Shared Services and the Cloud at Cheltenham Borough Council


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Chris Cox Programme Manager at Cheltenham Borough Council provides us with a look at how and why Huddle is deployed in Cheltenham Borough Council.

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Shared Services and the Cloud at Cheltenham Borough Council

  1. 1. Shared Services and the Cloudat Cheltenham Borough Council Chris Cox Programme Manager
  2. 2. Agenda Background  Cheltenham Borough Council  Shared Services GO Shared Services Questions
  3. 3. Cheltenham Borough Council Challenging medium term financial strategy, requiring a radical rethink about service delivery to plug the financial gap A stated political strategy of back-office savings to protect front-line service delivery Cheltenham Borough Council is a commissioning authority Explore different ways of delivering services that meet the needs of our customers and deliver value for money
  4. 4. GO Shared Services Building upon a successful track record of commissioning smaller shared services (e.g. Legal, Building Control & Audit), which had delivered service resilience and retained savings within the partner councils
  5. 5. GO Partners Forest Cheltenham West Of Oxfordshire Dean Cotswold
  6. 6. BackgroundServices included within GO Shared Services: Finance Procurement Human Resources (HR) Payroll
  7. 7. Benefits and ObjectivesAnticipated Benefits Cost savings Efficient and resilient service Improved, user friendly systemsTo be delivered via: New ERP software system New common efficient processes and ways of working taking account of industry good practice and software system capabilities – Not just within the process areas, but across the business Creation of Shared Service to run transactional and advisory services to aid efficiency, reduce cost, increase resilience and to provide high levels of customer service
  8. 8. A Challenging Programme £1.4 million Programme with only 3.5% contingency Anticipated savings - £673,000 per annum Programme payback period – 4.35 years 17 month implementation timescale Partnership working Small Programme team
  9. 9. GO in the Cloud WAN Disaster Recovery Site Disaster Recovery Network Firewall Web Application Server Client Forest of Dean District Council Database Server Monitor Server Data Replication IPVPN MPLS Monitor Server Cotswold District Council Database Server Web Application Server Firewall Firewall West Oxfordshire District Council Client Citrix XenApp Support & Hosting Centre of Excellence Cheltenham Borough Council
  10. 10. Why Private CloudThe Benefits of IPVPN (MPLS) Secure – compliant with Government Data classification of IL2 Up to 1Gbit/s speeds (able to grow with the business) Unlike leased lines, IPVPN doesn’t become more expensive as the distances increase (non geographical) Allows connectivity between sites to be arranged in any topology Bandwidth is flexible and can be upgraded without disrupting service Easily expanded to accommodate further sites (grows with the GO partnership) Inherent resilience - possibility to install access circuits to diverse points of presence and from a variety of different suppliers Benefits of your own WAN without the cost of building one
  11. 11. CollaborationHuddle 80 miles between partners Central document repository accessible to all partners Document and access control Secure Discussion forums and user directory No infrastructure changes – accessible from an internet connection Intuitive use and no training required
  12. 12. Lessons LearnedThe key to successful completion: Shared vision and all partners aligned Commitment of the partners involved Operating in a true spirit of partnership working Embracing and acceptance of change Open, clear and consistent communications Active involvement of specialists Clear approval / decision making process Realistic, achievable timescales
  13. 13. Questions Chris Cox Programme Manager Cheltenham Borough Council @chriscox_ppm