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  • 1. A introduction toChina OpenStack User Group(COSUG) For OpenStack China Tour @ Shenzhen Hui Cheng, Lead Manager of COSUG
  • 2. Traffic on
  • 3. A Brief History‣ COSUG was started at August , 2011‣ OpenStack Shanghai Summit 9/6/2011‣ OpenStack Developer Conference 8/1/2011at Shanghai and Beijing‣ OpenStack Technique meetup in CASOpenStack APEC Conference at Beijing &‣Shanghai‣ Open Stack China Tour
  • 4. COSUG activities OpenStack APAC ConferenceRefer:
  • 5. COSUG activitiesOpenStack China TourRefer:
  • 6. Current Status of CUSUG‣ Google Group Mail List: 962 subscribers ‣‣ 1961 registered users‣ QQ Group(IRC): over 1000 users ‣IDC User Group ID: 11315737 ‣Developer Group ID: 202265873 ‣Training Group ID: 257479608
  • 7. Chinese OpenStack players
  • 8. China OpenSource Cloud League(COSCL)
  • 9. COSCL Vision COSCL unite Chinese Openstack contributors and companies to share R&D resources and to jointly participate and contribute the code to Openstack official projects, in order to enlarge the code and community contribution to OpenStack from China.
  • 10. COSUG and COSCL‣ COSCL: China OpenSource Cloud League ‣Intel, Sina, Jiaotong University and CS2C‣COSUG: Focus on users(deployment andoperations)‣COSCL: official supported by companies, andfocuses on jointly development in the OpenStackofficial projects
  • 11. StackLab.orgStackLab is an fully accessible OpenStack Laboratory whichnow mainly providing an free OpenStack sandbox for thecloud developers, users and anyone else who are interestedin OpenStack to testing and experience OpenStack.
  • 12. A free way to testing and experienceOpenStack!
  • 13. COSUG Plan‣ OpenStack training program‣ Improve Community quality and contents.Open more meetup in‣Chendu, Wuhan, Guanzhou, Xi‘An, etc, besidesBeijing and ShanghaiMore Cooperated with OpenStack foundation and‣Asia communities
  • 14. Many Thanks toMark Collier, Jim Curry, Stefano Maffulli and the‣OpenStack foundation‣ Community volunteers and managers of COSUG‣ OpenStack enthusiasts