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Marketing Mad Libs: Expert Edition


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Published in: Marketing
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  • 2. MARKETING is serious business.
  • 3. We spend tons of TIME pouring over data, trends, newsfeeds, and content.
  • 4. with So, we decided to play marketing to share their savvy advice while having
  • 5. So, we decided to play Mad libs with marketing experts to share their savvy advice while having FUN.
  • 6. Analysts, influencers, thought leaders, and top-notch experts filled in the blanks on key trends marketers should stay on top of. Check out their bold ideas…
  • 7. The Biggest mistake most companies make when choosing a marketing automation vendor is choosing the tool before ‘the house’ is in order. Sam Melnick, IDC @SamMelnick
  • 8. I believe in content marketing because without content, you don't have ANY marketing at all. Not paid, not owned, not earned. Rebecca Lieb, Altimeter @lieblink
  • 9. The most underrated marketing strategy today is one where in fact a customer experience strategy sets the marketing strategy. CX is a profit-increasing, loyalty-building, engagement-driving opportunity that marketing needs to play a part in to stay relevant in the age of the customer, where it's knowledge of and engagement with customers that set successful companies apart. Cory Munchbach, Forrester @corrinejames
  • 10. Attention mark eters: stop trying to pimp yo ur services. Nobody care products and s. the content that your bu Instead create yers are eager to consume and that th ey love to share. David Meerman Scott, Author, Keynote speaker @dmscott
  • 11. Over the next year, I want to see more crowd sourcing in marketing because they are already crowd funding, crowdmaking products, crowd-sharing products. This means that marketers need to encourage the crowd to fund products, like Uhaul Investors Club, tap the crowd to design products like Quirky and GE, and how Ford is giving discounts to Uber drivers spreading the brand experience. Jeremiah Owyang, Crowd Companies @jowyang
  • 12. If I were hiring a new marketer tomorrow, the number one trait I would look for is a passion for storytelling and using data to see what stories connect with customers. Allen Bonde, Actuate @abonde
  • 13. The most underrated marketing trend right now is what we call content sourcing where we take existing client content and get it out on other sites that target our client's personas. This almost always results in increased website visitors and increased leads for clients. Michael Lieberman, Square2Marketing @Mike2Marketing
  • 14. The businesses that do the best at breaking through social media noise are the ones that deliberately prioritize   content that offers value to their followers and potential customers. Anne Mercogliano, Twitter @akmercog
  • 15. If I became CMO of a Fortune 500 company tomorrow, the first marketing tactics I’d get rid of would be cold calling and marketing automation. Lane Sutton, Speaker @LaneSutton
  • 16. marketing analytics   If I could give marketers everywhere one tip on evaluating and using marketing analytics, it would be to make yourself data-informed, but not exclusively datadriven because the power of serendipity and of investing in unmeasurable marketing can be incredible. Rand Fishkin, Moz, @randfish
  • 17. The biggest misconception that B2B marketers have is that B2B does not work on social media. But in fact, there is no such thing as B2B or B2C, it’s H2H (human to human) and those conversations are happening every day. Lana Khavinson, LinkedIn @lkhavinson
  • 18. The four key ingredients to creating valuable content are: •  •  •  •  Interviewing your buyers to find out what makes them tick. Researching the channels they frequent to find the “hot button” issues. Thinking of new ways to solve those issues, whether they involve your offerings or not. Visualizing the final product, be it blog post, ebook, video, or webinar and asking your top talent to work together to create it. John McTigue, Kuno Creative @jmctigue
  • 19. In the larger social media landscape, Google+ is probably the most ambiguous. It's interesting, as while many marketers treat it as more of a chore right now, you get the idea they're doing so with the idea that it'll one day take off. I mean, it is Google after all. It's like superstition. You may not believe that walking beneath a ladder brings you bad luck, but you still don't do it. Nobody wants to take that chance. John Bonini, IMPACT Branding @Bonini84
  • 20. Attention   marketers: Stop trying to be amazing, and start being useful. Jay Baer, Best-Selling Author & Keynote Speaker @jaybaer
  • 21. Over the next year, I want to see more attention placed on technology roadmaps in B2B marketing because historically marketers have been reactive with respect to best practices and technology   investments. Marketing leaders are still guilty of making technology decisions that solve the "flavor of the week problem" in marketing. With dozens of different categories of marketing tools that can solve your challenges, and more that seem to spring up each year, it's critical organizations have a vision for the future state.   Ian Michiels, Gleanster @InsightFanatic
  • 22. If I were hiring a new marketer tomorrow, the number one trait I’d look for is the ability to GSD*. It doesn’t matter if you have 20 years of experience or are a recent grad, the most valuable trait a marketer can have at a fast-growing company is being able to produce remarkable results. *Get S%#& Done Mike Volpe, HubSpot @mvolpe
  • 23. Google+ is the American West - a new frontier. There aren't many people out there yet and there's so much potential, but many of the people out there are outlaws - marketers that aren't providing value and that aren't truly inbound. They're shouting to get attention and page views and pushing their messages on people in communities that aren't there to be marketed to. Ben Wachtel, ElementThree @benwachtel24
  • 24. The four key ingredients to creating valuable content are: Proper Targeting Customer Education Manageable Length Accessibility Shawn Fitzgerald, ThomasNet @sfitzgerald9
  • 25. NOW IT’S YOUR TURN! Take a moment to tweet at HubSpot to share how you would fill in these blanks and thank our experts for playing mad libs!