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HubSpot's 2013 State of Inbound Marketing


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Published in: Business, News & Politics
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  • 1. 10 Inbound Discoveries That Will DISRUPT marketing Forever   A Publication of
  • 2. Whether you’re ready or not,marketing has already beenDISRUPTED.  
  • 3. Whether you’re ready or not,marketing has already beenDISRUPTED.   People have changed how they work and live, and marketers must adapt.
  • 4. THIS IS WHERE inbound  COMES IN.
  • 6. Not a channel.
  • 7. Not a tactic.
  • 8. Not a technology.
  • 9. But a holistic approach tomarketing that attractsindividuals to your brandand creates lastingrelationships with them.
  • 10. HubSpot surveyed over3,300 marketers from 128 countries.
  • 11. And we’re excited to share what we learned…
  • 12. Here are of thereport’s most remarkablediscoveries…
  • 13. Inbound marketing isgaining traction.
  • 14. 58% inbound of marketers practice marketing.
  • 15. Inbound marketing iseffective.
  • 16. 54% more leads are generated byinbound than by outbound.
  • 17. ADAPT YOUR MARKETING Plan accurate budgets and forecasts using past results. Did you know that traditional and PPC channels deliver the LEAST leads (6% each)? Scale back outbound tactics and capture lead volume using inbound.
  • 18. A WORD FROM THE WISEInbound marketing is global! I find it fascinating that what was once acontroversial idea evangelized by a handful of us way back in 2007 hasspread to smart marketers everywhere who want to grow their businessnow. David Meerman Scott, @dmscott Author, The New Rules of Marketing & PR, HubSpot Marketer in Residence
  • 19. Inbound costs lessthan outbound.
  • 20. 2X as many marketers say inbound delivers a below average cost-per-lead  vs. outbound methods.  
  • 21. So marketers areinvesting more.
  • 22. of marketers will increase inbound  48% spending in 2013 – the third year in a row inbound budgets have grown substantially.
  • 23. ADAPT YOUR MARKETING Define metrics to measure activities across the funnel: visitors attracted, leads converted, customers closed, and influencers delighted. Test and track everything: marketers who test and optimize are 75% more likely to see positive ROI.
  • 24. A WORD FROM THE WISEInbound is often more cost efficient than old-school, outboundmarketing. Inbound is often better at building long-term customersrather than short-term sales … Understanding how and why companiesare using inbound vs. outbound marketing is critical to building thesemore effective approaches for your own business. Jason Falls, @JasonFalls Founder, Social Media Explorer, Vice-President of Digital Strategy, CafePress, Inc.
  • 25. It’s a great time tobe a customer.
  • 26. 50% of companies consider themselves to be customer-focused.  
  • 27. It’s a great time to have acustomer-focused website.
  • 28. 100% more website conversions result from inbound   marketing vs. outbound tactics.
  • 29. ADAPT YOUR MARKETINGUnderstand your consumer.Develop consumer personasand adapt your marketing tacticsto meet their needs.Personalize interactions byconnecting your content systems(e.g. social publishing, blogging)with your context systems(CRMs).
  • 30. A WORD FROM THE WISEFor over 15 years, we have been advocating a customer centeredapproach for using data to drive business decisions … In the past youmight have thought that data driven customer-centricity was simply ourparticular marketing shtick. Today you ignore the data at your own risk. Bryan Eisenberg, @TheGrok Author, Always Be Testing Partner, Eisenberg Holdings
  • 31. Inbound marketing isstarting to see loveacross the company.
  • 32. 11% of executives lend full support to inbound marketing, and 1 of 4 companies align marketing with sales.
  • 33. But there’s reason toestablish even more“smarketing” alignment.
  • 34. Cheaper cost-per-leads  200% were driven by organizations with formalized marketing-sales handoffs.
  • 35. ADAPT YOUR MARKETINGEarn advocates on both your salesand executive teams.Formalize a service-levelagreement (SLA) to align marketingand sales, and start tracking results.Prove marketing is no longer a costcenter but contributes to thebottom-line.
  • 36. A WORD FROM THE WISEIntegrating inbound marketing into the overall marketing mix is moreimportant than ever. Content used to form the backbone of inboundefforts MUST be supported with other paid, earned, and owned tacticsto reach maximum effectiveness, and that requires plenty of internalcooperation and strategic planning. Jay Baer, @jaybaer Founder, Convince and Convert, Author, Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is About Help and Not Hype
  • 37. Inbound marketersare in demand.
  • 38. 125% Growth in inbound marketing hiring is   expected in 2013.
  • 39. And that talent is beingdeployed againstinbound channels.
  • 40. Of full-time marketer hours  44% are being dedicated to inbound efforts (social media, SEO, blogging, and content creation) this year.
  • 41. ADAPT YOUR MARKETINGGet educated: become versedin inbound marketing.Use technology to trackcustomer interactions acrossyour channels and funnel, fromfirst touch to sale.For agencies and partners, boostyour clients’ success and hireinbound talent.
  • 42. A WORD FROM THE WISEMarketing organizations need a new type of marketer that falls welloutside of our traditional hiring practices. Marketers need to hire ChiefMarketing Technologists, agile marketers, growth hackers, marketingoperations, journalists, designers and more … One solution I support isto train or re-train people so they have the skills necessary to besuccessful in today environment. Craig Rosenberg, @funnelholic CEO and Editor, Funnelholic Media
  • 43. Over Three Thousand marketers Can’t Be Wrong Download the full State of Inbound Marketing Report to explore: • Executive insights on inbound marketing • t The business case for adopting inbound marketing • The marketers case for adopting inbound testing, tactics, and technology • Thoughts on building a successful team of inbound marketers # SOIM