I Love Lucy: Day 6


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The finale day of the Munster Bachelorette Challenge.

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I Love Lucy: Day 6

  1. 1. Hello everyone, and welcome to Day 6, the final day of I Love Lucy, a Munster Bachelorette Challenge. You know, the one that took forever. It's been a long hard road for her to get there, but Lucy finally has narrowed it down to her two final choices. George “Georgie” Haggerty, from the Regacy written Cait/Charris, and Elm Langerak, from Familiar Faces written by Jenn/Ndainye. With two vastly different men both vying for her heart, how will Lucy ever come to a decision? Well, we're going to find out.
  2. 2. In the house on the other end of town, Katy had settled down on the couch after watching the events of the past day. “You know, I really liked David, but I think Lucy made the right choice. He'll find someone great, I'm sure. Don't you all think so?”
  3. 3. Fudge was the only one to answer from next to her on the couch. “I most certainly do think she made the correct decision. David needs to learn to that if he wants something, he has to work to go after it. I don't know what you possibly could have meant by “you all” though, as everyone else left several minutes ago.” Wait, where had everyone gone? Katy was only vaguely aware that Abe had gone upstairs to spend time with the son he barely knew he had, but Barty and Liam...
  4. 4. Barty had only left when he saw his son take off out the back door. “What's the deal, kiddo?” Liam laughed, “Don't you call me kiddo. We're the same age here. Kinda bizarre, isn't it? The last time I kind remember you being this young, I was barely out of a crib. I was just thinking, that's all.”
  5. 5. Liam turned around and started giving an expression of pure panic that Barty knew all too well. “ What if she can't do it? I can't even think of which one would be better for her. They're both great, what if she just breaks down and can't pick one, it'll tear her apart!
  6. 6. Barty couldn't help it. He had to laugh. “ What's so damned funny?” “ You completely underestimate your daughter. Just like you've always underestimated yourself.”
  7. 7. “ Out of all the girls you could have picked, you made the absolute best choice you could have made. I made the best choice, too. This is a different situation all together, but I really think Lucy will do what's right for her. Plus, if nothing else, you can convince her that she inherited her mother's sense, don't you think?”
  8. 8. “ I do have an awesome wife, don't I? And I really am not just saying that because I'm scared she's going to pop out of a bush and hurt me. I swear.”
  9. 9. They had been so engrossed in the conversation they were having, neither of the Munster men noticed the door open. “ You're right. She is going to make the right choice. And if she has any trouble, don't worry. I have backup.”
  10. 10. It was a decision that Lucy was already thinking about as she walked to the hot tub that she'd become so familiar with for the last time. This had been the craziest week of her life, and she'd had a lot of crazy weeks. She had to make a choice by this time tomorrow, no bones about it. She didn't know how she would. She was fairly sure she loved both of these men, but which was the one she was IN love with? How was she ever supposed to tell?
  11. 11. Georgie had to wonder. How had he deserved to make it so far? He acted a blundering fool the first few days, and yet somehow, this wonderful girl, this gorgeous woman, seemed to be head over heels for him. And he was quite certain he felt the exact same way. He had to show her that he meant everything. He couldn't bear to lose her at this point, his heart would break. He was certain he would never feel this way about anyone else like he did about her.
  12. 12. Elm sat down near Georgie, similar thoughts running through his head. Elan had outright laughed at him when he told his brother that he'd signed up for a dating game. At first, he thought that he had a point. Who would have thought he'd end up fighting over someone so perfect? A gorgeous woman with a great sense of humor, and smart enough to keep up with him. Lucy was everything he'd always looked for in a girl, and he had to win this or else Elan would still be laughing when he came home with a broken heart.
  13. 13. Lucy had been sitting quietly, waiting for them to join her. “ It's so quiet in the house now, don't you think? I'm pretty sure if you opened a can of soda I'd be able to hear it from all the way up in my room. I'm gonna miss this place.”
  14. 14. “ I for one am glad it's down to the three of us, and we don't have to deal with several other men lumbering about the house making the sounds a sumo would make.” Elm nodded, “Yeah, but this is a really nice house and the food is never burnt.”
  15. 15. “ Hey, sumo wrestling! We can settle this in the ring. Lucy would like that, wouldn't you?” She couldn't deny that this sounded like a fun idea, but it would probably end badly.
  16. 16. Thankfully, Georgie ended this discussion for her, “I can assure you, we can settle this in much more fun and much less barbaric ways than sumo wrestling.”
  17. 17. “ Yeah, we could have a debate or something. Everyone has to present their argument in a sensible fashion with a time limit.” Elm looked confused. “Uh, how is that fun?” “I'm kidding.”
  18. 18. Elm let out a nervous laugh, “Of course you are. You think I'd be able to pick up on that after all this time. Stupid me.”
  19. 19. “ I'd say that's enough of pruning up for pretty much no reason for now, don't you think? Let's all go get something to eat.” Lucy stepped out of the tub, and headed upstairs to get dressed.
  20. 20. “ George.” “Elm.” “May the best man win the woman's heart.” “Likewise, good sir.”
  21. 21. Lucy glanced down the empty table, snacking on her gelatin. Elm, Georgie. Georgie, Elm. Two different men, two completely different sides of her wanted to be around each of them.
  22. 22. Georgie was the first one to find her at the table and make her feel like the decision didn't matter at the moment. He had always been the first. He was the first that she'd known she wanted to keep around above everyone else, the first in the house she knew she really felt anything for. She couldn't ever hurt him, ever.
  23. 23. That's why she didn't even check to make sure Elm wasn't around before planting the biggest kiss on him she ever had. “ Mmpphhrrrph!” Oh right. Boys needed air.
  24. 24. “ Sorry, but that felt really good.” Georgie smiled, “I don't think you should have to apologize for anything. Now I do believe I hear footsteps, so you may want to detach yourself from me.”
  25. 25. Elm walked in from the other room, only looking vaguely interested in what had been going on. “ I miss anything?”
  26. 26. “ Not anything you'd be particularly interested in.” Lucy turned to face Elm as Georgie headed upstairs. Elm hadn't been first. This much was true. But that didn't mean she didn't feel every single ounce of emotion for him just as she did for Georgie. She had the feeling that even if he'd handle the heartbreak better than Georgie would, he'd still feel it just as much.
  27. 27. And that's why she had to plant just as big of a kiss on Elm as she did on the other man earlier. This was going to be impossible. She was going to collapse in a heap.
  28. 28. “ Well this came out of nowhere.” Elm grinned. “ Sometimes, you just have to do things and not think.”
  29. 29. After a quick trip to the bathroom and paying the bills she'd let sit on the computer desk all week, she realized it had already gotten dark and she was absolutely out of energy. The end would be here soon, and she needed to say goodnight and rest before she did what she knew she had to do.
  30. 30. One last goodnight to her boys. “ Elm, you sleep well, alright?” “ Can do, Lucy.”
  31. 31. “ And Mister George, that goes for you, too.” Georgie looked right at her, “I wouldn't sleep anything but peacefully in a house with you.”
  32. 32. Climbing into her bed, Lucy laid still trying to let her thoughts not get the best of her. She had to get some peace before she made an impossible decision tomorrow. She just wish someone would tell her what to do.
  33. 33. Oof. Well that wasn't what she'd call a peaceful sleep. Wait. Why was she on the ground? Had she fallen out of bed? This wasn't even her room. Something weird was definitely going on.
  34. 34. It had to be some kind of dream, but everything was so vivid. It was like she was awake, but she knew this wasn't right. This place had no doors, no windows, and furthermore, she wasn't alone. “ Don't worry about a thing, Lucy. There's nothing evil going on here.”
  35. 35. Lucy looked at the person in front of her. She was so familiar. That's when she figured it out. “ You. I know you. You're on our wall at home. I've seen you so many times and thought about what you must have been like. Grandpa and dad always told me stories, but I never thought I'd get to meet you..”
  36. 36. Michelle looked up at her great grand-daughter. “ Well then, why don't you sit down? We've got a lot of catching up to do.”
  37. 37. Lucy sat down next to the woman she'd never met but knew all too well. The first thing that hit her was that they had the exact same eyes. “I would love to, but I'm a bit confused. Where am I? Is this real? And why you?”
  38. 38. “ That's a lot of questions, but I think I've got it covered. You're here because you wanted help, so you got it. Is it real? As real as it can be. Your consciousness is here, but at the same time, you're still asleep in your bed. Just like I'm still in a hole in the ground back in Chocolate Falls but here. A little morbid humor for you there.”
  39. 39. “ As for why me? She thought I was the best person for the job. Actually, she was going to send your mom at first, but that didn't work out. Speaking of which, Jasmine says to tell you “Screw it, I hate them both.” Don't know why.” Lucy almost busted up laughing. “Yeah, that's definitely mom.”
  40. 40. Once she had calmed down, Lucy looked over at her great grandmother. “I'm happy you came to help, but unless you're straight up going to tell me who you think I should pick, I don't know what you can do.”
  41. 41. Michelle looked a bit appalled, and answered back. “ I would NEVER tell you who to pick. Taking other peoples advice on the matter isn't going to help you at all.”
  42. 42. Lucy got up, ready to leave, before remembering there was no door. “ Well, then we're back at square one, aren't we? What should I do, then?”
  43. 43. Michelle stood up and looked her right in the eye and smiled. “ You need to stop worrying about what the right or wrong choice is. You need to do what you know is the choice YOU want.”
  44. 44. She paused for a moment, and then went on. “ I was all about what was the right thing to do in my life. It was the only way I was ever going to succeed in the business world. But when it came to your great-grandpa? Nobody was convincing me he was anything but perfect. Do you know how many of my friends tried to convince me I'd lost my marbles and to, in their words, dump the loony toon? It doesn't matter, because I didn't listen to them, and it was the best choice I ever made. He and I made your grandpa, and eventually, after a few generations you, and we didn't breed fools. Well, except maybe Abe. You know what your choice is. Now all that's left to do is to do it.”
  45. 45. “ Thank you, Grandma. Everything you've said makes so much sense. I think I know what I'm going to do now.” “ Then it's time to wake up.”
  46. 46. “ I'm so glad I got to meet you. It meant a lot to me.” Lucy felt tired. How could you feel tired when you already...
  47. 47. Asleep. Lucy jolted out of bed. Had that been real? It had to have been. It felt just as real as anything here, and she remembered it all. 5:30 AM. She knew the boys would be up soon, and it was time for their last date.
  48. 48. She pulled her clothes on, one leg at a time, just as she'd done her whole life, every day. How many of these days were important as this one, though?
  49. 49. It was a rare day that Elm got to their date before Georgie did, but today was one of them. “ I hope I'm not bothering you too early. I heard you get up so I figured..” “It's fine. I was about to come see if you were up anyway.”
  50. 50. “ You know what I have to do now that you're here now though, right?” “Oh boy. I could never guess.”
  51. 51. “ Honk honk!” “Oh no! I was never expecting that! My poor innocence!” Lucy giggled. This all was pretty cheesy at this point, wasn't it?
  52. 52. “ At least we're both willing to admit how stupid this whole thing is, right?” Elm nodded, “It gets less stupid when you're doing it with the right girl.”
  53. 53. “ If that's the case, maybe what I'm about to do will seem less stupid.” She had no idea what came over her to do this, but here went nothing.
  54. 54. “ What in the...” “ Roses are red, violets are blue, Elm is a tree, but I still love you.”
  55. 55. “ Well, what did you think of my song?” “That was the dumbest thing I've ever heard.” “ Yeah. I know.”
  56. 56. Just like the day before, Lucy went back outside to watch the sun come up at the crack of dawn. And just like every day, she wasn't alone for long.
  57. 57. Georgie stood straight ahead at the sun on the horizon, contemplating how it was the sun rising on what could be the first day of a new part of his life. “ What a beautiful morning. I'm quite glad I could share it with such a beautiful woman.”
  58. 58. “ It sure is, and it's time for your daily honking!” “Eek! Your hands are cold!” Lucy had to smiling so hard. Every time Georgie came by, she couldn't help it. All she could focus on, even if there were a million people in the room, was him.
  59. 59. “ You never fail to get me with that.” Lucy just looked straight at Georgie. “And you never fail to make me smile.”
  60. 60. “ I'm so glad you came here. I can't imagine having gone through this without meeting you.” It was the cheesiest thing she'd ever said, but she meant every word. “Let me put it like this..”
  61. 61. “ George, Georgie, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind!” Georgie looked straight at her and giggled, “I have no idea what any of that means.”
  62. 62. “ You're hot.” “Huh?” “Sexy.” “Huh?” “A very physically appealing and attractive person.” “Oh.” She had to hold back a laugh. She loved this man.
  63. 63. Love. Such a strong word. Once the sun had rose and she had gotten cleaned up, she pondered it over her plate of salad. 8:30 AM. 3 and a half hours to do this.
  64. 64. These two meant the world to her. Why couldn't she just pick both of them? Maybe they wouldn't mind. Georgie had once mentioned a rich uncle who lived with two woman and had families with both of them. Weird, but whatever floated his boat. She couldn't do that, though. She had to just pick one. Her mind went back to what her great grandmother had told her. That she knew who she was going to pick already. This was still going to be the hardest thing she'd ever done.
  65. 65. “ Lucy!” “Georgie! You snuck up on me. What is it?” “ I wanted to tell you.. no matter what you do, that I'm supporting your decision. That's what you do when you love someone.”
  66. 66. Elm practically thundered in from the other room. He heard everything, and he wasn't going down like this. Not without a fight. “I just wanted to say, that I want you to make the right decision too. No matter what. Because that's what people do when they're in love, right, Georgie?”
  67. 67. Lucy thanked them both, and went to sit where she often sat trying to make up her mind while the boys got their breakfast and mingled with each other to pass the time. She'd made up her mind already. Now all that was left to do was. 11:25 AM.
  68. 68. “ Elm. Georgie. It's time to do this. I know who I'm picking. Can you all come up stairs with me?” Both of the men smiled and nodded, but she could see they were just as nervous as her.
  69. 69. This was her room. This was the place she'd become the most familiar with in this challenge. Except for maybe the hot tub, but she couldn't make her decision there. So this was where it had to be done. She couldn't even look at them. She could hear them wishing each other luck behind her, but it was too much to turn around just now. “ Elm. Could you come with me for a second?”
  70. 70. Georgie fell with a thump on the couch. This was how it was going to end, wasn't it? She was going to choose Elm now, and he was going back home alone. He couldn't even make out what they were saying past the closed glass door. “ I wanted to talk to you first. Alone” “ Lucy, what's wrong?”
  71. 71. He wasn't going to look. They were likely celebrating amongst themselves already before coming back in to break the news to him. “ Please don't hate me. I wouldn't ever want you to hate me.” “But I love you.”
  72. 72. He would go back home and find a wife there. There had to be a suitable girl somewhere back home that was just as good as.. No, he couldn't. He did not want anyone that wasn't his Lucy. “ I love you too.. but I'm in love with Georgie.” “ I.... but.. why? Why not me?”
  73. 73. What was taking them so long, though? He couldn't sit here forever not knowing what was about to happen. Please, Lucy, don't do this to him.. “ Please, Lucy, don't do this to me.” “ I have to. I have to make the choice that I want. I want George. I just don't want you to hate me.”
  74. 74. They were almost done, he could tell. Whatever had gone on out there, he would know soon. “ I could never hate you. Not even because of this. I want you to be happy, and if this is what makes you happy, do it. I'm not happy about it, but I want what's best for you.” “ Thank you Elm. Take care, go find the best girl you can, and have the awesome life you deserve.”
  75. 75. Elm walked back in, stopping right in front of him. He had a look on his face unlike one he'd ever seen on the man. What was it? Was it.. hurt?
  76. 76. Elm shook whatever he was feeling off and turned to Georgie. “ I was trying to think how to word this, but screw it. I'll just say whatever comes out like I always have.”
  77. 77. “ You're the luckiest man in the world right now. You have everything you could ever want standing right on that balcony out there. I have to go back home now, alone, but I can assure you, I will be watching. If you make one wrong step and hurt her? I will be there, waiting in the wings, and you're going to wake up with a bed full of locusts. Don't ask me how I will get enough locusts, because I will. I know people who know how to get these things. I need to go get things done now. Good luck.”
  78. 78. Georgie walked out to where Lucy had been waiting, not even sure if he could look at her. “ Lucy, I'm not quite certain what's going on. I was almost certain when you brought Elm out here it was to pick him and send me on my way. Two minutes ago, I received what I believe to be some sort of death threat, and now I don't know what to think. So if you'd be so kind, just tell me, and get it over with.” “George Austen Haggerty Jr., turn around right now.”
  79. 79. Lucy looked right at him, and smiled. “ I chose you.” “ You.. you did?”
  80. 80. “ I think I always knew it would be you or Elm, really early on. I thought about it, a lot. I felt a lot of the same type emotions for both of you. You though.. you were the first one I knew I wanted to be with forever. Even when you kept acting stupid, I couldn't stop feeling the way I did about you, and nobody else mattered. So if you'd be honored, I would like to name you the official winner of this bachelorette challenge.”
  81. 81. “ Miss Lucille Michelle Munster, nothing would honor me more in the entire world.”
  82. 82. The final score, on Day 6? Georgie – 100/100 Elm – 100/100 Lucy, on both sides? 100/100 It was a literal tie. So how did I pick? I went back and looked over everything, and who got to what first. In almost every single case, Georgie got to the relationship landmark first, and they were 100/100 for each other first. It was the only fair way to decide.
  83. 83. Elm couldn't believe what had just happened. He'd lost. There wasn't a second winner here. Georgie got Lucy, he got to go back home alone. He'd done everything right. He couldn't have tried any harder, but here he still was, like everyone else before him, about to leave by himself.
  84. 84. “ What is it, Lucy?” Lucy looked at Elm one last time, “Please, keep in touch. Don't let this be the last I hear of you, alright?” “ Don't worry. I'll be fine.
  85. 85. He'd be fine. It'd hurt for awhile, he knew that, but time heals everything. Elan would make fun of him, he'd make fun of Elan back for being stupid. It was how it always went. Plus, if Georgie screwed up, he was going to kick his ass.
  86. 86. He stepped right into the taxi just as the others before had done. Time to go. Maybe he could put itching powder on all of Eagle's clothes when he got home to feel better about himself.
  87. 87. “ It's finally just you and me, Georgie. What do we do now?” “Well, there are several free beds...” “ If you'd hold that thought, I'll get back to it later. First, there's somewhere we need to be.”
  88. 88. At the house, Liam felt a huge weight lift off his chest and celebrated the only way he knew how. “ SHE DID IT! SHE DID IT! DID YOU SEE, SHE DID IT!!!” “ Katy, I think he's blown a gasket. You might wanna come over here.”
  89. 89. “ I would love to keep Liam from going insane, but I'm taking a phone call right now. Yes, he won. Ow, stop yelling into the reciever! You.. you're coming right now? I.. uh.. alright.”
  90. 90. Katy turned around, stared right at the men she'd spent the last week with, and smiled. “ Guys. We're about to have company.”
  91. 91. “ Who could possibly be coming over? It's already 8 PM, I should be heading to bed soon.” “Oh, dad. Wait, did I just I hear a car door?”
  92. 92. “ Cee. That was fast.” “I win?”
  93. 93. “ Georgie won. You're just here because he won.” “Yes, but I made the sim that bred all the sims that led to him. So.. I win, yes?” “I guess. Yeah, you win.” “ Excuse me for a second.”
  94. 94. “ Excuse me for a second as well, but who are you, and what is going on?” Fudge barely got his question out before Cee pushed past him, making her way towards only god knows what.
  95. 95. “ Everyone, I would like you to meet Cee. To put it in terms you'll understand, she's the god of the universe George came from.”
  96. 96. “ I WIN I WIN I WIN I WIN ME ME ME I WIN I WIN!!!” Barty was the first to have the guts to say anything., “You cannot be serious.” Fudge looked at his son, “I like her. She's got pep.” Liam just stared, “This does explain a lot about Georgie..” Just then, another pair of voices came from behind them.
  97. 97. “ What explains a lot about who? Is he speaking ill of our son, George?” “ I should hope not, or else we will most certainly have to rethink this entire marriage.”
  98. 98. Liam walked up to the new guests with a smile on his face. “Welcome to our humble abode! You're welcome to stay, but who are you, and what have you done with the rest of the walls in this house?” “ I did nothing! For the record, we happen to be George's mother and father. We came along with our dear friend Cee to mingle with our future daughter's family and to discuss important matters with you, such as a dowry.”
  99. 99. “ Dow..what? I'm sorry, I have no idea what the heck you mean.” Georgiana stepped forward, “A dowry, Mister Munster. Money to help with the start of the household your daughter and my son will create, in exchange for us allowing the marriage to take place. It's a simple concept, yes?”
  100. 100. “ So you want me to pay you to let MY daughter get married, while you give me nothing, is what you're saying?” George shrugged, “It's a very common custom, Mister Munster, I am shocked you did not expect this to happen.” “ It's not a very common thing around.. uh.. George..”
  101. 101. “ You may want to turn around.” George laughed, “Even where I'm from, that is the oldest trick in the book. Like I really am going to fall for something so stupid.” Georgiana coughed, “Turn around, you fool.”
  102. 102. George turned around to a very perturbed Jasmine Munster glaring him right in the eye. “ What brings you here this fine day, Mrs. Munster?” “ What brought me here was to celebrate the fact that my daughter had found love, but this.. you want me to pay YOU? If anything, you should be paying us for getting someone as good as my daughter!” Georgiana stared at the ground, “Whatever you do, do not laugh...”
  103. 103. Barty jumped up from his seat and practically flew into his wife's arms. “ Tosha, you made it.” “I wouldn't miss this party for anything.” “ Do you think we should try to pry Jasmine off that poor culture shocked man?” “Ehhh, let them handle it themselves.”
  104. 104. From out of a corner, a voice that the Munster men had become familiar with the past week spoke. “ I hate to interrupt the argument currently going on, but I would much rather we start the festivities, don't you think?” Lucy nodded, “What my fiancee here is trying to say is..”
  105. 105. “ PARTY TIME!!!”
  106. 106. You went to school to learn girl What you never never knew before “ Say it with me. Vi-vi-an. Vivian.” “ .... Vern!”
  107. 107. Like I before E except after C Why 2 plus 2 makes 4 na na na “ I hate you.” “I love you too.”
  108. 108. I'm gonna teach you (teach you, teach you) All about love girl (all about love) “ Do you think we'll remember this all, when we get home?” “I don't think so. It wouldn't be right, would it?” “ No, it wouldn't.”
  109. 109. Sit yourself down, take a seat All you gotta do is repeat after me “ MICHELLE! My Michelle. Mine.” “ It's awesome to see you too.” “ My great grandparents are about to make out in front of me. Wonderful.”
  110. 110. A B C easy as 1 2 3, oh simple as Do re mi, A B C, 1 2 3 baby you and me girl “ Liam, I have got to say, that hair is really working for you!” “For the last time, I'm not Liam, I'm Leo!”
  111. 111. Come on let me love you just a little bit. I'm gonna teach you how to sing it out. Come on come on come on let me show you what it's all about. “ I'm sorry I almost punched your husband.” “ I am going to be honest with you. That was hilarious.”
  112. 112. Reading and writing, arithmatic All the branches of the learning tree “ PILLOW FIGHT!” “ You haven't changed a bit, my love.”
  113. 113. T-T-T-Teacher's gonna show you (show you, show you) How to get an A (How to get an A) “ We're going to have some awesome kids, aren't we, Jasmine?” “We sure are. Still don't see why we had to have four, though.”
  114. 114. Let me show you what you have to do Listen to me baby that's all you gotta do “ And so that, George, is way we're paying you absolutely nothing.” “ You drive a hard bargain, Miss Abigail.”
  115. 115. A B C, it's easy as 1 2 3, oh simple as Do Re Mi, A B C, 1 2 3, baby you and me girl “ I know it's no strict family values here and all, but for the love of god you two, get a room.”
  116. 116. A B C, it's easy it's like counting up to 3 Sing a simple melody That's how easy love can be “ ... Leo?” “Yeah, dad.” “ Holy crap, I birthed my own twin!” “I can think of a key difference.”
  117. 117. (that's how easy love can be) Sing a simple melody 1 2 3, you and me! “ Almost time to go, Georgie. Are you ready?” “As ready as I'll ever be.” “ We'll welcome you all home.”
  118. 118. FINALLY, THE END. Special thanks to each and every author who loaned me all the wonderful sims for this challenge. I couldn't have done it without every one of you. To every single reader who has stuck by me for this challenge that took the better part of a year to do. To everyone! Congrats, Cait. Your boy earned it.