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How Your Nonprofit Can Win Online With Network for Good

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  • 1. How Your Nonprofit Can Win Online in 2014 February 20, 2014
  • 2. A little about me Caryn Stein Content Strategist, Network for Good Mission: Empower and inspire online fundraisers. Reach me: @caryn74
  • 3. A little about Network for Good Network for Good helps nonprofits raise money online with easy, affordable online fundraising tools and training.
  • 4. Photo source: Amazon Cares
  • 5. Photo source: Light Brigade
  • 6. The State of Online Giving
  • 7. The giving experience matters.
  • 8. Online donors convert at a higher rate and give more with a personalized, consistent giving experience.
  • 9. The #1 Way to Increase Online Giving?
  • 10. The #1 Way to Increase Online Giving
  • 11. Online or off, your fundraising must: Tap into emotion. Make it easy to take action. Get social.
  • 12. Tap into emotion.
  • 13. “Each year, 8,000 children are detained for immigration violations.”
  • 14. americanbar.org
  • 15. Make your cause personal. Be specific. Clearly show the impact of a donation.
  • 16. Make it easy to take action.
  • 17. The average attention span in 2013: 8 seconds The average attention span in 2000: 12 seconds The average attention span of a goldfish: 9 seconds http://www.statisticbrain.com/attention-span-statistics/
  • 18. Get social.
  • 19. Use technology to amplify other voices. People on the front lines of your work Fans who will champion your work People with credibility and authority who can attest to the quality your work
  • 20. Optimize for Online Donations
  • 21. 5 Donation Page Musts 1. Feature one clear call to action that emphasizes why your mission is critical. 2. Connect the donor to your cause with a compelling photo, plus your branding and message. 3. Offer well-positioned recurring gift options. 4. Keep your form short and uncluttered – the more fields to fill out, the higher the abandon rate. 5. Include social proof like testimonials, tickers or ratings.
  • 22. Work Your Website
  • 23. 5 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Nonprofit Home Page 1. Feature an emotionally-engaging image. 2. Include a 2-second statement that instantly conveys who you are and what you do. 3. Provide clear, intuitive navigation. 4. Feature a big, bold donate button. 5. Offer an easy way to engage people whose interest has been captured (like an email signup).
  • 24. Leverage Social Power
  • 25. 6%
  • 26. Technology enables people’s most trusted sources those perceived as their peers - to be the most influential and amplified messengers. We are no longer the messengers in chief.
  • 27. Remember the Vanilla Ice Principle of Social Media
  • 28. Stop. Collaborate and listen.
  • 29. Being Socially Smart Set up a listening station Maintain a consistent brand and voice Share more than you ask Use social media as a testing lab Empower your champions by giving them the right tools and content
  • 30. Be Mobile Ready
  • 31. Your cause must be mobile-friendly
  • 32. Email Opens by Platform December 2013 Desktop 31% Mobile 51% Webmail 18% Source: Litmus Email Analytics
  • 33. Your cause is mobile, whether you are ready or not.
  • 34. How do you start? Take inventory of how accessible your nonprofit is via mobile. Learn how many of your visitors arrive via mobile. Recognize the opportunity (the chance to reach people more immediately) and the constraint (mobile experiences need to be simple and easy). Optimize for easy giving and pledging.
  • 35. Remember: Technology doesn’t inspire people … YOU DO!
  • 36. Questions?
  • 37. Online Fundraising Learning Center: fundraising123.org Free Nonprofit Webinars: nonprofit911.org Digital Giving Index: onlinegivingstudy.org