The Munster Legacy Generation 1.0


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The Chapter that started it all. Fudge finds a wife and starts a family.

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The Munster Legacy Generation 1.0

  1. 1. Generation 1.0: Humble Beginnings There once was a man. He was a mans man, he did manly things, like eat Fudge, romance the night away, check himself into failed asylums, and then try failed bachelor challenges that failed due to things beyond his and his creators control, thank you very much. After the destruction of the town that was everything he knew, he ran. He kept running and running, until he was in a field, surrounded by nothing but hills and trees. He then knew what he had to do. He had to get himself together. He had to start a family. A family that would stretch ten generations...
  2. 2. The Legacy of the Munster. Fudge Munster, that is. Fudge Munster surveyed his new surroundings with his very unneeded binoculaurs, but all he could see was the mountains that surrounded him. Where would he start? He had very little money, but he had to get working quickly if he ever wanted to marry off those six children (GAH!!!). Everything before had always been about romancing, but he had a moment of clarity whilst on the run from the rapidly imploding Desiderata Valley. Fudge Munster: Aspiration: Family LTW: Marry off Six Kids GAH Turn Ons: Blonde Hair, Hard Worker Turn Offs: Unemployed Personality: 6/7/5/1/6
  3. 3. He wanted the perfect family. A wife, preferebly hardworking and blonde, tons of kids, and all the strict family values you could ever want. He would save himself for marriage, that was for sure. His strong first born male would inherit, of course. Munster males were notoriously strong and fertile, and he felt that they would be the only ones suitable to inherit. (If you're wondering, that means Strict Family Values and Patriarch are my handicaps of choice, thank you very much.)
  4. 4. So it'd come to this. He'd gone from an elaborate, fully decorated bachelor mansion to an undecorated shack in the middle of nowhere.
  5. 5. To be fair, it could be worse. He had all the essentials, and even a bookcase for entertainment. The single bed was a nice touch, it would keep him from engaging in non strict activities before he found the woman of his dreams.
  6. 6. But still, he missed his bear, Mr Snugglewumps. Maybe he would buy his children a bear when the time came.
  7. 7. To his surprise, the land he had found was not as uninhabited as he had thought. There were many local natives in it, who lived in huts on the mountaintops, and came by for strolls and delivered various things. They even offered cleaning services, though at the time he could afford none of these things, with only 885 dollars to his name.
  8. 8. This native, however, just creeped him out, with his odd little box and his rat like face...
  9. 9. Ah, Military. A nice manly job for a nice manly man, that would provide money for all the descendants that he would be around to see.
  10. 10. All in all, Fudge was not fairing too badly for his first day in an ALMOST uninhabited area. The food wasn't even that bad, though he did not know where it came from. The only thing that came to his mind was that he'd yet to see a lady of his own age. When would they come?
  11. 11. His fears, however, were soon soothed, as the local welcome wagon showed up, and a female was there. "Erm, hello? How may I help you good sirs and one madam?" "Welcome Wagon, here to serve, welcome, and become your first friends! Marry us in? Sure! Friend us over the phone and never invite us over? Do that too!" The Welcome Wagon were odd ones. And the girl wouldn't do. There was no chemistry there, and her face was eerily similar to his own. (Creepily enough, that no chemistry thing was a lie. They have one bolt. But they have the same Vince Walter face! Ewww.)
  12. 12. They made for good conversation, though. They all talked for hours about various things, such as the weather, and the like. Weather was always a good conversation breaker.
  13. 13. "Wow, Marie, you are an interesting woman. I didn't know how green dresses can be made to match everything. Thank you for the information!" "Yeah. Say, you're a swell guy! I know a girl who would love you! How would you like to meet her right now?" "Er, I don't know how that would be possible but I guess it would be..." THUNK
  14. 14. That would be the last time he would ever try that. It didn't seem the results were ones he would ever like. (Screw you, Marie! And screw you, Ottomas family! Simbin forever for you! Uggh, he kissed her goodbye! His memory panel is tainted forever!)
  15. 15. He'd greet everyone of the female persuasion who walked by, and say how nice it was to meet them, but none of them met his standard. Lindsey was attractive, but this time there really was no chemistry there.
  16. 16. She was also quite rude! She kicked him out of his own house while he was making dinner so she could use the bathroom, and then stole his sandwich! Well, she'd never be invited back, that was for sure.
  17. 17. He started his second day incredibly early, and put on his uniform for his first day in the military career. Despite protests from his superiors, the hat stayed. The hat always stayed.
  18. 18. He had to wonder if he had missed any opportunities by working at the hour he did, but he couldnt worry about what he missed, and only what was to come. (And I wouldnt have married Dagmar in already anyway. That's far too predictable.)
  19. 19. His second day proved far more successful than his first, and he came home no longer just a lackey, but part of the Elite Forces.
  20. 20. The promotion even gave him enough money to separate the bathroom from the rest of the house! He'd no longer be forced out of his own house by rude townies, trying to plot to steal his sandwiches.
  21. 21. The work day has incredibly tired him out, so he took a nap. (I really need to start cutting down on useless photos.)
  22. 22. He was glad he awoke when he did, because had he slept any longer, he may have missed the greatest opportunity he'd gotten thus far, that he glimpsed through a crack in the door on the way to the bathroom. "Ma'am! Ma'am! Excuse me! *huff, puff*" "Hello! Why, you seem happy to see me. You must be the Legacy Man everyone is talking about. My name is Michelle." "Hello, Michelle. What brings you to this part of Chocolate Falls?" "Oh, just doing what we all do. Walking by." "Well, why don't you stay for a bit?" "Why, I do think that would be nice."
  23. 23. She was oddly clothed, but there was no denying her beauty. Her hair wasn't blonde, but to him, it didn't matter.
  24. 24. They talked about all sorts of things that night, while she waved her arms about the way that only an outgoing sim would, and before Fudge knew it, it was practically midnight, and he really needed a shower.
  25. 25. "Er, Fudge, why did you bring me into the bathroom?" "Actually, ma'am, I was trying to take a shower. Though, if you'd like to stay, I can't say I'd blame you. I am a fine looking man, after all." "Uh, that's okay.. I think I'll go wait outside for you." Michelle and him talked all night, played catch, had pillow fights, all the things that sims normally do when they've first met, and by the end of the night, he felt he really had a friend.
  26. 26. And maybe even a bit of a crush, as well.
  27. 27. In a stroke of luck, the next day was his day off. "Michelle! So glad you could make it! How have you been?" "Fudge! It's been only a few hours! And you could have got dressed first, you know."
  28. 28. "Though, to be fair, those pajamas are a wonderful shade of blue on you..."
  29. 29. "I must say, though, Michelle, you look much better than me. My pajamas can't match your beauty." "Oh.. Fudge. This is all moving so fast." (They've known eachother for 12 hours and she's accepting ACR caresses. She's perfect.)
  30. 30. "I am curious, though, what do you do for a living? Everything has been going so fast, I haven't gotten much time to ask you much about anything you do." "I work as Hostess down at the local restaraunt for us townies. It's not great, but it pays bills" "What would you rather, do, Michelle?" "I don't know at the moment, but whatever it is, I better get a lot of money from it. I've already managed to stash up a small fortune. I'd say if you could measure it in simoleon signs, it would be three of them." (!!! Family/Fortune combo! One of my favorites!!!)
  31. 31. "You know, Michelle, with the two of us here, I'd almost say it's like a date, wouldn't you?" "Well, I guess you could call it that." Fudge Munster was as happy as he'd been since before he'd been in that dreaded asylum. His fears were finally gone, he knew, this would be the woman he'd start his legacy with. He'd have her moved in by the end of the day, mark his words.
  32. 32. He even managed to sneak in a kiss or two with her. Technically, not his first, as he'd already kissed Mystery Sim and that harpy Dora Ottomas out of curteousy. Ugh, he'd rather forget that. Unfortunately, Michelle got quite hungry, and he didn't notice. So she took off. He'd get her soon enough.
  33. 33. He gave her time to eat, go to the bathroom, and then invited her back over. No rest for the smitten, he always said.
  34. 34. "Oh, Michelle, every second I'm away from you is like agony in my heart." "Fudge, it's been two hours! You're silly. It's what I find so endearing about you."
  35. 35. "Oh, Fudge, you're so wonderful! Why don't we take this somewhere more pri.." "Whoa, whoa, wait a minute there ma'am. I'm an old fashioned type of man, I'm saving myself until marriage." "Oh, well, fair enough. We can just do this for awhile, it won't be too much longer, the speed you move at." Fudgemunster breathed a sigh of relief. He almost got carried away there, but no premarital woohoo for him.
  36. 36. Fudge felt wonderful, and he didn't want the feeling to end. He didn't want Michelle to leave ever, and that's when he knew he had to ask.
  37. 37. "Michelle, move in with me!" He didn't care if he sounded like a madman, it's what he wanted! He wanted to spend the rest of his life with Michelle.
  38. 38. "Become playable? I'd love to! It's been a dream of mine since I was a little townie girl." Michelle Tse: Aspiration: Fortune LTW: Become Business Tycoon Turn Ons: Underwear, Glasses Turn Offs: Logic Personality: 7/4/1/8/5 Brought with a job as a hostess, only a smattering of skills, but 11,000 simoleons and a gold flower arranging badge WHAAAAAAAA! We love you, Michelle.
  39. 39. With the money Michelle had brought with her, they made some renovations to Fudge's shack, and it wasn't a shack anymore. They had a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom, and even a kitchen. The double bed wouldn't be used for much yet, but Fudge already knew a wedding was imminent.
  40. 40. "Fudge, honey, where did the house come from?" "I don't know, really. Stuff like that just happens sometimes. It's best not to question when you get a giant flat screen TV." "I think we should worry about some windows first." The rest of the day was fairly uneventful, with only things like eating, sleeping, and bathroom activities taking place.
  41. 41. The next day, Michelle gave herself a makeover curteousy of the magical hair changing mirror. She figured if she was going to help found a legacy, she may as well brush her hair.
  42. 42. It didn't bother her too much, though. After all, it was for true love.
  43. 43. And it was true that Fudge felt the same. Let this be a lesson to you that love can strike anywhere, even when you are in the bathroom in your underwear.
  44. 44. With Fudge at work, Michelle got to doing the only fun thing in the house to do, skilling. Someone would need to paint portraits one day, and it might as well be her. But she, too, had a work day ahead of her, so the house remained empty for the first time, even if for a few hours. Though she would return with none of those creativity points so to speak of, thanks to some darn kids making trouble at her restaurant
  45. 45. But every cloud has a silver lining, and Michelle's was coming home to Fudge on one knee, with a surprise for her.
  46. 46. "Michelle, we've known each other for not even two days yet, but since I saw you, I knew I wanted you to be my gal. The gal to have my sons, and hey, even daughters if you should so want. The time has come, I want to know. Will you marry me?"
  47. 47. "Wowweeee! Where did you get that rock? I mean, uh, of course Fudge! Of course I will!"
  48. 48. They married that night, in a small quiet wedding with Michelle's only friend as a guest, and she payed very little attention, but offered Michelle a job as a Dance Video Star that she gladly took. "Michelle, I've never thought anyone suitable as my wife but you. I promise to stay with you and love you for as long as we're alive"
  49. 49. "Fudge, being a townie was rough. No food except when you're greeted, no place to sleep, and only having contact when someone happens to greet you. But it was worth the wait for you. I'll stay with you until the end." And with that, Michelle Tse became Michelle Munster, First Lady of the Munster Legacy.
  50. 50. They wasted very little time getting to work on the second generation. But it still took three tries.
  51. 51. Michelle had a fairly normal first trimester, complete with painting the toilet a wonderful shade of green. She wondered how she was going to get through possibly six of these things, barring the creator getting bored.
  52. 52. Fudge spent the day making meals for the both of them, and fantasizing about the birth of his first child in the newly tiled kitchen.
  53. 53. Before she knew it, Michelle was into her 2nd trimester. Popping in front of the toilet made her realize how glad she was the 1st one was over.
  54. 54. The second day was spent working on regaining the creativity skills she had lost, as she still needed them for her current job, although what she truly wanted was to be at the top of the Business career.
  55. 55. Fudge made use of it by going to work, being promoted to Drill Instructor, and celebrating by splashing in a puddle during a thunderstorm.
  56. 56. They used the money to build a much needed room in the house, though nothing occupied it as of now. I can give you a couple guesses what will though.
  57. 57. "Fudge, you don't think I'm fat, do you?" "Of course not! You're pregnant." "I know, I mean, you're still attracted to me, right?" "Does the meaning of forever escape you?"
  58. 58. With his wife often asleep or eating, Fudge could often be found in the dead of night in his pajamas, waiting for birds to fly by. He is an odd, odd man.
  59. 59. In her waking, non hungry moments, Michelle could be found playing the time honored playful game of Captain of the Bathtub.
  60. 60. The only thing that would stop her from her games of it would be popping into her 3rd trimester, and then she'd go right back.
  61. 61. Michelle's last trimester was marked with success, as she finally found her dream job in the Business Career as a Mailroom Technician. It was a low start, but it would lead to permaplatinum.
  62. 62. She also had her first bite of the most delicious thing she had ever tasted, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. (I rolled for secondary aspirations. It came up Grilled Cheese. Fudge is Popularity. Wooo.)
  63. 63. Fudge's day was marked with less success, as wayward cadets had reacted badly to punishment, losing him a charisma point and costing him what could have been a promotion. "At least I wasn't fired..."
  64. 64. "Man, it's been a long day, I can still taste those awesome sandwiches. I think I'll lay down for a nap."
  65. 65. "That's odd, I've only been asleep for an hour, I should still be much more tired than this."
  66. 66. "Alright honey, breathe, just breathe.. my, I did not notice, but we should paint that wall.."
  67. 67. "I say, that looks like a boy to me!" And it was, the first child of the Legacy was a male named Bartholomew, born at 2:00 in the morning on a cold spring night, and our heir for Generation 2. With his fathers hair and eyes, and his mothers skin tone, he looked like most sim babies did, and that was cute.
  68. 68. Fudge was a doting father from the beginning to Bartholemew. "That's right, son, drink up. We need you to grow up big, muscular, and manly like myself, so you may have the powers to grow a fine beard and carry on the legacy." "..Baba?"
  69. 69. All in all, the baby years were fairly uneventful, but you couldn't convince Fudge of that any time that Bartholemew smiled, wet himself, or spat up. "Honey, look! He winked at me!" "Fudge, I told you, it's a nervous twitch, he's been doing it for two hours."
  70. 70. Michelle put her first day back from maternity leave to good use and got promoted to executive assistant. Assisting wasn't her kind of thing, but it was one step closer to the top.
  71. 71. Not even the fortune sim was exempt from the dirty side of parenting, though her technique was slightly more dangerous.
  72. 72. Even parents have time for some fun now and then. Particularly when the baby is passed out.
  73. 73. Though not without it's consequences. "Honey, did you just hear that creepy music?" "Mrr, fudge brownies."
  74. 74. Michelle did, however, manage to sneak in one last promotion before her second maternity leave hit her by surprise like a ton of bricks.
  75. 75. Baby days flew by, as they often do, and before they knew it, Fudge and Michelle's first born was ready to cause havoc as a toddler. "Now, remember Bartholemew, you can destroy anything you want, but the beard is off limits, my boy."
  76. 76. "Michelle! You're here just in time for the spin. Why the early nap?" "I don't know. I've been feeling rather tired lately. It's making me slouch even more than usual."
  77. 77. In an explosion of confetti, the first toddler of the legacy came into view, just as well dressed as his father. "Hey, hey, what did I just say about the beard?" "Dah?" "That's right! Dah'on't touch the beard!"
  78. 78. Barty, as he was nicknamed because it was quite trying on patience to have to write out his full name all the time, was a good mix of his parents. He had his mothers nose and eyes, but the rest of him looked like Fudge, through and through. He was a Neat, Outgoing, Playful boy, who was neither too active yet not lazy, and neither a pushover or evil. Barty Munster: 6/7/5/8/5 (Taurus)
  79. 79. While it may have come as a surprise to her that she was expecting another child so soon, Michelle was nonetheless happy. Disappointed that she would once again be off work, but happy.
  80. 80. Michelle got back into the routine of eating, sleeping, painting and tubbing quickly enough, and Fudge was more than happy enough to make sure Barty learned everything he needed. "Alright, Barty, now say Beard!" "Icky! No beard!" "..Well, you said beard, close enough for me."
  81. 81. While no one was paying attention, Barty spent his time discovering the nuclear effects of toilet fishing. "Yummy!"
  82. 82. Fudge continued climbing up the Military Career ladder, nabbing himself a spot as a Junior Officer.
  83. 83. "Alright, Barty, time for bed." "No sleepy!" "Cmon now, you know that's not true." "Daddy beard itchy!" "That's quite a lie as well. My beard is as fine and smooth as the feathers of a baby goose."
  84. 84. "My, the house has gotten so messy in the past few days, I've been slightly overwhelmed by it. It's hard, keeping the house clean, raising a kid, and being pregnant. Thankfully it'll be over soon." "Yes, honey, thankfully. I can't wait to see our new child's smiling faces, and to add more into our house, don't you think?" "M..m..more? How many more? Like, one?" "Well, I was thinking six is a nice, even number, don't you say so? And we'd get to see them all get married, it'd be fantastic!" "Uh.. uh.. I think I feel sick. Maybe it was all the cheese. Yeah, probably all the cheese."
  85. 85. "Six kids? Who ever heard of having six kids just to see them get married. Huh, I guess it can't be TOO bad, could it? But when am I ever going to have time to go to work with six kids?!?"
  86. 86. "She'll come around to it eventually, don't you think, Barty? Six kids isn't as many as it sounds. Now come on, repeat after me.. Sheeby Tom Alooba..." "Daddy beard icky! Grrrr."
  87. 87. "Hey there little guy, fancy seeing you around. We haven't gotten to talk much, have we? I've been busy working, sleeping, eating, always doing something else but paying attention to you. Sorry, little guy, I'll try to pay attention to you more from now on." "Mommy tickle!"
  88. 88. "Painting late again, I see. What this time?" "Oh, you'll like this one. It's of you!" "Why would you ever want to paint a picture of me? I mean, other than to preserve my manliness to awe future generations to come." "Exactly! Well, not exactly. I do want to preserve us. We're not going to be around forever, and I thought the generations far from now would want to know what we looked like."
  89. 89. "Only you would make grilled cheese sandwiches at 12 in the morning, Michelle." "It's like I've said, there's never a time that grilled cheese isn't appropriate.. ooph." "Is something wrong?"
  90. 90. "I just.. don't feel hungry anymore. I almost feel kind of like..."
  91. 91. "Like the baby's coming! Yeeeowch!"
  92. 92. "Wow, little guy, you came out a lot faster than the other one did." "Ah, more boys to add to my growing era of manliness. I am quite proud. Can we call this one Abraham?" "I've got no problems with that." Abraham was born at an only slightly earlier hour than his brother Barty, and had Fudge's dominant hair and eyes as well. However, he also inherited Fudge's skintone, disginguishing himself from his brother already.
  93. 93. The Munster house was growing, and would continue to grow. Fudge's Legacy had officially started and the second member of Generation 2 had already shown itself. And with that, it is time for the first chapter of Generation 1 to end before it hits the 100 page mark, as I've been blathering on too long. I hope you enjoyed this, as the style is a bit new for me. Turn the page for hilarity.
  94. 94. Retrospectively, Abe's issues started at birth....