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  • “HubSpot Keynote” will be replaced with the name of your trackquestion: should HubSpot be lowercase. Tactical things – more action oriented. Maybe take out some of the “explaining” -- get to the point. 40 mins only.
  • We will be scheduling a headshot day
  • We will be scheduling a headshot day
  • “HubSpot Keynote” will be replaced with the name of your trackquestion: should HubSpot be lowercase. Tactical things – more action oriented. Maybe take out some of the “explaining” -- get to the point. 40 mins only.
  • At Shareaholic we are all about making it easier for readers to discover great content online and helping our content creators get found by the right readers.We do this through our suite of publishing tools for content creators like yourselves, which includes features like social share buttons, recommended content, our content analytics tool Shareaholic Analytics and now content syndication through our all new topics-based content discovery engine Shareaholic Channels.Our tools used by a global publisher network of 200,000 websites reaching 300 million readers each month
  • #1 concept that drives all of our marketing is making marketing people love. That’s why this shift is so fundamental. By creating marketing your best customer will love through valuable, helpful content, you’ll earn respect and trust, people will naturally share your content because they want others to enjoy it, and you’ll attract to customers to you. You earn business – literally.
  • Let’s go through how literally this would happen via a social channel …
  • Let’s go through how literally this would happen via a social channel …
  • Marissa Goals:Strengthen MITX connection with young professionals Retain talent in BostonIdentify rising young leaders & offer better/more available coaching/mentorship
  • Your photo is your first impression – it’s not just about writing a blog post worth reading. In order to get discovered on Pinterest it’s about offering a visual worth clicking.
  • Facebook traffic grew 39.5% this year and in November 2012 it accounted for 6.32% of overall referral traffic.
  • Timeline = just like personal profile pages (Facebook’s design begs for a human touch with visual content and the data shows it’s what users prefer.)
  • Data from our own co-presenters here at HubSpot shows that Visual content posted on Facebook pages gets 53% percent more likes and engagement than content posted the “old fashioned way” with simply a link that pulls in the default featured image.
  • EXAMPLEDominant image with each piece of content entices readers to shareGives her visual content to promote her post with on FacebookBrands her visual
  • You don’t have to be an expert designer or have the budget for fancier tools like photoshop to get started with creating more visual content today.Tools we use: CompfightPicMonkeyBlog post –
  • Facebook and Pinterest aren’t the only ones getting more visual. So if you think your customers are on other platforms – a visual content shift is still likely in your future.Twitter recently unveiled a more visual search results that show photos associated with a search term – like your brand – right in the results. The best way to guarentee great visuals in your results is to create visuals worth sharing and to share those photos yourself.
  • LinkedIn is getting more visual too.Linkedin company pages now feature prominent cover photosFEAUTURED IMAGES
  • An attention-grabbing visual shouldn’t be thought of as an add-on or an after thought: It’s part of the content creation process.I think this new visual preference among readers as well as more visual features on the social networks that are already sending you traffic really means that you just need to think about visuals as part of the content creation process.
  • Example 1 – G+
  • Migration away from rank, focusing more on usefulness and relevance.Taking components from your profile and adding it to search results.Relevance – you will see different results BASED on who you like.
  • -- Add search for inbound marketing at top and change title?
  • Utility – Maps, Google Local
  • Another trend to be aware of is the increase in mobile visitors to your content. From 2011 to 2012, there was a 93% increase in mobile traffic to Shareaholic publisher sites. That’s huge.Apple products take the lead with ____ % of the traffic and Android is a close 2nd with _____%
  • Mobile users in “browse” mode – ripe for discovery
  • Mobile visitors are impatient
  • And don’t forget to optimize for social sharing and social referral traffic. Remember, people are clicking the screen with their fingers – sharing buttons need to be big, obvious and easy to enable. All of the sharing buttons we offer at Shareaholic are optimized to work great on mobile, here are a few examples in this screenshot here.
  • Utility – Maps, Google Local
  • Social media and blogging aren’t all that new anymore. Just showing up doesn’t cut it. Google announced it processed 1 trillion unique URLs worldwide – and that was back in 2008! There are now 1 billion Facebook users and according to Twitter itself, there are about 1 billion Tweets sent every 2 and a half days. This all means that there’s a lot of content and a ton of noise, so marketers have to do more than simply publish to reach their target audiences and generate leads with content. They have to stand out.
  • There are a number of ways you can make your content stand out. First off, let your metrics guide you to creating the content your audience actually wants.There’s no better time than the fresh start of a new year to dig into your analytics and take a look at what your top performing posts of 2012 were. Shareaholic offers a report like this with the top content report in Shareaholic Analytics.
  • And like we’ve been saying throughout this webinar, there’s an increase in social media traffic coming to your content, especially from Pinterest and Facebook. But our statistics show that 60% of that traffic are all new visitors, and those visitors are seeing more and more new content every day. So you’ve got to make the most of every visit. A recommended content plugin on your blog is a good way to do this by making personalized and relevant content suggestions of your own blog articles at the bottom of each blog post – increasing pageviews and time on site for your blog and increasing the liklihood that every visitor will convert into a lead.
  • Suggest people follow us, etc.
  • Social advancements-2012-repcor-&-janet-final

    1. 1. How to Improve Lead GenerationUsing the Social MediaAdvancements in 2012Rebecca CorlissHead Social Media and ContentHubSpotJanet AronicaHead of MarketingShareaholic
    2. 2. RebeccaCorliss@repcorHead of SocialMedia andContent atHubSpot
    3. 3. JanetAronica@JanetAronicaHead ofMarketing atShareaholic
    4. 4. Housekeeping Notes:1 Webinar slides + video will be emailed to all2 Interact with us on Twitter: #Social2012
    5. 5. Share Buttons Recommen Shareaholi d-ations c Analytics Shareaholi c ChannelsShareaholic makes it easier to discover thebest content on the web. #Social2012
    6. 6. Search EngineOptimizationBlogging &Social MediaLead GenerationLeadManagementEmail &AutomationMarketingAnalytics #Social2012
    7. 7. #Social2012
    8. 8. 1WHAT IS INBOUND #Social2012
    9. 9. Inbound marketing is afundamental shift in how we relate to potential customers #Social2012
    12. 12. #Social2012
    13. 13. Social to Lead Process1Twee t Landing Page Form Lead Blog Landing Like Post CTA Page Product Landing Post Page CTA Page #Social2012
    14. 14. Gut Check: Will they LOVE it?1Twee t Landing Page Form Lead Blog Landing Like Post CTA Page Product Landing Post Page CTA Page #Social2012
    15. 15. #Social2012
    16. 16. 2A WORLD OFVISUALS #Social2012
    18. 18. 700% TRAFFIC GROWTH 2011 -> 2012 % of traffic sent to 200,000 Shareaholic publisher websitesJanuary 2012 – November 2012 #Social2012
    19. 19. 39.5%TRAFFIC GROWTH 2011 -> 2012 #Social2012
    20. 20. TIMELINEfor brandsand profiles #Social2012
    21. 21. 53%VISUAL CONTENT gets more likes than the average post Vs. #Social2012
    22. 22. Visual content done right Source: PB Fingers #Social2012
    23. 23. VISUAL content tools #Social2012
    24. 24. Twitter VISUAL Search #Social2012
    25. 25. LinkedIn is VISUAL #Social2012
    26. 26. Bepreparedto changeyourcontentstrategy. #Social2012
    27. 27. Designersare themarketersof thefuture. #Social2012
    28. 28. 3SOCIAL ANDSEARCH #Social2012
    30. 30. Migrating Away from SearchRank #Social2012
    31. 31. Google+ Info in Search Results #Social2012
    32. 32. Social Adds Utility andRelevance #Social2012
    33. 33. Use Reach to Grow SearchAuthority #Social2012
    34. 34. Google+ Blog Author Profiles
    35. 35. Track Individuals’ Contributions #Social2012
    36. 36. Yourreputationis yoursearchauthority. #Social2012
    37. 37. Focus onincreasingutility, notrank. #Social2012
    38. 38. 5MOBILE #Social2012
    40. 40. 93%MOBILETRAFFICGROWTHin 2012 #Social2012
    41. 41. Tablet users cravecontent Source: Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism #Social201241
    42. 42. 9.56% higher bounce rate than desktop visitors% of traffic sent to 200,000 Shareaholic publisher websites January 2012 – November 2012 #Social2012
    43. 43. MOBILEsharing #Social201243
    44. 44. Don’tforgetyourmobilereader. #Social2012
    45. 45. 5BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER #Social2012
    46. 46. Stand outfromthe noise. #Social201246
    47. 47. FOCUSon the content your AUDIENCE wants. #Social201247
    48. 48. IncreaseConversio ns #Social201248
    49. 49. UseSmartCTAs #Social2012
    50. 50. Measure Social #Social2012
    51. 51. THANK #Social2012 YOU Rebecca Corliss @repcor Janet Aronica @JanetAronica