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Today startups seem to be all the rage and arguably the next big thing. Only they aren't. As in they always WERE the big thing. So how should brands be thinking about partnering with startups? Or should they be collaborating at all in the first place? And what's in it for the startups? Perhaps the best place to begin as the point at which these two diametrically worlds come together: marketing.

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  • Life after the 30-second spot OF course TV advertising works…the question is: how well does it work
  • … but what if the process BEGAN at Madison Avenue’s doorstep? What if: We could reverse engineer the notion of conceiving, launching and growing startup ideas by, for and with brands at the helm? We could cut out the middleman once and for all? We could create a win-win scenario where brands and their consumers work together as partners? Brands could become V.C.’s Brands could be part of creating the solution versus advertising around the problem
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  • INBOUND Bold Talks: Joseph Jaffe

    1. 1. 1 Joseph Jaffe @jaffejuice #hashtag INBOUND Bold Talks Series August 21st , 2013
    2. 2. New Media (2005) What’s the Next Big Thing? Customer Experience (2010) Writing the book on the future (4 times) Social Media (2007) Common Sense (2013)
    3. 3. Remember Blogging?
    4. 4. Innovation: Innovation is “past the product” – Greg Guidotti, Kraft Foods “New approaches that achieve amazing outcomes and change the game”
    5. 5. WHAT IF?
    6. 6. Technology Funding Marketing
    7. 7. ๏ Gogo was incubated by Dell ๏ Instagram was acquired by Kodak ๏ Craigslist was invented by YellowPages ๏ Flipboard was piloted by Conde Nast ๏ Get Glue was accelerated by Orville Redenbacher’s ๏ Square was sold to American Express ๏ was created for Target ๏ Acquired by Amazon for $550m ๏ Mint was created for Intuit ๏ Acquired by Intuit for $170m What if?
    8. 8. ADDITIVEADDITIVE EVOLUTIONARYEVOLUTIONARY Why can’t startups help solve brand’s problems? Why can’t brands ask the same questions as startups?
    9. 9. “If you can dream it; you can do it.” Technology Solutions to Business Problems
    10. 10. Sit or Squat • Obvious: Pampers • Changing Tables • Less Obvious: GAP • Partner with Developers on the FRONT end (esp. customers) and serve customers on the BACK end (consumption) • Be the Foursquare
    11. 11. Is Nike a Technology Company?
    12. 12. To defend the past is a greater risk than creating the future Peter Drucker
    13. 13. Flip the Funnel Change the game (or go home) Life after the 30- second spot Join the Conver- sation People who this presentation, also : +1 917 603 4639 (to speak to me) e-mail: Twitter: @jaffejuice