transcript

    • 1. #ECommSchool@Hypepotamus
    • 2. Springbot helps ecommerce stores grow#ECommSchool@Hypepotamus
    • 3. we bring tools and techniques from big storesto small and medium stores#ECommSchool@Hypepotamus
    • 4. “I want to grow my store.”“Too ManyTools”Keeping up withthe explosion ofnew marketingchannelsneeded to drivemore traffic“SmarterMarketing”Leveragingdemographicand social datato increasesales“Where’s theROI?”Deciding whichmarketingactions willprovide thebest return oninvestment(ROI)#ECommSchool@Hypepotamus
    • 5. “I want to grow my store.”IntegrateChannelsTwitter, facebook, pinterest, email, retargeting, etc, etc, etc, etcPredictiveAnalyticsEvaluate possible marketing options and predict which willdrive the most revenue.RevenueAttributionTracking mechanisms unite a sale with the marketing that droveit and the person that made it.#ECommSchool@Hypepotamus
    • 6. $1M seed round, A round coming soon, 7 team members, 10 live customers, 30+ in funnel#ECommSchool@Hypepotamus
    • 7. so how’d we get here?#ECommSchool@Hypepotamus
    • 8. big data walkabout#ECommSchool@Hypepotamus
    • 9. dude, where’d we park our big data?#ECommSchool@Hypepotamus
    • 10. v1: ecommerce data appending#ECommSchool@Hypepotamus
    • 11. #ECommSchool@Hypepotamus
    • 12. day 1: cool, but…#ECommSchool@Hypepotamus
    • 13. by day 30 (1/3 through program): too many tools, smarter marketing, ROI#ECommSchool@Hypepotamus
    • 14. but we didn’t understand the core motivation#ECommSchool@Hypepotamus
    • 15. behavioral economist -> “oh this is classic decision paralysis”picture TBD#ECommSchool@Hypepotamus
    • 16. me -> “oh, so they have too manymarketing options”#ECommSchool@Hypepotamus
    • 17. behavioral economist -> “not exactly”#ECommSchool@Hypepotamus
    • 18. enter needing:toothbrush, jeansleave with:toothbrush, jeans, deodorant, some kid toy, apuffy jacket,mr coffee™, vcr, spongebob…#ECommSchool@Hypepotamus
    • 19. the all newnow with 100% less product differentiationenter needing:toothbrush, jeansleave with:confusion, frustration#ECommSchool@Hypepotamus
    • 20. #ECommSchool@Hypepotamus
    • 21. we found store owners taking marketing safaris, getting stuck#ECommSchool@Hypepotamus
    • 22. Springbot gets people unstuck#ECommSchool@Hypepotamus
    • 23. but we can’t ask people if they’re stuck, can we?#ECommSchool @Hypepotamus
    • 24. 150+ more customer discovery meetingsdifferentiatemarketingactionsexplain whywerecommendpredictrevenue, cost and ROIhave asimple userexperience#ECommSchool@Hypepotamus
    • 25. validation -> seed funding -> building -> selling -> growing#ECommSchool@Hypepotamus
    • 26. most amazing part is still seeing people liberatedwhen we tell them we’ll get them unstuck#ECommSchool@Hypepotamus
    • 27. #ECommSchool@Hypepotamus