Marketing Webinar: Why Social Media Is BS

Marketing Webinar: Why Social Media Is BS



Is social media really the future of marketing? In this webinar Mike discusses how much the marketing power of social media is exaggerated. Social media is not magic, and fundamental marketing strategies shouldn't be thrown out the window and replaced by new social media techniques.

Social media is a powerful tool, but it is still just one of the many gears that you need to make up your marketing machine.

Join Mike's webinar to learn how to integrate social media tools with your current marketing strategy in order to fully capture its benefits. There are many ways to create value and get noticed, and although social media may help, it is by no means the reason to stop doing marketing.



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  • There are lots of enterprise marketing tools for multinational corporations. But these tools are overly complex, expensive and difficult to use. And you need a number of different tools to do marketing the way you should do it. HubSpot makes this all a lot easier, since we have built a powerful, but integrated suite of marketing tools that allows you to do all the different parts of marketing with one system. Easy and integrated.

Marketing Webinar: Why Social Media Is BS Marketing Webinar: Why Social Media Is BS Presentation Transcript

  • Why Social Media is BS
    (Integrating Social Media into a Successful Marketing Plan)
    Mike VolpeVP of Marketing HubSpot @mvolpe
  • Marketing is Changing
    1950 - 2000
    2000 - 2050
  • Outbound Marketing
  • Outbound Marketing is Harder
  • The Good News…
    Inbound Marketing:
    Get Found using Google, Social Media and Blogs
    Top 5 Web Marketing Book on Amazon
  • Social Media is just one piece…
    …of an Inbound
  • Social Media is not magic.
    Joining Facebook (or Twitter, or LinkedIn) will not revolutionize your company or your marketing.
  • If you are BORING in real life,
    you are stillboring in social media.
  • Social media
    is just
    ONE tool.
  • There are MANY marketing tools.
    Use them all together for the best results.
  • Social media works best as part of a balanced inbound
    marketing strategy.
  • Your inbound marketing machinery needs all gears to work in harmony.
  • Don’t dip your
    toe in the water.
  • Jump in ALL THE WAY.
  • Content / SEO
    Social Media
  • SEO from 2000 to 2011
    Ranking Algorithm:f(n): Context + Authority
  • Create Great Content by Blogging
    Source: Data from over 1,500 small businesses -
  • 97% more links
    (for better rankings)
    for companies
    that combine SEO
    with social media.
    Source: Data from over 1,500 small businesses -
  • Content Makes You Interesting
  • Blogging Attracts More Visitors
  • 79% more
    followers for companies
    that combine a blog
    with social media.
    Source: Data from over 2,000 businesses -
  • Where is Search Going?
  • Coming to SEO: Likes = Links
    = =
  • SEO in 2011 and Beyond
    Ranking Algorithm:f(n): Context + Authority
    + Social Graph
  • NEW:Facebook = The Web
  • Practical Tips
    Start a blog about your industry
    Post blog content to social media
    Put social buttons on your content
  • Lead Generation
    Social Media
  • Social Media = Leads and Sales
    Source: survey of hundreds of businesses:
  • Evolution of the Database
  • Social Media Intelligence for Leads
  • Practical Tips
    Use social media for lead generation
    Build your social media database
    Use social media intelligence on your leads
    Teach your sales team
  • Branding
    Social Media
  • A Brand is What People Say It Is
    Flickr: chelmsfordpubliclibrary
  • Brand Building 1.0
    Buy ads on TV & in print
    Come up with creative
    Buy more advertising
    Hire an agency
    Your brand comes out, wrapped in plastic
    Flickr: jamesjyu
  • Branding Assembly Line
    Flickr: Rickydavid
  • Brand Building 2.0
    Watch your brand grow
    Flickr: swisscan
  • Cultivated Branding
    Flickr: swisscan
  • Promote Positive Feedback
  • Promote All Feedback
  • Promote All Feedback
  • Respond to Product Questions
  • Play with Your New Friends
  • Play with Your New Friends
  • Fans Need Clubhouses to Hang Out
    Inbound Marketers – 49,000 ppl
    Inbound Marketing University Alumni – 1,400 ppl
    Inbound Marketing Certified – 800 ppl
    Inbound Marketing University :
  • Practical Tips
    Track your brand & competitors
    Google Alerts, Twitter Search
    Look in the mirror, be honest
    Respond and get personal
  • Research
    Social Media
  • 50 Million Tweets Per Day
  • What Are They Saying About You?
    Places to listen
    • Google Alerts
    • Industry Blogs
    • IndustryTwitterers
    • LinkedIn Answers
    • Facebook Friends
    • Discussion Forums
  • Practical Tips
    Follow your target customers
    Follow competitor’s customers
    Listen to what they say
    Ask questions, get feedback
  • Advice for the road ahead…
  • Stop thinking like a
    marketer or advertiser.
  • Start thinking like a
    publisher and socializer.
  • Commit
    to the new
  • Thank You
    Mike VolpeVP of Marketing HubSpot @mvolpe
  • How to Put All the Pieces Together?
    d.j.k. on flickr
  • Complicated & Confusing
    Easy & Integrated
  • Blog & Social Media
    • Business Blog Software
    • Blog Analytics
    • Social Media Monitoring
    • Social Media Publishing
  • Search Optimization (SEO)
    • Keyword Grader
    • Link Grader
    • Page Grader
  • Email Marketing & Lead Nurturing
    • Email Marketing
    • Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Generation
    • Landing Pages
    • Lead Intelligence
    • Lead Alerts
    • Visitor Profiling
  • Competitor Tracking
  • Marketing Analytics
    • Assess the effectiveness of your marketing on a campaign-by-campaign level
    • Optimize resource allocation to maximize sales
  • Proven ROI by 3,500+ Customers
    Cilk Arts Increases Leads 500%
    Makana Solutions 3x Leads, 2x Conversions
    VocioPays for HubSpot 30x Over with New Leads
    Objective Management Group Grows Leads 360%
    Bridge Group Doubles Online Leads
  • Growth
    3,500 Customers
    Q1 2007
    Q3 2010
  • Q&A
    Free Website Assessment:
    Try HubSpot Free for 30 Days:
    Mike VolpeVP of Marketing HubSpot @mvolpe