The Role of Social Media in Lead Generation - Social Crush


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  • Social media is such a powerful tool for not only B2C lead generation, but also B2B. We currently use a real-time lead gen service called - this helps us find email addresses of our targeted prospects. Not sure if anyone else has used and can share their thoughts?
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The Role of Social Media in Lead Generation - Social Crush

  1. The Role of Social Media in Lead Generation Ellie Mirman Product Marketing Manager, HubSpot Twitter: @ellieeille
  2. Social Media is JustOne Piece of the Puzzle
  3. Social media is not magic.Joining Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn will not revolutionize your company or your marketing.
  4. You still need to: • Identify your audience • Get them to notice you • Create value for them • Sell something to them • Keep them happyNone of this has changed.
  5. Social media is one tool,used best as part of a balancedinbound marketing strategy.
  6. 79% more followers for companies that combine a blog with social media
  7. 97% more links (for better rankings) for companies that combine SEO with social media
  8. Social media generatesbusiness results
  9. 46% businesses say they acquired a customer from blogs or social media
  10. Both B2B & B2C companies say they acquired a customer from blogs or social media
  11. The Role of Social Mediain Lead Generation Funnel
  12. Website Visitors TOFU(Top of the Funnel) Leads MOFU (Middle of the Funnel) Sales
  13. TOFUFill the top of the funnel
  14. Get Ideas for Content
  15. Create content your personas want
  16. Find Prospects
  17. Expand Reach of Content
  18. Encourage Sharing
  19. MOFUConvert in the middleof the funnel
  20. Capture Leads
  21. Identify Hot Leads
  22. Get Lead Intel
  23. AnalyzeMeasure the funnel
  24. Analyze conversion rates by channel Visitors Leads SalesSEOSocialMedia
  25. Compare social media channels
  26. Measure total reach
  27. A few tipsTo leave you with
  28. Know your goal.
  29. Think like a publisher.
  30. Experiment.
  31. Learn, rinse, repeat.
  32. Case Studies
  33. Case Study: Palomar Technologies41
  34. Case Study: Indium Corporation Developer, manufacturer, supplier of specialty alloys, solders, & thermal interface materials Dozens of blogs & bloggers42
  35. Case Study: Vovici • SEO • Blog • Social Media43
  36. The Results 400+% increase in qualified traffic “We find Twitter has been a great driver of traffic to the blog, and also another great driver of awareness for us.” 1,000+% increase in blog subscribers44
  37. Thank You! Ellie Mirman Twitter: @ellieeille Blog: HubSpot: Website: Blog: Grader: Presentation Slides: