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Plagiarism: Jayson Blair (FINAL)
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  • 1. Plagiarism: Jayson BlairJoseph Vera, Izabel Lopez, Nicole Bendana, Lisa Farmer, Chris ElChammas
  • 2. Who is Jayson Blair?Jayson Blair was a New York Times writer who isnotorious for his fabrication of fake stories andplagiarism of quotes from other newspapers.
  • 3. Why did Blairfabricate stories?Blair created the falsestories to gainpopularity. Blair oftenwrote about distraughtAmerican citizensdealing with the distressof a lost or dead friendor relative. These storieswould capture theemotions of his readers
  • 4. Why did Blair plagiarize?Blair plagiarized tocontribute to his falsearticles. Blair claimedto have interviewswhile he really stolequotes from interviewsin less popularnewspapers.
  • 5. How did Blair get away with it?Blair used a location blurring cell phone andlaptop to conceal his real location. Blair wouldclaim that he made interviews in other placessuch as Washington, West Virginia andCleveland, while he was really in New York.
  • 6. Was Blair ever caught? Public officials and colleagues grew suspicious of Blair in October of 2002. In an investigation the next month, it was found that he was making up quotes and scenes. Blair was given a letter of reprimand in April of 2003.
  • 7. AftermathAfter Blairs fake stories were uncovered, Blairhas gained much notoriety. The New YorkTimes even wrote an over 7000 word, frontpage article referring to the event as "aprofound betrayal of trust and a low point in the152-year history of the newspaper." Sincebeing rebuked from the New York Times, Blairhas become a life coach.
  • 8. CitationThe New York Times. “CORRECTING THE RECORD.” The New York Times. Dan Barry, David Barstow, Jonathan D. Glater, Adam Liptak and Jacques Steinberg, 2003. Web. 29 August 2012. <http://www.nytimes. com/2003/05/11/us/correcting-the-record-timeeporter-who-resigned- leaves-long-trail-of-deception.html?pagewanted=all&src=pm>CBS News. "No Lie, Jayson Blairs New Job: Life Coach." CBS News. CBS News, 2009. Web. 30 August 2012. <http://www.cbsnews.com/2100- 201_162-5254438.html>New York Magazine. "Troubled Times." New York Magazine. Michael Wolff, 2003. Web. 30 August 2012. <http://nymag. com/nymetro/news/media/features/n_8723/>