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Integrating Social Media into Marketing


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Keynote presentation by Mike Volpe from HubSpot at the "Bridging the Gap" social media marketing conference at Suffolk University on Feb 18, 2011.

Keynote presentation by Mike Volpe from HubSpot at the "Bridging the Gap" social media marketing conference at Suffolk University on Feb 18, 2011.

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  • FB Social InboxAll communication in one inbox, including email ( default - You only see messages from your friends and their friends.Gmail Priority InboxGrouped by “Important and unread, Starred, and Everything else”
  • Renting leads from other people (buying advertising) is not a long term strategy for lead generation. Renting is OK for experiments, and for transitions, and for testing. But it should not be the centerpiece of your long term strategy.
  • Instead, think about building a long term asset, just like the machinery in a factory. Build tools that will attract leads at a low cost while you sleep, and without additional cost per lead.
  • Examples of outbound marketing, or rented marketing are all different forms of advertising that do not help you build an asset that your company owns and controls. Inbound marketing helps you build assets that attract leads to your company at a low cost over time.
  • But, blogging about your product is not the right strategy. You should blog about the things that most interest your target customer persona. Think like a media company – like Oprah – and think about what people want to read, not what you want them to read.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Integrating Social Media into a Successful Marketing Program
      Mike VolpeVP of Marketing HubSpot @mvolpe
    • 2. Scared yet?
    • 3. 86% of People Skip TV Ads
    • 4. 44% of Direct Mail is
      Never Even Looked At
    • 5. Two Huge Developments in Email
      The “Spam” Filter is Now Social
      Social Inbox
    • 6. Inbox Before 2011
      Most Messages by Date
      Flagrant Spam
    • 7. Inbox After 2011
      Email Inbox Ranking – After 2011
      Things You Like
      (People & Brands)
      Things You Don’t Like
      Or Don’t Know
      (People & Brands)
    • 8. That’s Some Scary Shiitake
    • 9. We All Have an Addiction
    • 10.
    • 11. Lazy Marketers Rely
      on Advertising Buys
    • 12.
    • 13.
    • 14.
    • 15. Your competition is NOT
      who you think it is.
    • 16. Social Media is Only
      One Piece
    • 17. Bring All the Pieces Together
      Social Media
      Search Engine
      Conversion Marketing
      Lead Nurturing
      Sales Support
    • 18. SEO / Blogging
      Social Media
    • 19. SEO from 2000 to 2011
      Ranking Algorithm:f(n): Context + Authority
    • 20. 97% more links
      (for better rankings)
      for companies
      that have a blog.
      Source: Data from over 1,500 small businesses -
    • 21. 85% of web pages have less than 7 inbound links
    • 22. Content Makes You Interesting
    • 23. 79% more
      followers for companies
      that have a blog.
      Source: Data from over 2,000 businesses -
    • 24. 55% more
      website visitors
      for companies that blog.
      Source: Data from over 1,500 small businesses -
    • 25. Where is Search Going?
      Where is search going?
    • 26. Coming to SEO: Likes = Links
      = =
    • 27. SEO in 2011 and Beyond
      Ranking Algorithm:f(n): Context + Authority
      + Social Graph
    • 28. The “Like” is Replacingthe “Link”
    • 29. Lead Generation
      Social Media
    • 30. Social Media = Leads and Sales
      Source: survey of hundreds of businesses:
    • 31. Social Media is for B2B and B2C
      Source: State of Inbound Marketing Report -
    • 32. Evolution of the Database
    • 33. Branding
      Social Media
    • 34. Brand Building 1.0
      Brand Building 1.0.
      Buy ads on TV & in print
      Come up with creative
      Buy more advertising
      Hire an agency
      Your brand comes out, all perfect (and sterile).
      Flickr: jamesjyu
    • 35. A Brand is What People Say It Is
      A brand is whatever
      people say it is.
      Flickr: chelmsfordpubliclibrary
    • 36. Grow brand by cultivation,
      not control.
    • 37. Promote All Feedback
    • 38. Promote All Feedback
    • 39.
    • 40.
    • 41. Research
      Social Media
    • 42.
    • 43. Focus groups are dead.
    • 44. Observe your customers in their native environment.
    • 45. We’ve got lots to think about…
    • 46. Advice for the road ahead…
    • 47. Stop thinking like
      an advertiser.
    • 48. Start thinking like a
      publisher and socializer.
    • 49. Commit
      to the new
    • 50. Don’t dip your
      toe in the water.
    • 51. Jump in ALL THE WAY.
    • 52. Thank You
      Mike VolpeVP of Marketing HubSpot @mvolpe