How to Use Content for eCommerce Marketing


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The people you draw to your website will be at all stages of the buying process, with some just starting to do research and some ready to buy. Content is a great way to the keep people at earlier stages of the buying process on your site and coming back until they are ready to purchase. Most people spend the day wading through emails, blogs, and websites, trying to determine what's relevant and worth their time. To draw them to your site versus your competitors', you're going to need quality content that makes your website the strongest in your field.

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  • The wallet is being passed to a new generation of Americans, forged in recession, hardened by advertising and manipulation, etc.
  • As a consultant, I helped grow some of HubSpot’s most ludicrously successful customers – because I was able to convince them to just get out there and BLOG
  • Greenhouse EcoCleaning
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  • Build a content strategyStore specific content (Heidi)
  • Product Description & NamesBe as descriptive as possible; do not just copy and paste a manufactures descriptionUse the words your customers use not industry jargonMore exact the description better results in search- let us use your creatine powder from the improve your product page blog postThe more unique the content in your product description the better results when people are searching for products that you happen to sell; more eyeballs= more salesWhat helps a customer decide to buy? Put yourself in their place. Think about sharing not only key features but details about the technology used in the product and similar/comparable products
  • Example of what the right name gets you in the SEO value“Creatine Powder” vs. “Musashi Arouse Pre Workout Creatine Phosphate Blend”Go from buried within 1.7 million hits to #2 rank on Google
  • Descriptions should use terms a customer recognized and understands the greater meaning. For clothes: is it vintage or hard to find? For art: is the artist well known? For home décor: is it a certain style like mid-century modern? These details can help a shopper decide to buy from your store instead of somewhere else.
  • BicyclesOnline DescriptionThorough description, bulleted features, technology, “Compare to”
  • Reviews80% of consumers consult review when making a purchase; simply having them on your product page will increase your sales as much as 18%Do not fall in the trap only having super positive reviews; consumers who read bad reviews convert 67% moreWork toward a balanced view of your product when curating the reviews for your storeSocial Proof- Twitter and Facebook
  • Anatomy of a product pageWhat it should say (Sam)Real life lessons applied (Heidi)Product nameUse the product name in the page URL, page heading and breadcrumb navigationBetter results when the search engines index page to be listed for search results (BC automatically does this for our clients)
  • Product descriptionKey features or benefits should be presented in a bullet format to grab attention and make it easy to scan and absorb the informationDesign it to be easy for the consumer to understand the information and the search engines will reward you with better ranking. Apply the tips of writing good product descriptions can lead to top ranking results in search.
  • Images & Videos1/3 of the time spent on your product page is on the images you feature; make them the best you can. “67% of consumers interviewed rated image quality as ‘very important’ when deciding to purchaseUse the highest quality images you can in your product pages but also showcase your product in use with a real person- enables the shoppers to envision themselves with your product/using it. Showcase links for tips on how to take better photos of your products. If you feature video on your page, showcase every angle of the product, shoot in HD and showcase the product in action. If you talk about a feature- show how it works
  • Does your store have a way to post reviews built in? Constantly be looking or curating fresh reviews. As you date these reviews, the older the review it might be considered stale or irrelevant to what is going on today. Are you asking for reviews on our product page? Often people come back to your product page to show their friends the cool product they purchased. Make it easy to share those good thoughts right there. Consider posting a video review of your products submitted by your customers. People enjoy and watch lots of online videos- 85% of us have watched online videos and on average we watch for 6.4 minutes- Techcrunch-
  • Create a content culture What is it and why it works (Sam)
  • Create a content culture User generated content from your customers (Heidi)
  • ReviewsPut a link on the product page to ask for reviews from customersControl who can submit that review to customers who have only have completed the purchase of product from your store- cut down on spam reviews and junk you have to filter throughAre you using email marketing correctly to invite customers for reviews?Think about product lifecycle (when and how a product is used) and ask at the optimal time to gain a real perspective on the productThe voice/opinion of your customer is considered higher in value by future customers than the opinion you (store owner) has about a product.
  • VideosNo doubt videos work: 53 times more likely to land on front page of Google; 41% higher click through rate than text & 65 to 85% more likely to buy after watchingYou can create your with little or no budget- start with script (focus people not just babbling on), short as possible and act naturalDo not want to be on camera yourself? Ask your customers to submit a video of themselves using/talking about the product you are selling. Fueled by social media- people are concerned with their own personal brand and this is a way to help them in that journeyAsk them to upload to a YouTube channel (public or private) or your Facebook page. Review and feature the ones you want. You can turn this into a contest for the “best” video
  • Selling better using contentPurchase (Heidi)Just because a customer has put something in a basket does not mean you stop sellingMake it easy re-confirm you are making the right purchase description. Create a short/elevator pitch of your product description and have that appear when someone mouses over product or expands details around the product.In product confirmation email of product purchase consider featuring a positive product view. It reconfirms that the consumer made the right choice going with this product
  • Why is love so important? Because people who love you will do incredible things for you when you need them. Uber, for example, got more Twitter support than I’ve seen for anyone since the Iranian election revolution years ago.
  • How to Use Content for eCommerce Marketing

    1. 1. Using Content toGrow eCommerceSales
    2. 2. MeetHeidi
    3. 3. MeetSam@Mallikarjunan
    4. 4. #ContentSells
    5. 5. Table of Contents Introduction to Inbound 1 Marketing 2 Building a Content Strategy 3 Creating a Content Culture 4 Selling Better Using Content 5 Content and the Shopping Cart 5
    6. 6. What is Inbound Marketing?Creating Marketing That People Love 6
    7. 7. What is Inbound Marketing?Creating Marketing That People Love 7
    8. 8. 34% of US Adults who find informational blog articles about a product influential prior to purchase - eMarketer#inbound12
    9. 9. 80% of Americans age 18-34 are influenced by blogs when making purchase decisions - Burst Media Survey, 2012#inbound12
    10. 10. Blogging is An Investment thatGrows
    11. 11. Selling Better Using ContentMapping content to different phases of the buying cycle 11
    12. 12. Mapping Mind & MethodologyA cohesive experience that people love 12
    13. 13. Attract: Build Specific Buyer Personas 13
    14. 14. KnowYourCustomer
    15. 15. Buyer Personas Building BuyerWhite Personas tell us who we are creating content for and why they will buy from us.
    16. 16. meetcharlie.
    17. 17. Charlie Wants To Buy A Digital Camera But he’s not sure which digital camera to
    18. 18. 90% of Americans go to search engines when looking for information prior to buying a product online. - eMarketer#inbound12
    19. 19. Charlie Needs to Learn MoreAnd he knows just where to look…
    20. 20. You Can White Educate Charlie.#inbound12
    21. 21. 34% of US Online Retailers plan to invest in blogging on their website this year. - eMarketer#inbound12
    22. 22. Are my customers finding contentabout my product online? Is the content that they’re finding mine – and is it on my website? 22
    23. 23. Feature ContentThroughout ThePurchase Cycle 24
    24. 24. You Say Hello To Charlie
    25. 25. 37% *of companies using marketing automation to cross-sell and upsell existing customers. - Forrester Research#inbound12
    26. 26. Great StoreContent Is Critical 27
    27. 27. Detailed product names get you found 1 Include brand name 2 Keywords to help sell: size, color, style, etc. 3 Generic terms bury you in search 28
    28. 28. Go from buried within 1.7million hits to #2 rank onGoogle “Creatine Powder” vs. “Musashi Arouse Pre Workout Creatine Phosphate Blend” 29
    29. 29. Detailed descriptions get sales Improve SEO and inform 1 shoppers 2 Wear your “consumer” hat 3 Highlight details that sell in plain language Do not be tempted by pre-written 4 descriptions 30
    30. 30. • Thorough description• Bulleted features• Technology• “Compare to” 31
    31. 31. Reviews Lift Sales • 80% of consumers consult product reviews • Featuring reviews increases conversion by 4.6% and sales by 18% • Allow negative reviews: shoppers who read bad reviews convert 67% more • Reviews come from Social Media- use Social Proof 32
    32. 32. Anatomy of aProduct PageProduct Page Best Practices 33
    33. 33. Use product name everywhere 34
    34. 34. Provide different levels of product description Detailed description, summary, key feature bullets Maximum info for shoppers = higher search rank 35
    35. 35. Use the best images and video available1/3 of time spent on your product page is on images; 67% of consumers rated image quality as very important 36
    36. 36. ReviewsEmpower shoppers to submit regular reviews • Make sure the ability to easily review is built right in • Date your reviews and constantly seek out fresh content • Find and feature customer reviews from social media • Video reviews really resonate with consumers 37
    37. 37. Creating a content cultureHow to find content everywhere in your business 38
    38. 38. See Content Everywhere 39
    39. 39. Let Users CreateContent For You 40
    40. 40. Cultivate and Curate Reviews • Add a link on each product page for submitting reviews • Ask for reviews from buyers as part of email strategy • Cut down on spam by limiting reviews to buyers only 41
    41. 41. Add VideosCustomers and your own• Consumers are 65-85% more likely to buy after watching• Ask customers to submit videos of themselves using or talking about a product• Create a video contest to encourage submission 42
    42. 42. Videos Help You Sell More 43
    43. 43. Charlie’s research helps him pick aWhite winner, and he adds to his cart…
    44. 44. Content & The PurchaseNever stop selling • Add to cart doesn’t mean your job is done • Add mini product descriptions to in-cart and checkout screens • Add positive product reviews to confirmation emails to reinforce decision 45
    45. 45. … but Charlie gets scared and abandons hisWhite cart
    46. 46. 45% - PayPal of Americans abandon multiple carts per month.#inbound12
    47. 47. But it’s not always about money, so White don’t be in such a hurry to give away coupons…#inbound12
    48. 48. 36.4% of visitors that abandoned their shopping cart engaged with their automated email campaign - PayPal#inbound12
    49. 49. You eventually push the right button, andWhite Charlie buys!
    50. 50. Post-sale Follow Up Emails that generate more sales White • Blog article on Set Up • Social Community Email • Net Promoter Survey • Accessories Blog Article • Accessories Guest Blog#inbound12
    51. 51. Charlie loves the experience, loveWhite s the product, and loves the community
    52. 52. 18% of US consumers have purchased a product because one of their friends follows or likes that product on a social network. - Ipsos
    53. 53. If Charlie is Social, be his friend • Start with a simple follow • Retweet His Excitement White • Introduce him to others • Send him blog articles • Be authentic#inbound12
    54. 54. Why does social media matter?
    55. 55. THANK YOU. 56
    56. 56. Questions?
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