San Pedro de Cardena


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San Pedro de Cardena

  1. 1. Accdg. to records compiled by Franco’s military headquarters in 1938,653prisoners from 41 countries were held in an abandoned monastery in San Pedro de Cardena, 6.8 kilometres outside of Burgos. • 76 Volunteers from the United States were imprisoned at San Pedro • 59 were captured at Gandesa, including Carl Geiser, Bob Steck, Claude Pringle, Morris Tobman, Hy Wallach, Max Parker • 28 were captured at Belchite including Leon Tenor, Sidney Rosenblatt, Henry Giler • The restored monastery is visited today as a shrine to the hero El Cid • The area where the Lincolns were imprisoned, top left corner
  2. 2. The Roots of Memory “The 20 benchmark cities reflect the diversity of backgrounds and culture of the members of the IB.The work is intended as a visual metaphor of the transcendence of essential human values and of the reclamation of historical memory, which is now more important than ever.” - Susana Rioseras
  3. 3. The inscription reads: The people of Burgos thank the International Brigades who gave their lives for the Republic, antifascism, and freedom 1936 - 2011
  4. 4. In an update in January 2012, Susanna reported that the current civil and ecclesiastical institutions are hinderingthe placement of any symbol of resistance in an effort to conceal the evidence of the long history of repressionby the Franco regime. The authorities in Burgos also continue to impede the exhumation of the infinite numberof mass graves in the region, which suffered some of the harshest treatment by the regime. Both the RMH andthe Homage Committee have resubmitted applications for three alternate sites on the monastery grounds.
  5. 5. The presenters spoke about The San Pedro Institute of Higher Learning“No other activity we engaged in was as important as these classes in resisting the dehumanizing and degrading atmosphere of the concentration camp.” -Carl Geiser, from The Prisoners of the Good Fight
  6. 6. Surviving fragment of The Jaily News, the underground paper at San Pedro, which serves asinspiration for the blogger Nacho Garcia. “This blog was born with the intention of denouncingthe things that happened in the concentration camp of San Pedro de Cardena, which have beentotally hidden by past and present political authorities…The paper counterbalanced the Burgospro fascist local paper, one of the few reading materials permitted in the camp.”
  7. 7. Italian prisoners captured by the RepublicMarshal Goring, Commander of the Luftwaffe, directed Franco to set up an exchange for fascistprisoners captured by the Republic.
  8. 8. Laying a wreath on the graves inside the monastery at San Pedro de Cardena
  9. 9. The International Brigades Commemoration Committee of Burgosholds a luncheon in honor of the International Brigade Prisoners
  10. 10. The exhibition contains photos, documents and biographies related to the International Brigade prisoners at San Pedro de Cardena
  11. 11. Telegram identifying prisoner suspected of being German and ordering his solitary confinement. Also shown in theexhibit, an agreement between Himmler, head of the gestapo, and Martinez Anido, Minister of Public order, which gavecarte blanche to extradition proceedings of German prisoners.
  12. 12. Document from an exhibiton panel regarding the transfer of Red Cross postalprivileges from departing prisoner Hy Wallach to Yugoslav Radivoy Nicolic
  13. 13. Members of the Families of the Disappeared and Assassinated of Burgos, one of 5 RMHC organizations in the Burgos region