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Stem Cell Research
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Stem Cell Research


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  • 1. The Catholic Church andStem Cell Research
    Hunter Lee
    Catholic Social Justice
    Mrs. Beth Andrade
    November 5, 2009
  • 2. An Adult Stem Cell
  • 3. An Embryonic Stem Cell
  • 4. What is a Stem Cell?
    A stem cell is an unspecialized cell.
    That has the potential to become one of the many specialized types of cells-a cell like itself or a more specialized cell .
  • 5. What is an Embryonic Stem Cell?
    An embryonic stem cell has the potential to become any kind of body cell.
    An embryonic stem cell could become a white blood cell, red blood cell, protein cell, brain cell, etc.
    The possibilities are endless!
  • 6. What is an Adult Stem Cell?
    These stem cells can be extracted from adult tissue, a child’s umbilical cord, and blood.
    Adult stem cells can produce thousands of stem cells.
    However, adult stem cells can only be a certain type of cell.
    Example. A red blood cell can only be a red blood cell.
    Adult stem cells are not as diverse as embryonic stem cells.
  • 7. What is Morally Wrong with Stem Cell Research?
    The Catholic Church is not against Stem Cell Research as a whole.
    The Catholic Church believes that harvesting adult stem cells is an excellent use of technology.
    However, the Church is against harvesting embryonic stem cells.
  • 8. How are Adult Stem Cells Harvested?
    Adult Stem Cells are harvested from different parts of a human body.
    These stem cells come from skin cells, blood cells, or an umbilical chord.
    These types of cells do not require destroying the carrier.
  • 9. How are Embryonic Stem Cells Harvested?
    The only way to collect embryonic cells is by destroying the embryos as they collect its cells.
    The process destroys the human embryo donor. Therefore killing an innocent life.
  • 10. Catholic Church’s Answer.
    The Catholic Church and Pro-Life Activists have a popular saying…“FROM WHOM TO TOMB.”
    The Catholic Church believes in protecting all human beings whether they are a fetus in the womb or 100 years old.
  • 11. The Gospel of Life
    Encyclical written by Pope John Paul II in 1995.
    Discussed the Catholic Church’s position on the Right to Human Life.
    Urged the world to speak out against embryonic stem cell research, along with abortion.
    Both are against the Church’s beliefs on human life.
  • 12. Principles of Catholic Social Teaching
    Respect of Human Life.
    Every stage of human life is precious and worthy of our respect and dignity.
    Principle of the Preferential Option; Love for the Poor and Vulnerable.
    The Poor and Vulnerable are our brothers and sisters.
    They deserve respect, the protection of their rights, and justice.
  • 13. Principles of Catholic Social Teaching
    Whether human life exist in a fully developed adult, or a premature fetus we must protect and care for that person.
    We as Christians must see God in every living person and understand that destroying human life is destroying God.
    Whether human life exist in a fully developed adult, or a premature fetus we must protect and care for that person.
    We as Christians must see God in every living person and understand that destroying human life is destroying God.
  • 14. Injustices in Society.
    Where does the money for stem cell research come from?
    Does every person have to give money to support murdering innocent children?
  • 15. Injustices in Society.
    United States citizens whether they want to or not are paying for Stem Cell Research.
    Through taxes, both Pro-Life and Pro-Choice citizens pay for Stem Cell Research.
    Along with grants given by the Government.
  • 16. What Can Be Done?
    We as Christians cannot learn to acceptwhat is being done.
    “Where there is a Will, There is a Way.”
    The easiest way to speak out about this issue.
    Write a letter or an email to your state representative.
    Express your feelings on the issue, and explain what needs to be done.
    Speak up and address the injustice occurring in the United States!
    What can We Do???
  • 17. Write a letter or email Hawaii’s State Representatives and speak out.
    Teenagers spend hours online on Social Networking cites or on different websites.
    Writing an email can take ten to fifteen minutes and can send a powerful statement.
    Remember our blessings God has given us.
  • 18. Bibliography
    Pennock, Michael. Catholic Social Teaching. Notre Dame, Ave Maria Press, 2007.
    McCloskey, Patrick O.F.M. Is Stem-Cell Research Moral?
  • 19. SLOGAN.
    Hospital and Pregnancy Bill: $4,000
    Stem Cell Research Bill: $ 1 Million
    Saving An Innocent Life: Priceless