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Automate and Differentiate: How to Create and Launch Experience and Proposal Automation Systems

Automate and Differentiate: How to Create and Launch Experience and Proposal Automation Systems



How are leading law firms creating, launching, and managing databases to collect, store, and report on the experience and skills of their lawyers? This program addressed the question by discussing ...

How are leading law firms creating, launching, and managing databases to collect, store, and report on the experience and skills of their lawyers? This program addressed the question by discussing best practices on how to plan, implement, and maximize value with an experience management and proposal automation systems. Through real world examples attendees learned how to gain internal buy-in, define requirements and avoiding project delivery mistakes.

Paul Odette, Product Manager, and Amy Fielek, Director of Services for the Business Development Practice, lead a discussion with law firm panelists to provide project overviews, lessons learned, and tips for how to ensure success with your experience management and proposal automation programs.



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  • When doing research for this webinar I came across a law firm’s website that was describing their Litigation practice, they have “experience and expertise developed through litigating.” Doesn’t every law firm do that? How is this statement differentiating them from anyone else?
  • 3 levels of legal work – at one end is commodity work – at the other end “bet the company” work. Most work is in the middle where a GC is trying to locate the best experience possible at a reasonable rate. Leveraging your differentiated experience, relationships, and pitching effectively are critical.
  • Accenture is a global, world class professional services firm that uses their collective experience as a competitive advantage. Companies hire Accenture for their depth of experience in specific situations, methodologies, and people with the expertise to do the detailed worked. In this example, Accenture has a rotating banner that targets specific audience. M&A in this case. They also have rotating case studies at the bottom of the page. Accenture is making a clear statement on its home page that it has breadth of experience with highly visible organizations…like an ABN AMRO.
  • Accenture provides the equivalent of solutions or practices pages. You can click on the Client Successes link to view all experience for the practice. This practice has 68 client success stories! Are you going to question if Accenture has enough experience in this particular area? Accenture provides very rich content for the featured case studies. Accenture is MARKETING BY CLIENT SUCCESS STORY. Very simple. Extraordinarily powerful. This has been their strategy for years.
  • Manage Experience Every EM project focuses on defining the data that should be collected, appended to, and managed. In just a minute, we’ll talk through how other firms are efficiently getting the right data in the system. Our data management feature is geared to help you efficiently manage the data for the firm. Field and Screen Management Custom fields and screen management is EASY for non-technical users. You can add fields, move them around on the screens, etc without IT assistance. General Profile The General Profile is where you can define fields that should ALWAYS display on a record. Custom Practice Profiles Custom Profiles provide a way to create sets of fields that can be applied to SUBSETS of records. Our clients use this capability to create Practice Specific Profiles and fields. This makes it easy to meet the unique needs of individual Practices. Marketing Profiles Experience records can be Promoted to Marketing for use on the Web and in Pitches .
  • Solution: Immediate EM Core Value + Long Term Integrated Platform Value EXPERIENCE MANAGER CORE VALUE Consider explaining the EM functionality in the context of an RFP response. To prep: See end of this document for Example Experience Search Use Cases. Look up some of the firm’s clients in Monitor to dig up intelligence on actual work, the firm’s competition, etc. RFP Scenario: Okay, we’ve talked about the increasing importance of Experience Programs, and some of the challenges with ad hoc Experience Data Collection. Let’s say that you just received an RFP to represent a Motor Carrier in Labor related matters and litigation (just an example) , and need to respond quickly. Here is how you might do that with the Experience Manager product.   Find Experience You’ll have several searching options to find the right Experience for the RFP. Quick Search Can search the Core Experience record info Can search Practice Profiles Can search for Experience by Company Search Builder enables to perform more complex logical searches. For Example: specific search here You can Save Searches so perhaps a similar search has already been completed before. Or, you can save this current search for later reference or to share with a colleague.
  • Experience Search Results In a few seconds, you’ll be viewing the Experience Search Results which enables you to take action on the data. Graphs From Experience Search Results, you can Graph any field. RFP Graph Example Graphs help you perform quick analysis of Experience. They help you communicate key findings to BD peers and Attorneys. Professionals Take note of the Professionals tab. You can quickly view all the Attorneys related to the Experience. You can view the Attorney Bio, and all of their Related Experience. This might influence which Attorneys you feature in the RFP response.
  • ©2006 Hubbard One, a Thomson Elite business. All rights reserved. Distribution Accessible across offices and roles Consistency Formatting and content is consistent Speed Focus efforts on adding value Results Tracking wins and losses
  • ©2006 Hubbard One, a Thomson Elite business. All rights reserved. PILSBURY EXAMPLE. One firm with proposal automation took proposal creation process from 3 hours to 10 minutes
  • ©2006 Hubbard One, a Thomson Elite business. All rights reserved.
  • In this webinar we’ll showcase how you can use your website as a foundation for relationship building by using personalization technologies and responsive design. Attendees will also learn how to develop deeper relationships with clients and prospective clients on the web and how to collect meaningful data to drive their business development efforts. More information for this webinar can be found at hubbardone.com

Automate and Differentiate: How to Create and Launch Experience and Proposal Automation Systems Automate and Differentiate: How to Create and Launch Experience and Proposal Automation Systems Presentation Transcript

  • Automate & Differentiate: How to Create & Launch Experience and Proposal Automation Systems Paul Odette Senior Product Manager, Business Development Hubbard One Amy Fielek Director of Services, Business Development Hubbard One Becky Klindt Marketing Operations Manager Fredrikson & Byron P.A. Cyndy McCollough Senior Manager, Marketing Technology Dickstein Shapiro LLP
  • Introduction
    • Paul Odette
    • Senior Product Manager, Business Development
    • Part of Thomson Reuters since 2006 working in Product Development & Services
    • Previously manager and business developer for enterprise software solutions provider
    • Hands on experience implementing variety of business solutions
  • Today’s Agenda
    • Overview of Experience Management & Proposal Generation
    • Project Overviews
      • Becky Klindt Marketing Operations Manager Fredrikson & Byron P.A
      • Cyndy McCollough Senior Manager of Marketing Technology Dickstein Shapiro LLP
    • Implementation Tips and Suggestions
    • Q & A
    • The essential elements of:
  • Example of Experience
  • Competition
    • Over 1500 U.S.-based law firms of more than 30 attorneys
    • Increased competition
    • Differentiation is key to winning and justifying value
    • Leverage firm strengths against competitor weaknesses
  • An Outside “Customer” Perspective
    • What GC’s are looking for…
    • Experience…not Expertise
      • Experience in my industry….
      • Experience in my jurisdiction….
      • Experience specific to my issue….
    • They are trying to answer the question…. Have you solved a problem like mine, for a company like mine, in my jurisdiction?
  • The Problem Endless number of places where experience info can live. Finding accurate experience (if it can be found) can be time consuming. Bio & Practice Descriptions Emails – Does anyone know…? Proposals Marketing Materials Financial System PowerPoint Presentations Pitch Books Spreadsheets Custom Databases
  • Centralize, Publish, Use Experience Manager enables law firms to efficiently Centralize Refine Publish attorney and matter data for marketing and business development.
  • Marketing & Business Development Use Cases 1 Finding Experience for Pitches and RFPs 2 Generating Demand via the Web 3 Managing Submissions and League Tables 4 Citing Experience on a Prospect Call 5 Staffing a Pitch or Client Team 6 Responding to a Press Inquiry
  • Accenture: Breadth & Depth
  • Accenture: Breadth & Depth
  • Kilpatrick Stockton Experience Center
  • Experience Manager: Flexible Data Model
    • Core Experience Fields
    • Easily create new fields
    • Quick screen configuration
    Practice Profiles Promote to Web & Proposals Identify the Experience records that should be promoted to the Web and available to Proposals
  • Experience Manager: Find, Use, Report Experience
    • Build Complex Searches
    • Drag-n-Drop Reporting
    Save & Share Searches Create Reports
  • Experience Manager: Who Knows What View Experience Results View Attorney Results Configurable Results Views
    • The essential elements of:
  • Freeing up time for strategic business development Strategic Focus Busy Work Proposal Strategy Differentiation Opportunity Visibility Finding & cobbling together proposal content Reformatting , standardizing content Manual pitch tracking/reporting
  • Capitalizing on Time Savings
    • Increase Pitch Win Rate
    • Pursue More Opportunities
    • Pitch Production Efficiency
    • Content Management Efficiency
    • Opportunity Management
  • Faster and Better Content Production 1. Choose Template 2. Choose Content 3. Generate Document c Reduce content production effort from Hours to Minutes.
  • Generate Consistent Materials
  • Opportunity Management & Pipeline Reports
    • Project Overview
  • Fredrikson & Byron, P.A. Introduction
    • Becky Klindt – Marketing Operations & Business Development Manager
    • M anages and develops strategies related to marketing technologies and their role in improving internal and external client relationships
    • Fredrikson & Byron, mid-size national law firm located in Minneapolis with 240 attorneys and six offices world-wide
    • Who is she? A marketing professional striving to be effective through practical, strategic and efficient solutions
  • Project Overview
    • Experience Management at Fredrikson & Byron
      • Desire coupled with skepticism
      • Technology solutions versus process solutions
    • Project Timeline – Actual
      • Step one: Three years
      • Step two: One year
      • Step three: Forever
  • From Experience Management to Knowledge Management Marketing Information Attorney Information Billing Information
  • Building a Team: Who Should be Involved? Administrative Team Practice Group Team Primary Project Team Financial Lead Practice Group Lead Project Manager Knowledge Management Experience Lead IT Support Marketing Lead Workflow Lead Practice Group Managers Project Manager Practice Experience Administrator Data Specialist Data Specialist Project Manager Project Coordinator
  • How It Works Experience Manager Attorney Marketing Practice Experience Administrator
  • 1. 2. 3. 4. How It Really Works!
  • How It Continues to Work Experience Manager Attorney Marketing Practice Experience Administrator
  • Value Summary Internal Benefits External Benefits Provide a cumulative source of experience Highlight key experience to external audiences (league tables, news releases, etc.) Utilize experience across multiple functions Improve response time for producing deal and case lists Find attorneys in the firm with significant amounts or specific types of experience Enhance external message marketing content on the website, proposals, pitches, etc. Better tracking of work results Identify trends in the firm’s business such as industry or geographic segment growth Better understanding of costs, fees and profitability More clearly communicate and comprehend client successes
  • Keys to Project Success
    • Create a BUS
    • Spend time on project planning
    • Understand how other administrative teams use experience
    • Create team beyond marketing and use that experience
    • Build system owners
    • Project Overview by:
    • Cyndy McCollough
    • Senior Manager of Marketing Technology
      • Areas of Responsibility:
      • Website
      • Proposal Generation
      • Emarketing
      • Client Relationship Management (CRM)
      • Social Media
      • Experience
    Dickstein Shapiro, founded in 1953, is a multi-service law firm with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Orange County, Silicon Valley, Stamford, and Washington DC. @lawmktggeek
  • Project Overview
    • Pain Point
      • Difficulty quantifying practice experience for RFPs, pitches, media, strategic initiatives
    • Clearly Identified Champions
    • Phased Approach
      • Insurance Coverage Practice
      • 900 matters (3 year period)
    • Project Scope
      • Users
      • Fields
      • Project roles
      • Dependencies
      • Timeline
  • Project Process
    • Internal and External Project Managers
    • Establish Use Cases
    • Pull Matter Service Records
    • Engage in Attorney Interviews
  • Does this involve litigation? Can we publicize client name? Is it marketable? Matter A: General Questions Can we publicize $ amount? Yes No Pretrial Trial Arbitration Mediation Counseling & negotiation Yes No How It Works Attorney Interviewers
  • Value Summary
    • Quickly access comprehensive attorney experience
    • Relate experience information to attorneys, offices, trial venues, expert witnesses, competitor firms, etc
    • Quantify experience at a granular level for strategic analysis
    • Leverage existing technology investments (Elite Billing, Website, Proposal Generator)
  • Lessons Learned/Advice
    • Technology only gets you so far … process is key
    • When choosing fields, identify must have vs nice to have
    • Address ethical walls early on
    • Involve paralegals / secretaries in interviews
    • Control administrative access
    • Promote business development value throughout firm
    • Experience Management and Proposal Generation
  • Introduction
    • Amy Fielek
    • Director of Services, Business Development
    • Part of Thomson Reuters since 2007
    • Oversees the teams that implement Hubbard One’s PG, EM, CM, EMM, WF, & CN solutions
    • Previously worked at LexisNexis, MDS Global Consulting, PwC, & Andersen Consulting as a consultant and manager.
  • Experience Management 1 Identify strategically valuable Use Cases 2 Complete a thorough Current State Assessment 3 Identify Stakeholders and Sponsors 4 Define a realistic Vision 5 Define, refine, & get agreement on Processes 6 Collaborate with IT The challenge typically is not technology… but organizational preparation and readiness.
  • Proposal Generation 1 Define Business Case 2 Standardize pitch formats 3 Develop Pitch Design ahead of time 4 Keep formatting simple 5 Define plan for ownership & ongoing management of content 6 Develop other Use Cases An unbelievably valuable tool … but keep it simple and streamlined.
  • Questions and Answers
  • Next Webinar:
    • Building Relationships Through the Web
    Kalev Peekna Web Strategy Manager Hubbard One