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The State of SEO and Internet Marketing in 2012


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View the webinar recording here:

View the webinar recording here:

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. The State of SEO & Internet Marketing in 2012 Rand Fishkin, CEO, SEOmoz @randfish Dharmesh Shah, CTO, HubSpot @dharmesh
  • 2. Today’s Webinar Features:I. How SEO & Inbound Marketing Fit TogetherII. Data from the SEOmoz Industry SurveyIII. Emerging Tactics in the SEO FieldIV. Dharmesh’s Top 4 Tips for SEOV. Rand’s Top 5 Tips for SEO
  • 3. Inbound vs. Paid Marketing Paid Channels This chart shows the actual distribution ofInbound Channels SEOmoz’s free trials
  • 4. The Growth of Search Number of Searches/Day on Google 3 Billion Searches/Day (announced Aug. 2012)
  • 5. SEO vs. Paid Search Ads 75%+ of all clicks go to organic results, not paid ads.
  • 6. SEO vs. Paid Search Ads More than 50% of search queries have no paid ads at all.
  • 7. You Are Renting Attention
  • 8. SEO Industry Survey Data4,431 Survey Respondents*from the US, UK, Canada, Australia & NZ taken from March 21-May 18, 2012 *of 6,491 total
  • 9. Annual SalariesOn average, in-house marketers have higher compensation
  • 10. What Do Marketers & Their Teams Work On? Surprisingly, a large percent of marketers manage others.
  • 11. Consulting Services Demand High growth in SEO, social, local & content. Drop in link building particularly surprising.
  • 12. Marketing Specialists vs. Generalists The split between increasing generalization vs. specialization is almost identical, but overall, there are more generalists.
  • 13. What Tactics Do Marketers Employ? Lots of work on page speed, Google+, and Rel=Canonical
  • 14. What Tactics Do Marketers Employ?Competitive link analysis, content analysis, blogging & local SEO dominated
  • 15. Popular Types of Marketing Content IMO, opportunity lies in the areas others are ignoring
  • 16. Predictions for the FutureMobile will change marketing. Facebook will dominate the social field. I’m skeptical 
  • 17. Emerging Tactics in SEO
  • 18. An End to Craphat Link Building
  • 19. Exact Match Domains Dying Slowly 2010: 2011: 2012:
  • 20. Brand Signals Becoming Essential Brand Signals for SEO Old School “SEO” Employs Real People No “Employees” Earns Mentions in Media Press Release Blasts Detailed Contact Info Form-Field Only Registered w/ Official Bodies In “SEO Friendly Directories”Link Growth Follows Social Signals Links Grow in SpurtsContent is Slow, Steady & Authentic “Content” is Auto-Generated
  • 21. Social Media’s Increasing InfluenceVia
  • 22. Google+ & Rel=Author
  • 23. Overwhelming & Aggressive Ads
  • 24. Instant Answers
  • 25. Shrinking Domain Diversity
  • 26. Dharmesh’s Tips for SEO Just grip like this, and the Godzilla beast’s heart will slow down rapidly. Then you can… wait, what? Oh, SEO tips? Sorry. Misheard.
  • 27. #1: Solve for the humans! =
  • 28. #2: Have The Need…The Need For Speed
  • 29. #3: Get The Basics Right First
  • 30. #4: Pay It Forward: Promote the Promoters
  • 31. Rand’s Top 5 Tips for SEO Step 1: grow a beard. Step 2: hipster glasses. Step 3: plaid shirt. You’re ready for Seattle! Oh… You wanted SEO tips? Doh. My bad.
  • 32. #1: Create an Incentive to Share Your Content
  • 33. #2: Don’t Beg Influencers; Involve Them!
  • 34. #3: Start w/ the Long Tail & Chunky Middle
  • 35. #4: Don’t Just Aim for Rankings, Go for CTR Which onewould you click?
  • 36. #5: Delighting Users Works Shockingly Well
  • 37. We Have One More Tip for You! Is it how to dip an Oreo in milk without having to get your hands wet? Umm… Dude. You made the slide deck. You tell me.
  • 38. Stay Current on Inbound News & Tactics
  • 39. Thank you!View The Webinar Recording: