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Debt Recovery and Litigation information on what CCI Legal has available for all new clients.

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CCI Brochure

  1. 1. CCI Legal Services Ltd The CCI Centre Porthmadog LL48 6LD United Kingdom Tel: +44(0)1766 771907 Fax: +44(0)1766 771840 Email: Consumer Credit Licence Number: 627305. Data Protection Registration Number: Z5640292 © CCI Legal Ltd · September 2009 CCI DEBT RECOVERY. THE SOLUTION.
  2. 2. CCI Legal Services Ltd The CCI Centre Porthmadog LL48 6LD United Kingdom Tel: +44(0)1766 771907 Fax: +44(0)1766 771840 Email: Consumer Credit Licence Number: 627305. Data Protection Registration Number: Z5640292 © CCI Legal Ltd · September 2009 CCI DEBT RECOVERY. THE SOLUTION.
  3. 3. Workingtogetherto recovercorporatedebt CCI is one of the UK’s leading commercial collection agencies, collecting high and low value accounts all over the world across a variety of sectors, including: Freight Manufacturing Tourism Publishing Utilities Construction Insurance Healthcare Education Leasing Trade Associations At CCI we are all too aware of the difficulties in collecting commercial debt as well as the dangers of not acting quickly in an insolvency situation. Our commercial collectors are specifically trained. They are able to resolve complex commercial issues as well as take the initiative when debtors are stalling or buying time. In particular they understand the importance of escalating the intensity of the collection process according to the circumstances of each account. We also use the full range of litigation options available to maximum effect. In short, our aim is to secure payment to you in advance of other, slower creditors. Promptness is essential. In addition to recovering many millions of pounds from UK debtors, we recover similar sums from overseas. With partner offices in over 90 countries employing over 3000 people, CCI provides the complete solution to all of your credit problems. To mitigate risk, many of our clients use CCI as an extension of their own credit control department; partnership pays. CORPORATE DEBT RECOVERY CCILegalServices Cutting-edgetechnology Experience CCI Legal is one of the UK’s leading credit management agencies, providing expert debt recovery and litigation services to the public and private sectors for over 20 years. We act on behalf of a broad range of clients from SMEs to multi-national organisations. We include banks, public utilities and government agencies amongst our clients. Results Our experience and network of international offices leads to us being recognised as one of the most successful debt recovery agencies both internationally and in the UK. We offer a bespoke service tailored to clients’ individual needs. This flexible approach, coupled with a specialist team of collectors and negotiators, working a two shift system from 8.30am to 9pm, ensures the highest possible recovery ratios. Competitive rates Our rates are highly competitive and we operate on a ‘no win-no fee’ basis. There are no set-up fees and no hidden charges. The CCI Centre
  4. 4. 3000people over90countries totalglobalcoverage Offices around the world Distance or language need not be barriers to recovering monies from overseas. CCI is part of the GCS Group and has partner offices in over 90 countries. We have the ability to trace, collect and litigate all over the world. CCI holds the European Directorship of the GCS Group. Working across time zones We also have multi-lingual facilities at our UK headquarters. Our collectors work in shifts allowing us to act seamlessly across international time zones; a huge advantage. Local knowledge There are more than 100 separate jurisdictions operating across the globe. Furthermore, there are divergent regulations covering practices for consumer and corporate recoveries. In consequence, there is no substitute for the local knowledge that CCI can provide. We ensure that you recover monies owed to you promptly and cost-effectively. No win, no fee All overseas recovery costs are charged on a ‘no win-no fee’ basis. Costs vary region by region. There are no set up charges whatsoever. Argentina Australia Austria Bahrain Bangladesh Belgium Bermuda Bosnia Botswana Brazil Bulgaria Burma Cambodia Canada Caribbean Chile China Colombia Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Dominican Republic Egypt El Salvador Estonia Fiji Finland France Germany Ghana Greece Guam Hong Kong Iceland India Indonesia Iran Iraq Ireland Israel Italy Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Korea (South) Kuwait Laos Lebanon Lithuania Macedonia Malawi Malaysia Malta Mauritius Mexico Monaco Netherlands New Zealand Nigeria Norway Oman Pakistan Panama Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Qatar Romania Russian Federation Saudi Arabia Serbia Singapore Slovenia South Africa Spain Sri Lanka Sudan Sweden Switzerland Syria Taiwan Tanzania Thailand Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia Turkey Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom USA Venezuela Yemen Zambia CCI INTERNATIONAL DEBT RECOVERY
  5. 5. AssetRecovery -maximiserecovery -minimiseloss Flexible Solutions Our solutions are designed to both maximise recoveries and mitigate loss. Wherever possible we will work with your clients to find a solution which preserves your revenue stream. However, once all options are exhausted we have the resources and expertise to handle the asset recovery and disposal. Asset recovery We use our experience to realise the maximum value of the asset. Identified goods will be recovered and remarketed promptly and efficiently. Arrears Collections We combine asset recovery with debt collection. We have been collecting commercial debt for 25 years and understand the strategies involved. Our collectors are all highly trained and skilled negotiators who will preserve the relationship if at all possible. CCI ASSET RECOVERY
  6. 6. InsolvencyPractitioners andCCI -atruepartnership Because we understand the pressures faced by Insolvency Practitioners we have developed a range of services specifically designed to help. Those services ensure that the maximum funds are available in the quickest possible time, enabling the IP to wind up the affairs as efficiently as possible. Briefly, those services are as follows: Collecting the records from the business premises and delivering them to your office. Analysing the debt ledger and ensuring that everything collectable is identified and collected quickly. Identifying, locating and seizing assets which are not on the premises. Disposing of large or difficult assets not easily saleable Collecting outstanding sums from overseas. Litigating against debtors refusing to pay Ensuring finality by obtaining purchasers for the outstanding debt ledger CCI INSOLVENCY
  7. 7. Consumer debt Every year billions of pounds worth of consumer debt is written off by UK companies. CCI has spent over twenty years specialising in the collection of consumer debt. We have a level of insight and expertise unequalled by others. Sophisticated strategies During that time we have developed sophisticated strategies and state-of-the- art telecommunication systems designed to mitigate your losses. Our emphasis on technology and training ensures maximum collections at highly competitive prices. Intelligent solutions Consumer debt recovery can be complex and challenging. However CCI’s team of experienced and motivated collectors employ intelligent proactive solutions in order to secure successful outcomes. Guaranteed Compliance CCI work closely with all of the regulatory bodies to ensure our processes are fully compliant. Our data-handling systems are fully secure. Two shift system Our double shift system means that we have professional collectors available to secure payment outside normal office hours, including evenings and weekends. Discounts To discuss high volume or high value debt, or for an international quotation, please call our sales team on: 01766 771907 or email: Consumerdebtrecovery Nowin-nofee! ...andguaranteedcompliance CCI CONSUMER DEBT RECOVERY
  8. 8. Twenty first century tracing technology Tracing CCI has invested heavily in the tools needed to trace your debtors. Our trace agents are some of the most experienced in the business. They are all equipped with the latest technology necessary to ensure the highest quality results. Speed Recognising that some accounts must take priority over others, our systems are flexible and are capable of extremely fast turnaround times - six hours if necessary. The Law These days it is not enough to be able to trace the debtor - you need to be able to establish that you have done so legally and ethically. CCI is acutely aware that we are acting in your name. We always act within the permissible legal and ethical boundaries. Cutting corners never pays. Recovery Once the debtor has been traced, the account is transferred to our collections department. Our standard recovery procedures are then applied. Prices Our trace and collect charges are negotiable. However there are discounts available for volume and value. Please call us to discuss your needs. CCI TRACE AND COLLECT SERVICE
  9. 9. CCI LITIGATION SERVICE The litigation maze - from issue to enforcement Litigation cycle CCI Legal can manage the whole litigation cycle on your behalf, from issue to enforcement. In conjunction with our solicitors, we will seek Judgments, bankruptcy orders, warrants of execution, charges on properties, third party debt orders etc, etc...all with the benefit of full professional indemnity insurance. Immediate action Within twenty-four hours of your instructing us to initiate legal proceedings, CCI’s team will issue a Court claim. Acting swiftly will help you maintain a high profile for your debt. We always prioritise your claim. Judgment If no defence or counter claim is entered, our solicitors apply for Judgment on the fourteenth day after legal proceedings have been issued. Thereafter, the Court will serve your debtor with an order to pay the debt (and all relevant costs and interest). Enforcement Where necessary, we use the Courts to enforce Judgments. We deploy our experience and skill to ensure that the most cost-effective measures are employed. In the event that an action is defended or ignored, it is reassuring to know that you have the support of our qualified legal team. Communication Even after legal proceedings have commenced, CCI will continue to maintain a regular and positive dialogue with your debtor. We do not allow claims to be ignored. Our experience has shown that continued personal contact stimulates a higher recovery ratio. In fact, our recovery ratios exceed the national average by a substantial margin. Competitive rates In addition to our own legal department, our position in the marketplace has enabled us to negotiate highly competitive rates for specialist lawyers. Assuming your claim is valid and the debtor pays, the costs involved in the litigation cycle are minimal.
  10. 10. How to avoid the predators CCI Legal has developed a range of credit management services designed to protect your business. Credit checks CCI provides corporate and consumer credit referencing services to help you make informed decisions. Comprehensive checks are immediately available. Our advice is to never open an account and never trade with any third party without employing our services. Caution pays. Auditing terms and conditions An experienced commercial lawyer will undertake a thorough review of your business terms. He will amend, update and redraft as appropriate to ensure that they comply with current legislation and general trading practices. Improving your terms will help you protect your business against the risk of bad debt. Charges are from £200. Staff training All too frequently the reason an account cannot be collected is that something has been overlooked at the point of sale or collection techniques are out of date. CCI offers comprehensive training courses for sales and collection teams. Discounted rates are negotiable for staff training on client or CCI premises. CCI DEBT PREVENTION SERVICE
  11. 11. Account Management - instant access Personal Account Manager Each client is allocated a personal account manager to oversee the collection process. To keep you up-to-date with the status of your accounts, we have sophisticated systems in place that allow you to access ‘live’ account information on the internet (via a secure password protected site). Access your data from your own office. Progress reports Alternatively, your personal account manager will be happy to email or fax regular reports if that is more convenient. At the conclusion of every case, clients receive a complete report detailing its history. Every letter, telephone call and query is recorded in graphic detail. Transparency It is important to us that our clients know and understand what we are doing on their behalf. We are always available to discuss case management and collection tactics. Referadebt Debt referral Refering debts to CCI could not be easier. Simply provide us with the following information via email, fax or post and we will start the recovery process the same day. Please supply: Your name, company name, address, telephone, fax and email Invoice dates and invoice numbers Invoice values, debtor name (full legal title), address and contact details Contact details: Email: Fax: 01766 771840 Post: Referrals, CCI Legal Services Ltd The CCI Centre Porthmadog LL48 6LD More information: For more information about CCI’s services and for all general enquiries, please telephone us on 01766 771907, or email: Or refer online at CCI ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT Useful Numbers Main Number: +44(0)1766 771907 Accounts: +44(0)1766 771903 Litigation: +44(0)1766 771900 Customer Care: +44(0)1766 771666 Email: Website:
  12. 12. CCI Legal Services Ltd The CCI Centre Porthmadog LL48 6LD United Kingdom Tel: +44(0)1766 771907 Fax: +44(0)1766 771840 Email: Consumer Credit Licence Number: 627305. Data Protection Registration Number: Z5640292 © CCI Legal Ltd · September 2009 CCI DEBT RECOVERY. THE SOLUTION.
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