The Munster Legacy: Generation 3.3
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The Munster Legacy: Generation 3.3



The Munster's keep on living with in law tension, the living dead, and children.

The Munster's keep on living with in law tension, the living dead, and children.



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The Munster Legacy: Generation 3.3 The Munster Legacy: Generation 3.3 Presentation Transcript

  • The Munster Legacy: Generation 3.3 - Save the Drama For Yo Momma Hello, and welcome back everyone. It's been awhile, but me and baby Lucille here can finally bring you The Munster Legacy Generation 3.3. Between Exchange Issues, writers blocks, and trips, this one has been awhile making, so read on.
  • Liam Munster stood over the crib that held his newborn daughter Lucille. It had been a while now since she was born, but he still often found himself unable to leave the nursery. He had to let her sleep, though. He'd heard that's what babies did. Ok, maybe he'd pick her up, just for now.
  • "Hi there, little lady! How are you doing today? See, you're awake anyways. I don't know why I was so worried." Lucille just stared back at her with that blank baby stare, but Liam could have sworn she was glaring at him.
  • "Who's a baby? You're a baby!" "I"m sure the baby knows of it's predicament, honey. Now put her back down, she hasn't finished her nap yet." Jasmine was getting a bit sick of having to drag her husband out of the nursery every few hours, but she'd deal with it. Once the new baby smell wore off, he'd be back to his old self.
  • Liam set his daughter back in her crib as gently as he could, intent not to break anything. "Don't we have a beautiful daughter, Jasmine?" "I wouldn't know. You continuously block my view of her. But sure, why not."
  • "Well, hey now, I'm not complaining about MY view. I think it looks great, and I love the hot moms I can see from it.." "Hmm, that's nice. Hey, do you smell that? Oh well, you were here first, your problem now. I have work. Love you, bye.”
  • "Aw, come on, that wasn't fair. Geeze, you crap a lot for something so small."
  • Breakfast was already normally an akward situation at the Munster house for Jasmine, having almost nothing in common with anyone in the house but her husband, but then people would want to talk. "I'm really telling you, Tosha, I think he hovers around the baby too much. We've got jobs now, he should be looking after himself as well."
  • "Well, you see, this is why I was the stay out home mother until my kids were older. I didn't really trust Barty's father with my kids and his mother loved her work far too much to ever quit. It was never that big of a deal for me to juggle those kinds of things. Of course, I'd assume your situation would be different.."
  • "Right, yes. It would be different. Because I'm not you, and you're not Barty's mother and from what I've heard about Liam's grandfather, Barty certainly isn't him and I'm glad. You like staying home with children when you can, and I like working. Speaking of which, carpool. Bye." With that, Jasmine had heard enough for her morning, and threw her dishes into the sink and got into the car for her first day at work.
  • The grandparents weren't completely without help during the day. Quiet as she was compared to the rambunctious bunch in the house, Jackie Munster was always willing to help her new niece out when she was hungry. "Finally, someone who makes less noise than me. Well, when you're not screaming. You're not so bad, kiddo."
  • The day flew by, and before Liam knew it, he had his wife back in his arms from her first day at work. "How's my working lady? Enjoy your first day as a contributing member of society?"
  • "Well, as much as you can enjoy banging on a piano with a wrench all day... Say, how come you get to play the piano and I have to tune them?" Liam just laughed. "Because honey, I have creativity and a degree in Psychology, and you.. well, don't."
  • "Shut up and give me a hug, meanie." Barty Munster sighed as he walked past from going out to pick up the bills. He didn't ask to be visually tortured every time he walked out of the living room. "Oh, get a room you two."
  • Liam and Jasmine figured that sometimes, it was just better to listen to what your elders had to say.
  • Liam and JaWhile the two got some much needed alone time, Tosha and Barty decided they were going to bond with their baby granddaughter before heading out for the night. "Gosh, Tosha, Lucy looks just like Liam did at that age. Speaking of which, why do you think our middle child has insisted on starting her graduation party at 9 PM?" "Well, you never know. Weird things happen at parties with your family."
  • "I mean, look at what happened at Abe's birthday. Proposed and got married to his girlfriend right there in the middle of the party!"
  • "Well, you can't blame him, Tosh. He hasn't been very lucky with love, and he and Katy really seem happy. I trust him, he's not a naive kid anymore."
  • "I guess you're right. But we're talking about our daughter, here. Oh well, she's always been sensible enough, I'm sure there's a good reason she's dragging out of our abode so late." Tosha wanted to believe herself, but somewhere, deep in the pit of her stomach, she knew something else was up.
  • Marylin Munster was all dressed up in her graduation clothes by the time everyone arrived, ready to finally become an adult. Everyone at the party was bestowing their graduations on the Legacy Princess. "Liam, you made it! How's Lucy?" "She's great, Marylin. Absolutely adorable. Is something up, though? You seem nervous."
  • "I'm fine, it's just.. Alright, don't tell mom just yet. But my boyfriend is coming over. It's going to be ugly, Liam. Really ugly." Liam laughed to himself. It couldn't be that bad, could it?
  • Even Biscuit McGaw, Cupcake's younger and equally strange named brother was there and ready to take charge of the Greek House now that it was slowly emptying out. "Alright, I've got my stuff moved in and.." "Great, Biscuit, great. Now you might want to find your way to the darkest, emptiest corner of the house and hide." ".. Alrighty then."
  • As the guest of honor, it was Marylin's job to be the recipient of assault from all sides as everyone within speaking range attempted to congratulate her. "So, Jackie, do you like the place? We've all gone here, and college is going to be here for you before you know it.. Have you seen mom and dad?"
  • Jackie answered, trying to keep track of all the things her obviously nervous sister had said. "Uhh, it's suitable, I guess? I don't really care as long as there's a roof over my head, sis. Mom and dad are.. well, they went into the photobooth and.. I don't want to think about it. I'm going to go get some pizza."
  • Marylin sighed to herself as her sister ran off to front room where everyone had been congragating over a sports game. Well, maybe she was worrying about nothing. Ronan was a good man. Just kind of.. dead.
  • She found her mother and father hovering around the photobooth, looking like two schoolchildren who'd just been caught stealing. "Mom! Is the photobooth as good as you remember it?" "Wouldn't know, never got to try it then because of strict family values." "Right."
  • "Honey, we want you to know how proud we are of you. Now if you'll excuse me, my old man bladder is the size of a walnut. I'll be right back."
  • Barty walked absentmindedly to the bathroom that had been there even since he was a young man, unaware of the implosion that was set to happen in 3.. 2... 1...
  • "Uh, hello? Is.. is there something you'd like? You look rather pale. Are you feeling ok? Marylin, there's a nice redheaded.. thing in your front hall."
  • Well, here went nothing. Maybe if she was lucky, mom wouldn't notice that Ronan's skin was blue and that he had fangs. "Honey, there's a.. creature of the night behind you. You might want to run."
  • "Hello, beautiful, who is this lovely lady with you? This must be your wonderful mother you have told me so much about..." ".. Did the pointy teethed man just call you beautiful?"
  • "I don't believe we've met, ma'am. My name is Ronan, do not be alarmed. I have assured Marylin that there will be no biting of her family." ".. Wonderful. Marylin, sweetie, what is going on?" Tosha was starting to get that glazed over look in her eyes. Marylin could only thank her lucky stars that she wasn't screaming yet.
  • Jackie had come into the room only seconds earlier to hear what the noise was about, and was pretending not to listen. "Hey, dad. What's up? I'm just.. looking at the ground, here." "That's nice, Jackie. Just stay right where you are and away from the nice grey man."
  • Well, she had to go for it now. If she didn't, she'd never get it out. "Mom.. this is Ronan. He's my boyfriend. And a vampire."
  • "Vampire... Boyfriend. That's.. nice."
  • "Well, if we're going to get technically, he's my fiance. But only for the last two weeks. We're going to get married once I'm out of college. That's alright with you, mom, isn't it? Mom... Mom?"
  • "... Mom?" "I do not believe she is conscious anymore, Marylin. This is not the first time I have seen this reaction."
  • "Well, sir, I can honestly say that I"m vlad to me you. I mean glad. GLAD! You seem to be a nice young man.. or is it old? I don't know. Fangs for coming. THANKS! You know, I should probably get my wife home and get her some rest. Heh."
  • Soon enough, the rest of the guests filed out, one at a time, until only one was left. "Now, see, this is why we don't throw many elaborate parties in our family. Mom tends to overexert herself rather quickly and.."
  • "Hm. You should not lie, you are not good at it. And it sets off your concentration. I can tell that while your father seems open, your mother was quite terrified of me. It's something I've seen many times before and will probably see again. Many a girls have fallen to my charms over the past 300 years, but always temporary. Once they realize the magnitude of my condition, they always leave. That, or their parents forbid them from seeing me any longer. I am used to it, darling. By the way, checkmate."
  • "Well maybe if I move this.. no, you've got me. Crap. Ronan, I've told you before, I'm not leaving. I don't know what the other girls in your life have been like, but I actually love you, and you're stuck with me for a long time."
  • Marylin Munster promptly graduated that day, still a bit worried, but none the worse for the wear. Sure, her mother might not be conscious at her wedding, but since when did a kid ever listen to what their parents thought?
  • By the time Tosha was back to her senses at home, it was around 2 in the morning. "A vampire. Alright. He seems like a nice vampire. But.. a vampire. Vampire. An undead immortal creature that feasts on the blood of humans to keep alive. Alrighty then. Liam's wife and me have nothing in common, Marylin is not dating a living creature.. I am fully prepared for Jackie to come home from college with a carnival worker."
  • Barty just stared the stare that Munsters had been using for 3 generations now. Now that Tosha was a grandmother, she'd really just begun overanalyzing anything she could analyze. When they were younger and he'd had to deal with Abe, she'd been the one that kept him sane. Now he guessed that it was his turn to do the same for her. "You're insane."
  • Tosha, barely able to hear him over her own mind, answered. "Hmm, that's great that you agree with m.. what?"
  • "You're losing it, grandma. I hate to be harsh, Tosha. I love you, but it kind of seems like you need it. Jasmine doesn't hate you, she thinks you hate her. Even if she's not like you, she's a wonderful young lady and a great mother. You're constantly judging her parenting and putting it up against your own. Marylin is a big girl. If she wants to date a blood sucking demon, we can't exactly ground her and send her to her room. I can't say I'm thrilled with the idea, but barring his lack of pulse, Ronan seemed like a good guy."
  • "And Jackie... well, Jackie has always been the smart one. She'll be going to college before we know it, and she's probably going to do something to enrage you as well. But we can't stop her. In short, honey? Stuff happens. Deal with it." Tosha was fairly speechless after that, just wordlessly nodding before heading to bed. Barty didn't know if he'd gotten completely through to her, but he was sure he'd at least helped a bit.
  • The next morning, the two younger Munsters were just getting over the laughs they'd shared that night over the whole incident. "Man, your dad was really giving your mom a lecture last night, wasn't he?" "Yeah, I don't remember him doing that since.. well, ever." "It was fun, but I'm glad it's over. We've got a busy day ahead of us with our little girl. Best get growing her up before the next one comes out, eh?"
  • ".. Next one?" "... Surprise!"
  • Between Jasmine's early morning surprise of the incoming arrival of another baby and having to mentally prepare for a toddler, Liam spent most of that day staring into a oblivion on the couch, blabbering to himself. But when it came time, he was the first to get up to carry little Lucille Munster to her very first cake.
  • "Well, little lady, are you ready to cause me trouble for 3 years now? I bet you can't wait." Lucille just gurgled and smiled, and started at the fascinating glowing sticks on the yummy looking circle in front of her.
  • "I'm going to miss you being so small and unable to get into trouble on your own." He gave her a kiss, and threw her into the air..
  • So she could come back down as his complete mirror image.
  • Lucille Munster was her father's daughter. Despite the coloring differences, she was his mirror image in every part of her face, from the eyebrows, to the big green eyes from Michelle to the button nose from grandma Tosha, right down to the mouth that had been passed down all the way from her great grandpa Fudge. Barty even said she acted like Liam, as she looked around for the first time out of her toddler eyes. Though she might have frowned just a little more. (Lucille Munster: 6/9/5/8/4. She is facially a complete replica of Liam. The only thing different from Liam's personality there? Two less nice points. Yeah.)
  • It wasn't too long after Lucy's birthday that the rest of the Munster family headed down the road, to a newly built brick house just next door, for another family event.
  • Inside the house lived Marylin, fresh from college and looking as happy as she'd been her whole life. Today was her wedding day.
  • It wasn't the biggest wedding, or the fanciest, and Ronan certainly wasn't the groom you saw in photographs at wedding shops, but the bride and groom were most certainly in love, that was all that mattered.
  • The vows proceeded, sappy and meaningful, and you could see it in Marylin's eyes that she meant every word she said. To Ronan's relief, there was no running off, no meddling parents, and not even one angry mob.
  • He even cracked a rare smile on his normally strait face, as the thought of finally being married once more came into his head. He tried not to think of almost 300 years ago, of his other wedding, and how happy they had been then. Of the night several years later when he had come back to his house as a newly turned vampire, and how she'd chased him out, crying monster, as their children screamed. Of the mobs that had chased him out of that town, never to let him return. He failed at not thinking of these things, of course, but for now, they didn't bother him as much as they could have, because finally, he was truly happy again.
  • And when the ceremony was over and the confetti had fallen, Ms. Marylin Munster had become Mrs. Marylin Lewis.
  • The entire Munster household looked on, as the bride and groom had their first kiss as a married couple, and then quickly disappeared to an isolated corner of the house. "You know, Tosha, they really looked happy. They didn't have that terrified look I had in all my wedding photos." "They didn't, did they? You really have a point."
  • Hers wasn't the only wedding happening those days. Everywhere in Chocolate Falls, young couples in love were tying the knot. Whether it be a normal wedding.. (Claire Munster & Sabastian Leelaporn. You'll be thankful to know he took her last name.)
  • Or an off the wall ceremony with odd vows and lavish dinners that nobody could identify (Connie Munster & Whitney Jordan)
  • Or just a quiet ceremony in the woods between two sweethearts, with one very proud father looking on. (Chelley Munster became Mrs. George McCarthy.)
  • A few weeks after the wedding, the next little Munster made it's impending arrival known as Jasmine once again found her normal pants far too tight.
  • That day, Liam sat down to play with Lucy, ready to talk about the responsibilities of being a big sister. "Alright, Lucy, I'll be the daddy, you be the mommy."
  • "Mommy yummy!" Well, that wasn't the typical way of playing dollhouse, but if that's how his daughter wanted to, that's what his daughter got to do.
  • "No, honey, up here, like this. See? Daddy, mommy, and two little babies." "Two? No daddy, one."
  • "Well, one right now, but there's gonna be two soon, sweetie. There's another baby growing in mommies tummy, like cake grows really big when it's in an oven. And when it's time for the baby to come out, we have to take it out so it doesn't burn, like a cake."
  • "I get! Lucy eat the baby?" Maybe his daughter was a little young for comparisons like babies to food. She had more than enough time to get ready to be the older sister.
  • Everyone in the house had found themselves unable to resist playing with their absolutely charming smallest member. From the biggest and eldest.. "Gampa! Hug?" "Alright, I'll hug you..."
  • "Gotchya! Tickle attack!" "Nooooo! No tickle!" "Well, then you have to get dressed and go exploring, because gampa has to make breakfast."
  • To even the smallest and furriest. "Butta! Butta hug too?" "Why must this creature smother me with such gooey affection?" "Bark bark!"
  • Even Jasmine insisted on being around as much as everyone else for her little girl, even with another baby trying to destroy her from the inside out. "There's my little girl. Come up and talk to mommy."
  • "Momma, eat baby like a cake yet?" "No, silly, you don't eat the baby, you keep it around and take care of it until it's big like daddy and mommy."
  • "I'm better baby though, right momma?"
  • "Well, I wouldn't say that.. Don't get complacent in your rankings yet, miss." "Huh?"
  • At the house down the road, someone else was learning about the miracle of life as well. As it turned out, it hadn't taken Barty's eldest daughter long to get pregnant at all. "Ugh. I don't remember eating anything red..."
  • There. She hoped that was the last of it for this morning. Marylin was hoping that being pregnant with undead spawn would mean less morning sickness, but apparently she was wrong. Very wrong.
  • Outside the bathroom, Ronan was waiting to say goodnight before he headed to bed in the morning like he always did. "Ah, there you are, my dear. I see the baby has been causing you stomach issues, as per the usual?"
  • "Oh, just a bit of vomitting. Nothing out of the ordinary. Speaking of baby, by the way, I was wondering... how does that work? I mean, I know how it works, but I'd always assumed we probably couldn't have children. In fact I thought you said..."
  • "Hmm? No, I said it was unlikely, not impossible. At least I was under that assumption. I assumed that being undead for such a long period of time had rendered me infertile as I've never been with a woman longer than a few months at best over the past 300 years, so wouldn't know. I was apparently mistaken."
  • Marylin just laughed. If she was the type to dislike children, she'd probably be angry right now. As it was, being able to have children was a welcome suprise for her. "Well, as long as you don't have 500 fanged illegitimate descendants running around, it's fine. Oh, by the way..."
  • "You know I totally love you and am not going anywhere like all those other girls, right?" "So you've said."
  • Back at the house, as the circle of life works, before one new life could enter the world, another had to take it's next step. "Oh, honey, we're going to miss you so much. You don't have to leave yet if you don't want to, we wouldn't mind." "It's fine, mom. I'm the age Liam and Marylin were when they went to college."
  • Jackie had been around the house for awhile, even if she never caused much noise like other members did, but it was finally time for her to set out on her own in the world. "Dad, I can't breathe." "Sure you can. Now remember honey, all boys are sleezebags, like your brother. Take care, and be careful. Your mom and I are here any time you need us and we love you."
  • Little Jackie, the youngest child of Barty and Tosha, climbed into the taxi that had taken countless Munsters off to college, ready for her next adventure and eager to learn. And maybe, just maybe, have a couple of parties along the way.
  • Up in the bedroom, the two elders of the house had a moment to think about their new lives with no children of their own to look after. "All our kids are grown, Barty.. What am I supposed to do now?"
  • "Yeah, it's going to be awfully quiet here until Lucy learns how to get into the cupboards under the sink.."
  • "Dance time, baby! No kids, no kids, no.. ow, Tosha, be careful with your elbow there."
  • In another bedroom in the house, Liam and Jasmine, both home from hard days at work, were using what little spare time they had together wisely. "So, how goes orchestra conducting?"
  • "Mmm, decidedly boring. Though my cello player did trip into my bass player the other day, causing a domino effect. That was fun..."
  • "Hey, you know what else is fun?" "I'm listening." "Not having to worry about me getting pregnant!"
  • Let it be known that just because you have one kid, and another on the way, that love does not die down. In fact, it possibly only got even more insane.
  • At 10 PM that night, though, Jasmine woke up to a sharp pain in her stomach, and this time, she knew exactly what was going on. "Ow. Ow. Oh for the love of.. in my underwear, again?"
  • "YEOW. Liam, you big fat doodyhead, get up now!"
  • Somewhere in between the screaming and pushing, even the youngest member of the household made her way into the room. "Mama, baby done now?"
  • Liam rubbed his eyes, getting up as fast as possible. "Yes, Lucy, baby done now, but let mama concentrate." "I'm concentrating as much as I can, Liam! OUCH!"
  • "Have no fear, grandma is here! Now don't worry, you've done this once before, right? It can't get much worse.... See? Huh, would you look at that."
  • "It's alright everyone, I think I'm done.. Well, hello. You're another little girl, aren't you?"
  • Jasmine was holding a new baby girl in her arms, yes, but this one was definately different from the first one. Lighter skin, and different hair, but still with the same green eyes that both of her parents shared.
  • "Look over there, Lucy, you have a little sister. Say hi to your little sister." "No!" Well, there was plenty of time for Lucy and the new baby to get to know eachother, but first, she needed a name.
  • They named her Vivian Munster, not for any particular reason than that they liked the name. She had tan skin, much like her grandfather did, and bright red hair that Liam showed off proudly and Jasmine wouldn't admit she dyed. And even though the Munster Family didn't have that heir just quite yet, they were certainly happy to see her. A happiness that would soon be disrupted.
  • Ratna Kalson gathered himself off the ground. That was smarts. He should have remembered that he wasn't a spring chicken, and that inmates pushed hard. Especially this inmate.
  • Meadow Munster-Enriquez towered over him, small in stature but large in presence. "That's what you get for waiting so long to come back. Scared about what I'd do after you tried to poison me and almost got yourself fired? 4 months suspension, you deserved far worse."
  • He sighed to himself. There was no reasoning with this woman. None at all. "I gave you exactly what you wanted, Meadow. You said you wanted Elixer of Life, and despite having no need to, I gave it to you. It's not my fault your heart is too black. You're lucky you're the only good looking woman in this place or I wouldn't have done anything."
  • "You know, your more of a smart alec than I remember. But it's alright. Because you're going to help me get out of here."
  • "We've been through this. Again and again. I can't get you out. Even MORESO now that they know it's been me that's been bringing you things."
  • ""You really act like you have a choice in the matter? You'll crack sooner or later, you have about everything. Ever since I met you after that.. thing I married figured out what a farce our marriage was and threw me out on the curb."
  • He'd had enough of this. He was tired of being treated like a second class citizen by this woman just because he was lonely. "Not on this one, Meadow. Not after as long as you've been here. What do you even have to gain by getting out? I don't know what you think you have to gain but it's not much. I don't care what I did for you in the past, but the past years have been a complete drain on me and I'm not going to do it anymore"
  • "Oh... Ratna. It's fine, and I understand. Can I at least have a hug goodbye?" "I supposed one wouldn't hurt. But then I'm going."
  • Meadow smiled. It felt good to at least be allowed this last hug. It had been a good run having inside help, but it had to end sometimes. "I just wanted to ask you one last thing, Ratna..."
  • "Did you know how super sharp you can wittle an elixer dispensing knob down to?" "Why are you asking th..." Ratna felt an incredibly sharp pain directly in his back going strait through into him.
  • It didn't take him long to fall to the ground in pain, blood draining out of him at an alarming pace. "I.. get.. a doctor..."
  • And then, he fell silent forever.
  • Meadow started forward, no emotion apparent on her face, but inside was a bit of rare panic. She'd actually gone through with the first part of the plan, and there was no time to waste.
  • Key, he had to have a key. All Senior Guards carried around a master key. Where was it? She shuffled through the pockets on the fresh body until she finally found a key in his back pocket.
  • Opening the door as fast as she could, she ran. Ran through the dark dank hallway that lead to the entrance. It was going to be morning soon, and she had to get out before all the guards got back. She was going to run out the door and run far away. And she knew exactly where she was running to. She'd known for years.
  • Unfortunately, that is where I have to leave you, but I will update much sooner next time, I promise. With a threat returning to the Munster Family, what lies on the horizon? Whatever it may be, something is about to happen that will affect the family for a long time to come. Join us next time, and hopefully a LOT sooner next time. And it's going to be a big one.