Case Study: PMG Transforms Marketing Activities & Generates More Qualified Leads


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Case study about how marketing agency Precision Marketing Group used HubSpot and inbound marketing to transform its marketing and generate more qualified leads.

Full case study with video at

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Case Study: PMG Transforms Marketing Activities & Generates More Qualified Leads

  1. 1. Customer Case Study:PMG Transforms Marketing Activities & GeneratesMore Qualified Leads Precision Marketing Group (PMG) is a small business marketing company providing marketing services specifically designed for and targeted to small to mid-sized entrepreneurial firms. We sat down with Principals Susan LaPlante-Dube and Maureen Condon to discuss how PMG has transformed its marketing with HubSpot.HubSpot Results Summary:Significant Increase in Leads & a Unified WebPresence • Generating 5x more monthly leads from its website overall since using HubSpot • Achieved more consistent online presence and integrated web presence with offline marketing efforts • Generating more qualified leads of larger targeted companies • Increased monthly organic search traffic by 61% in the past yearChallenge:A Scattered, Difficult-to- Manage Web PresencePrior to using the HubSpot software, PMG did a lot of networking with professionalorganizations and took advantage of speaking opportunities to achieve business…
  2. 2. growth. The company was generating some leads from its website, but the bulk ofcustomers PMG acquired came from word-of-mouth referrals.PMGs greatest challenge was in managing the information about its online presence,which was scattered and divided across multiple platforms. With its contentmanagement system (CMS) in once place and analytics tool in another, managing thecompanys presence was difficult, slow-moving, and accessible only to PMGsprincipals.Solution:Integrating Marketing Activities UsingHubSpot CMS & ToolsThrough use of HubSpots integrated software tools and CMS, PMG has been ableto transform its marketing activities and achieve a cohesive brand image that caneasily be managed using one single platform and by multiple team members.Among the teams favorite HubSpot applications are the Blogging Tool, which helpsthem to quickly and easily create well-optimized blog posts, and the Social MediaTool, which allows them to easily monitor and participate in online conversationshappening about PMGs industry and key terms on various social media networks,sites, and blogs.PMG also loves how much easier the Landing Page Tool makes it to create landingpages for each of the companys marketing activities. The team also regularly utilizesHubSpots Marketing Analytics tools, which present data in an easy format to enablethem to track progress and make a difference. One of our core competencies as an agency is our content creation. Were excellent at creating great content, and HubSpot makes it easy to do that.The average HubSpot customer gets 4.2x more leads after 5 months of active use ofHubSpot. To find out what type of increases in leads a company with your current leadvolume could expect, check out HubSpot’s ROI study at’s integrated marketing software gives you all the tools to implement asuccessful online marketing strategy from increasing the top of your funnel throughconversion, sales alignment and analytics. To learn more, check out HubSpot’s free trialor request a customized demonstration.