TEAP MDE Framework for Enterprise Architecture - AMINO 2013 @ MODELS 2013

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MDE Support for Enterprise Architecture in an Industrial Context: the TEAP Framework Experience …

MDE Support for Enterprise Architecture in an Industrial Context: the TEAP Framework Experience

Paper presentation at Towards the Model Driven Organization workshop (AMINO 2013) @ MODELS 2013

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  • 1. Hugo Bruneliere, Jordi Cabot, Stéphane Drapeau, Flavien Somda, William Piers, Juan David Villa Calle, Jean-Christophe Lafaurie AMINO 2013 @ MODELS 2013 Sunday 29th of September 2013 Miami, Florida, U.S.A. MDE Support for Enterprise Architecture in an Industrial Context: the TEAP Framework Experience 1© AtlanMod - atlanmod-contact@mines-nantes.fr
  • 2. Outline  Introduction (TEAP Project & Partners)  Enterprise Architecture (Context & Problems)  The TEAP MDE Framework for EA  Model Driven Federation of Heterogeneous Data Sources  Model Driven Adaptability  Multiple Views/Viewpoints Over a Central Repository  Conclusion (Present Situation, Summary & Research Challenges) 2© AtlanMod - atlanmod-contact@mines-nantes.fr
  • 3. Introduction: the TEAP Project  TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Platform – Lightweight framework + methodology  Reverse engineering  Governance  Modernization  Collaborative industrial project  4 partners, 2 years, +2,636,000€ in total 3© AtlanMod - atlanmod-contact@mines-nantes.fr
  • 4. Introduction: the TEAP Partners  Obeo – SME expert in MDE and software life cycles, – Project leader and tool developer  Capgemini – Consulting and service group – EA expert and service provider  Inria - AtlanMod – Research team in MDE and its applications – Scientific advisor and support  DCNS – Leading company in military ships and energy – EA industrial scenarios provider 4© AtlanMod - atlanmod-contact@mines-nantes.fr
  • 5. Enterprise Architecture: Overall Context  Enterprise Architecture implications – Representation (via “models”) of the organization systems – Handling of many different aspects of an organization  Connection with MDO is evident!  Different standards/frameworks – Zachman Framework – U.S. DoDAF & British MoDAF – Open Group ArchiMate – Open Group TOGAF (as used in TEAP) 5© AtlanMod - atlanmod-contact@mines-nantes.fr
  • 6. Enterprise Architecture: Some Identified Problems  Obtain an initial representation of the system from relevant available resources  Follow a standard representation, interoperable but flexible/adaptable too  Support different views over this representation (several viewpoints/aspects) 6© AtlanMod - atlanmod-contact@mines-nantes.fr TEAP EA model- based solution Heterogeneous Data Sources Federation Multiple Views/Viewpoints Support Metamodels Adaptation & Traceability
  • 7. The TEAP MDE Framework for EA: Overview 7© AtlanMod - atlanmod-contact@mines-nantes.fr TEAP EA Model-based Solution (SmartEA environment) Heterogeneous Data Sources Federation ModelDiscovery Metamodels Adaptation & Traceability Multiple Views/Viewpoints Support EA Core Model Handling EA Repository ModelTransformation ModelComparison ModelVirtualization ModelTransformation Modeling and Metamodeling ModelDistribution Model Comparison ModelMerge GraphicalModel EditingModelWeaving ModelStorage
  • 8. The TEAP MDE Framework for EA: Details  Metamodeling & Model Handling – Eclipse EMF  Model Storage/Distribution – Eclipse CDO  Model Comparison/Merge – Eclipse EMF Compare  Model Discovery – Eclipse MoDisco (+ others)  Model Transformation – Eclipse ATL and Java/EMF  Model Virtualization/Weaving – Virtual EMF  Graphical Model Editing – Obeo Designer 8© AtlanMod - atlanmod-contact@mines-nantes.fr
  • 9. Model Driven Federation of Heterogeneous Data Sources: Overview 9© AtlanMod - atlanmod-contact@mines-nantes.fr Excel Model Discoverer Database Model Discoverer Excel file SQL database Excel model Database model ACF model (TOGAF) ACF model (TOGAF) Apache POI JDBC Sourcing (import) ATL, Java, etc. Modeling tool BPMN, ReqIf, UML, etc. model ACF model (TOGAF) ATL, Java, etc. ACF model (TOGAF Repository) Federation 1 2 3
  • 10. Model Driven Federation of Heterogeneous Data Sources: Example 10© AtlanMod - atlanmod-contact@mines-nantes.fr  Excel file  ACF Model  Excel model
  • 11. Model Driven Adaptability: Overview 11© AtlanMod - atlanmod-contact@mines-nantes.fr Conforms To Conforms To Links model Mapping model Virtualization (Weaving) metamodel Virtual Model (EAextended) Virtual Metamodel (ACF extended) Conforms To Conforms To Conforms To XXX metamodel (BPMN, ReqIf, …) ACF metamodel (TOGAF) ACF model (TOGAF) XXX model (BPMN, ReqIf, …)
  • 12. Model Driven Adaptability: Example  Adaptability (+ traceability) by virtualization… 12© AtlanMod - atlanmod-contact@mines-nantes.fr  BPMN Model  “Virtualized” ACF Model  ReqIf Model
  • 13. Multiple Views/Viewpoints Over a Central Repository: Overview 13© AtlanMod - atlanmod-contact@mines-nantes.fr TOGAF Repository (ACF models) Diagram views Ta ble views Tree views YYY views Views Enterprise Architect Decision-maker IT Engineer User Type XXX Viewpoints
  • 14. Multiple Views/Viewpoints Over a Central Repository: Example  Select views… 14© AtlanMod - atlanmod-contact@mines-nantes.fr
  • 15. Conclusion: Present Situation  3 model-based approaches to EA problems – Model Driven Federation of Heterogeneous Data Sources  Partly integrated (Excel support, support for other data sources to come) – Model Driven Adaptability  To be integrated (virtualization solution existing, actual integration to come) – Multiple Views/Viewpoints Over a Central Repository  Integrated (via Obeo Designer) 15© AtlanMod - atlanmod-contact@mines-nantes.fr
  • 16. Conclusion: Summary  MDE brought some benefits in this context of Enterprise Architecture (MDO) – Heterogeneity, Adaptability, Visualization  But, improvements are still required from the MDE side to satisfy EA-MDO needs!  So, EA (MDO) also brought some benefits to the current MDE techniques! – Coverage, Integration, Target (user vs. tool) 16© AtlanMod - atlanmod-contact@mines-nantes.fr
  • 17. Conclusion: Research Challenges  Identified shortcomings/issues – Model Driven Federation of Heterogeneous Data Sources  Different sources than in standard MDRE processes (e.g., nature, structure) – Model Driven Adaptability  Usability of model virtualization in already existing solutions (e.g., metamodel-level) – Multiple Views/Viewpoints Over a Central Repository  Concrete Syntax vs. Tooling (best representation for a given user/scenario…) 17© AtlanMod - atlanmod-contact@mines-nantes.fr
  • 18. Thank you for your attention   Questions or comments – TEAP Project: http://www.teap-project.org – SmartEA tool: http://www.obeosmartea.com/ – AtlanMod: http://www.emn.fr/z-info/atlanmod/ – Virtual EMF (model virtualization): http://code.google.com/a/eclipselabs.org/p/virtual-emf/ 18© AtlanMod - atlanmod-contact@mines-nantes.fr