Crowdicity Innovation Platform - Quick Case Studies


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Crowdicity Innovation Platform - Quick Case Studies

  1. 1. The leading Idea Management PlatformQuick Case Studies Let’s talk +44 (0) 115 948 6907
  2. 2. Who’s using Crowdicity
  3. 3. Press, TV & Radio CoverageJust a few of the many places where Crowdicity has featured...Listen : Crowdicity Founder Nick Wright provides an expert perspective on crowdsourcingand idea management on BBC Radio4’s ‘You and Yours’ program. Listen here on BBC iPlayer
  4. 4. What our customers say about us...“Crowdicity allowed the BBC to quickly launch an idea managementsystem to provide insight from suppliers about a system in use. Via the useof collaboration, it meant that duplication of issues were minimised and itwas easy to filter out the important issues. The flexibility of the systemenabled this and meant avoidance of utilising a bespoke build." Rubin Shah, BBC Future Media and Technology“After extensive scrutiny in Crowdicity we have found the ideal solutionand business partner. It is a brilliant piece of software backed by a hugelycredible team. Crowdicity allows us to be ahead of the curve.” Patrick Buckley MRICS,
  5. 5. What our customers say about us...“We use Crowdicity as an organisational development intervention as wewanted to engage all staff across the RCN in generating ideas for thedevelopment of our organisational development strategy and ideas todevelop actions plans following our staff survey.We have been delighted with how Crowdicity has generated 100’s of ideasin less than three months of using it. It has created good conversationsabout those things that matter to staff. Crowdicity has generated a lot ofexcitement across the organisation.It’s value for money because as a UK wide organisation we would havenever engaged as many staff and would have to have travelled a lot tomeet with staff to generate the ideas. As a method of engaging with yourstaff Crowdicity is a great creative tool” Geraldine Cunningham, Head of the Learning and Development . Royal College of Nursing
  6. 6. What our customers say about us..."Crowdsourcing represents a great way of ensuring all staff have theopportunity to have their views heard. Weve used Crowdicity previouslyand recognised some genuinely tangible benefits. We are hoping oursecond experience of crowdsourcing will also encourage an atmosphere ofbest practice and ideas submitted will once again snowball into ideasimplemented." Matthew Batten, Customer Service Project Manager,RCN“We have been extremely pleased with the response from participants tousing Crowdicity as our online communication tool. It has enabledcolleagues to share ideas and thoughts with ease. As a vehicle forcollaboration, it is excellent and has enabled a large number ofparticipants to work together in a truly innovative fashion.” Phil Hughes, Educational Consultant for Catapulting Kids Further! Project
  7. 7. What our customers say about us...“Crowdicity opens the door to a more productive and enjoyable method ofidea development and promotion that challenges the more traditional andexpensive models.”Review by Ramon Youseph, The Daily Crowdsource No1 site forCrowdsourcing in the US“We have captured some great IT Innovation Ideas using Crowdicity.”Mark Bramwell. Head of IT. Wellcome Trust
  8. 8. Crowdicity Case Studies• The Wellcome Trust is one of the world’s biggest charities, focussed on supporting the brightest minds in biomedical research and the medical humanities.• In conjunction with Deloitte, Crowdicity delivered the innovation platform for the Wellcome Trust’s IT “Innovation Week” to contribute ideas towards the trust’s IT Strategy in the coming years, supporting the wider engagement Deloitte is doing with the Executive Board members.• Crowdicity was selected by Deloitte for it’s speed and ease of adoption, simplicity of use, resilience, security levels and market leading customer service.• Crowdicity succeeded in helping the Wellcome Trust break out of ‘silo’ thinking by opening up challenges to a diverse cluster of internal and partner stakeholders, stimulating new points of view and overcoming the geographical and departmental boundaries that exist within the Trust.• The project resulted in 68 shortlisted original ideas with prizes for the top 5 ideas and best contributors.• The success of the project has resulted in 5 further projects currently in discussion with the Wellcome Trust and Wellcome Collection +44 (0) 115 948 6907
  9. 9. Quick Case Studies• Crowdicity was used to crowdsource new ideas for TV programmes and marketing campaigns• Opened up to 250 users from all areas of the organisation• Generated over 270 unique ideas, 986 votes, 108 collaborations and 2,500 visits in under 2 weeks• Clear winning ideas adopted and taken forward by UKTV +44 (0) 115 948 6907
  10. 10. Quick Case StudiesUKTV 1 1 Branded design 2 2 Positioned to capture ideas around 3 key business areas 4 3 Vote up or demote any of the ideas 3 4 Sort ideas by latest, most popular, most commented on, hottest 5 Images, videos and files could also be added to support an idea 5 +44 (0) 115 948 6907
  11. 11. Quick Case Studies• Crowdicity was used to engage staff across the RCN in generating ideas for the organisational development strategy• Over 200 unique ideas donated, 1786 votes, 450 collaborations, 8 ideas fully adopted, 24 others currently ‘under review’ in a 3 month period• Initial community of 875 users being expanded out to the 400,000 membership +44 (0) 115 948 6907
  12. 12. Quick Case StudiesRoyal College of Nursing 2 1 1 A private, closed community 3 2 Clear positioning and easily understood proposition 3 2 community managers appointed by the client 4 4 Ideas status fed back - 8 ideas fully adopted, 24 currently under consideration +44 (0) 115 948 6907
  13. 13. “ We have been delighted with how Crowdicity has generated 100’s of ideas in less than three months of using it. Crowdicity has generated a lot of excitement across the organisation and has created good conversations about those things that matter to staff As a UK wide organisation we would have never engaged as many staff and would have to have travelled a lot to meet with staff to generate the ideas. A great and creative tool well worth using as a method ” of engaging staff. Geraldine Cunningham Head of Institute or the Royal College of Nursing +44 (0) 115 948 6907
  14. 14. Quick Case StudiesNano&me• A Government funded public consultation project• Crowdicity was used as a platform to engage and crowd source opinion from the public, scientists, business and policy makers on the topic of Nanotechnologies• 1045 users signed-up to join the debate in the first 2 months• All ideas, debates and feedback presented back to the Government +44 (0) 115 948 6907
  15. 15. Quick Case Studies 2Nano&me 1 1 Creatively branded design 3 2 Direct integration with main site through an open API 3 Specific challenges and problems were set to the community 4 4 Designed to stimulate feedback, debate and ideas around Nano Technology +44 (0) 115 948 6907
  16. 16. “ .. It provides a forum for anyone – anyone – to get involved with the nano debate. If you are excited, concerned, or just plain confused about nanotech—this is the place for you to make your voice heard. Nano & Me is a work in progress, and users are encouraged to chip in their thoughts on where it can be improved. But even so, it’s pretty slick… this point, it’s the best all-round go-to place for information and ideas on nanotechnology. My recommendation: Use it! Dr Andrew Maynard World’s foremost Nanotechnologies Expert Woodrow Wilson Institute, USA ” +44 (0) 115 948 6907
  17. 17. Any questions?Find out more : Nick Wright +44 (0) 115 948 6907