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Google Grants: The Biggest Missed Opportunity in Non-Profit Marketing


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Google Grants is the nonprofit edition of AdWords, Google's online advertising tool. Google Grants empowers nonprofit organizations with in-kind AdWords advertising, to promote their missions and …

Google Grants is the nonprofit edition of AdWords, Google's online advertising tool. Google Grants empowers nonprofit organizations with in-kind AdWords advertising, to promote their missions and initiatives on In this webinar, Cody Damon and Eric Facas of Media Cause will discuss how your organization can benefit from Google Grants and why you should consider it as part of your marketing strategy this year.

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  • 2. What is your biggest challenge with #GoogleGrants?
  • 3. Webinar Agenda  An Intro to Google Grants  4 Keys to Success (before getting started)  Account Set Up & Optimization – 10 Tips  Questions & Additional Resources
  • 4. What is Google Grants?  A Google Grant is a $10,000 in-kind grant given to non-profits EVERY MONTH for free advertising on This evergreen grant can increase to $40,000 a month if benchmarks are met.  Get started IMMEDIATELY by signing up at
  • 5. How Important is Google Grants?  There are over 3 billion searches on Google a day 25% ofof Clicks 25% Clicks  Could result in 10,000 to 40,000 new website visitors each month 75% of Clicks 75% of Clicks
  • 6. More Visitors, More Awareness and…Customize Your Goals: Build your email list, promote events, recruit volunteers and supporters, and more. Users type what they are looking for Your search ads appear here and here along side search results. Clicking an ad takes you to that website.
  • 7. Benefits and Limitations   •  $10,000 a month in free •  $2.00 Max CPC (as of exposure on worlds 1/28/13) largest search engine •  Ads shown below paying •  Strategic tool to drive AdWords advertisers (as new highly targeted of 1/28/13) supporter •  It’s not easy - AdWords •  Insight into market takes time and interests expertise!
  • 8. The Average Google Grant RecipientSpends Approximately $330 a Month 96.3 %
  • 9. 4 Keys to Unlocking Google Grants’ Potential
  • 10. Relevancy is EverythingBad News   You can’t run on keywords if you don’t have the precise content the user is looking forGood News   You can build content to make yourself relevant for anything
  • 11. Nobody Is Searching for a Place to Give Money Monthly Google Search Volume Awareness “About The Rainforest” – 5,000,000 Interest “Deforestation” – 457,000 Intent “Save the Rainforest” – 33,000 Purchase “Rainforest Charities” - 880
  • 12. Focus on the Top of the Funnel Awareness Capture email, “likes”, followers Interest Intent Sign an online petition Purchase Donations or membership sales
  • 13. Website 1st, Google Grants 2nd Goals, goals, goals   Does your website easily capture emails, Facebook likes & Twitter follows?   Do you know what a supporter is worth?   Do you have a landing page for additional goals?
  • 14. Getting Started 14
  • 15. The Vocab…  CPC Cost per click  Impression Each time an ad is displayed on a site or search results page  CTR Click through rate = total clicks / total impressions  CPA Cost per acquisition = ad spend / (total clicks * conversion rate) )  Landing Web page that users are send to after clicking on your ad Page  Conversion Total landing page visits / desired actions completed Rate
  • 16. How are the Ad Positions Determined?  Max CPC (or Max CPM) x Quality Score = Rank Score  Rank Score is calculated per keyword  Quality Score is Comprised of the Following: - CTR - Quality of landing page - Relevance of ad text - Historical keyword performance - Other relevancy factors  You only pay the CPC necessary to have a rank score higher than that of the advertiser below you  Minimum CPC can be as low as $0.01
  • 17. StructureMatters 17
  • 18. Tip 1: Account Organization Tip 1 Create a campaign for every organizational goal or project   It’s ok to bucket similar goals together. Online donations, volunteers, events, membership…   Ad Groups should have 15-30 similar keywords that align to a specific page on the website. The more focused the ad group, the better the ad targeting
  • 19. Keywords are theFoundation 19
  • 20. Getting the Right Traffic DO DON’T Create a robust keyword list.  Start with a small keyword list and You never know what users will wait to expand it. respond to.  Assume target users are familiar Leverage all variations of brand, with your brand and product product and service terms as names. keywords.  Assume all target users have the Include problem and solution- same search tendencies. oriented keywords.  Assume all target users are in the Use negative keywords to filter same stage of the purchase funnel. out unwanted traffic.
  • 21. Keyword Phrase Length Average Global Search Phrase Length58% of searchesuse between 2-4words SOURCE: Experian Hitwise – Oct 2009
  • 22. Tips 2 & 3: Keyword Selection Tip 3 Use all 4 match type options for Tip 2 broad match, “phrase match”, & Use keyword research tools to [exact match] or higher volume expand your list of core words keywords. And don’t forget negative keywords!   Grow your lists but keep it   Quality score is calculated at focused otherwise they won’t the keyword level, one match even show due to poor quality typed keyword could have score. The keywords have to better relevancy than the be very specific to the content others and drive more traffic on your site. if isolated.
  • 23. Bonus: Free Keyword Research Tools AdWords Keyword Tool Google Insights for Search Wordtracker
  • 24. Get Ad Text NoticedLOOK AT ME!I have 1.26s to grab your attentionand convince you to CLICK HERE!
  • 25. Family Abuse FactsFamily Violence Family AbuseLearn More - Get the latest family Get the facts on family abuse here &violence facts here. Vs learn how you can help stop 25 25
  • 26. Tips 4 – 7: Writing Effective Creative Family Abuse 4 Creative Tips Get the facts on family abuse here & learn how you can help stop it.  Headline should be hyper relevant to the query – include the exact keyword.  5.56% CTR  Include an informative and empowering call to action. Family Violence  Test 3-4 variations at all times. Learn More - Get the latest family violence facts here.  Remove the worst performer every month.  3.32% CTR 26
  • 27. Digital Asset Optimization Landing Pages Drop users on the most relevant page within your site (or create a new one if necessary) 27
  • 28. Keep Forms as Short as PossibleConversion Rate = 50% Conversion Rate = 74.6%   Is all this information necessary at this point in the relationship?   Required fields are the kiss of death.   Most users are reluctant to divulge personal information
  • 29. Homepage Vs Targeted Landing Page Conversion Rate = 0% Conversion Rate = 12.59% 0 emails collected 1,000 + email address / mo
  • 30. Tips 8 – 10: Landing PagesTip 8:Use statistics tointroduce theproblemTip 9:Share informationthat potentialsupporters want Tip 10: Keep forms as short as possible (4 fields is ideal)
  • 31. Thank You! Any Questions?Eric Facas Cody @codydamon
  • 32. Additional Resources  Sign up for a free Google Grant optimization  Contact us for additional help and questions  For tips and resources, follow our blog and join us on Twitter and Facebook