How to organize your hanger


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How to organize your hanger

  1. 1. Guilin Achino Co., Ltd Organize Your Hangers How-To: Organize Your Hangers Organizing your closet is not an easy feat, but one small change that'll rock your world visually and functionally is organizing your hangers. It also doesn't have to be a particularly expensive change, but it can be if you get picky and fancy. Since squeezing into your skinny jeans is already enough of a hassle, here are a few tips that'll expedite your daily-dressing ritual. • The Cardinal Rule: match your hangers. Matched hangers don't only create a closet that is aesthetically pleasing, but things will be equally spaced and therefore easier to find, and less likely to tangle, meaning fewer wrinkled clothes. • Use the appropriate hangers for your clothes. Use skirt hangers for skirts, pant hangers for pants, etc. Don't try to find a way around it like pinning your skirts to a pant hanger! Make sure your hangers are appropriately sized for your clothes; otherwise, they'll fall off and leave stretch/poke marks on your clothes. If you sport strappy tank tops, camisoles, or dresses, buy hangers that will actually hold them up (i.e. ones with hooks or slots). For silk tops that tend to slip off the hanger, buy fabric hangers or those with a rubber grip, so they stay hung up and not in a ball on your floor. • Say no to rotating hooks and wire hangers. As much as you may enjoy saving money by using the hangers that come free from your dry cleaner, please return them to your cleaners and don't put them anywhere near your closet! These hangers are the source of most tangling between hooks which not only complicates things functionally but also just looks bad. The same goes for hangers with rotating hooks. You may think that rotating hooks help you hang your clothes in the right direction, but they really cause more problems than they solve. Just get in the habit of putting your clothes on their hangers the correct way in the first place. • Don't double up. Don't double (or triple) up with more than one item per hanger. This not only looks bad but it hides your clothes, so you don't even realize what's in your closet. The only exception I'd say to this is if you use a bar hanger to hold both the pants and blazer for a pantsuit (which men tend to do). Buy enough hangers for all of your clothes, and keep some extras in storage, and you'll be all set. If your closet is getting Email:
  2. 2. Guilin Achino Co., Ltd Organize Your Hangers too packed, assess what really needs to be hung. Winter sweaters? No. Thick fabrics that don't wrinkle? Probably not. • Thick always beats thin. Plastic, fabric, and wooden hangers, which tend to be thicker, will keep your clothes spaced evenly and far enough apart so they don't wrinkle. Thicker hangers are also better because they simulate how your clothes would hang on your body, so they don't get out of shape. • Be consistent with pant and skirt hangers. You have a few options when it comes to pant and skirt hangers (i.e. clips, clamps for both, and also bars for pants). I prefer bars for pants because it cuts the length of your pants in half in your closet, so you have more room for storage below. Clips, which rotate, tend to tangle and leave indents on your clothes, but they also adjust for the width of your skirts/pants, which is good. Clamps, especially wooden ones, don't hold fabric as tightly, but they don't tangle as much, leave indents on your clothes, or need to be adjusted for clothing width. Choose which hanger type to use and stick with it. Internet Email: