101 Awesome Marketing Quotes


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Looking for something to inspire your marketing? Hear from these experts, and come see many of them at this year's INBOUND 2013.

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101 Awesome Marketing Quotes

  1. 101awesomeMARKETING QUOTES.
  2. You knowwhat we alllove?
  3. Freemarketingwisdom!
  4. And we thought you would, too.Here are 101 awesomemarketing quotes.**With some special appearances from our INBOUND 2013 speakers.
  5. Spending energy tounderstand theaudience and carefullycrafting a message thatresonates with themmeans making acommitment of time anddisciplineto theprocess.Nancy DuartePresident & CEO, Duarte Design“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  6. When you enchant people, yourgoal is not to make money fromthem or to get them to do whatyou want, but to fillthem with greatdelight.Guy KawasakiFormer Chief Evangelist, AppleCo-founder, Alltop.com“
  7. Great content is the bestsales tool in the world.Marcus SheridanAuthor, The Sales Lion Blog“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  8. Remarkable socialmedia content andgreat sales copy arepretty much thesame — plainspoken wordsdesigned to focuson the needs of thereader, listener, orviewer.Brian ClarkFounder, Copyblogger“
  9. Make thecustomerthe hero ofyour story.Ann HandleyChief Content Officer, MarketingProfs“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  10. If you wait untilthere is anothercase study in yourindustry, you willbe too late. Seth GodinBest-Selling Author“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  11. Nobody caresabout yourproducts,except you.Createinterestingcontent!David Meerman ScottBest-Selling Author“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  12. The next time you hear asocial media myth, question it.Ask for the proof, and ask out loud.Dan ZarrellaSocial Media Scientist, HubSpot“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  13. Bring thebest of yourauthenticself to everyopportunity.Image Credit: snreJohn JantschAuthor, Duct Tape Marketing“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  14. Your culture is your brand.Image Credit: TerryJohnstonTony HsiehCEO, Zappos.com“
  15. You can’t just ask customers whatthey want and then try to give that tothem.Steve JobsFormer CEO, Apple“
  16. You must embracethe true value of yourorganization anddevelop a referralsystem that allowsyou to bring the bestof your authentic selfto every opportunity.John JantschAuthor, Duct Tape Marketing“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  17. The only way to put out asocial media fire is with socialmedia water."Image Credit: fox_kiyoRamon DeleonSocial Media Marketer, Domino’s“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  18. For a long time we were taught that our role incommunications was, for the lack of a better term,how to lie. Lie about what the company wants outthere. Now it’s more about how do you tell acompelling story about your company.Rick TuroczyCo-founder, Portland Incubator Experiment“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  19. More contact means more sharing ofinformation, gossiping, exchanging,engaging — in short, more word of mouth.Image Credit: questinGary VaynerchukBest-Selling Author“
  20. There’s a lot of fear-mongeringabout “losing control” of yourbrand online, when, in fact,you’ve got control over asmuch as you always have:how you present yourbusiness and how you act.Amber NaslundBest-Selling Author“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  21. There is noblack magic tosuccessfullyattractingcustomersvia the web. Rand FishkinFounder, SEOmoz“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  22. …one way to sella consumersomething in thefuture is simplyto get his or herpermission inadvance.Seth GodinBest-Selling Author“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  23. Success is making those whobelieved in you look brilliant.Dharmesh ShahCTO & Co-founder, HubSpot“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  24. Let your originality – your specialness,your brand personality – come throughin your online content.Ann Handley & C.C. ChapmanAuthor, Content Rules“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  25. When you want to change things, you won’tplease everyone.Sheryl SandbergChief Operating Officer at Facebook“
  26. Don’t talk about your product like it’s adad-gum rainbow.Marcus SheridanAuthor, The Sales Lion Blog“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  27. The weird set anexample for the restof us. They raise thebar; they show usthrough their actionsthat in fact we’rewired to do the new,not to comply withsomeone a thousandmiles away.Seth GodinBest-Selling Author“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  28. Good innovators typically think very big andthey think very small. New ideas aresometimes found in the most granular detailsof a problem where few others bother to look.Nate SilverFounder, FiveThirtyEight.com“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  29. No matter what,the very first pieceof social media realestate I’d start withis a blog. Chris BroganFounder, New Marketing Labs“
  30. Focus on the core problem yourbusiness solves and put out lots ofcontent and enthusiasm, and ideasabout how to solve that problem.Laura FittonInbound Marketing Evangelist, HubSpot“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  31. Instead of one-way interruption, webmarketing is about delivering usefulcontent at just the precise momentthat a buyer needs it.David Meerman ScottBest-Selling Author“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  32. Don’t find customersfor your products;find products foryour customers.Seth GodinBest-Selling Author“ SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  33. People shop and learn in awhole new way comparedto just a few years ago, somarketers need to adapt orrisk extinction.Brian HalliganCEO & Co-founder, HubSpot“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  34. People don’t trustbusinesses theway they used to… For the first timewe found that themost trustedsources were ‘aperson such asyourself or a peer’.Steve RubelChief Content Strategist, Edelman“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  35. Social media are tools. Real time is a mindset.David Meerman ScottBest-Selling Author“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  36. For B2B Marketers, our biggestobstacles are usually complexityand fear of failure. We need tobe willing to fail.Image Credit: Fr. Stephen, MSCTim WasherCorporate Comedian, Cisco“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  37. Dan LyonsMarketing Fellow, HubSpotMy theory is that in the age of theinternet, it’s what you write, not whereyou write it, that matters.“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  38. It no longer makes economic sense tosend an advertising message to themany in hopes of persuading the few.M. Lawrence LightFormer Chief Marketing Officer, McDonalds“
  39. Shifting from buying stuff tobuying experiences, andfrom spending on yourselfto spending on others, canhave a dramatic impact onhappiness.Elizabeth DunnBest-Selling Author“SPEAKING ATINBOUND 2013
  40. In today’s informationage of Marketing andWeb 2.0, a company’swebsite is the key totheir entire business.Marcus SheridanAuthor, The Sales Lion Blog“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  41. Increasingly, the mass marketingis turning into a mass of niches.Chris AndersonBest-Selling Author“
  42. So as I thought about it,the most important"tool" you can havetoday in business isinsatiable curiosity.The minute you lose it,youre dead.Steve RubelChief Content Strategist, Edelman“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  43. People think focus means sayingyes to the thing youve got tofocus on. But thats not what itmeans at all. It means saying noto the hundred other good ideasthat there are. You have to pickcarefully. Im actually as proud ofthe things we havent done as thethings I have done. Innovation issaying no to 1,000 things.!!Steve JobsFormer CEO, Apple““
  44. When are yougoing to admitthat there issomethingglorious aboutbeing you?“Erika NapoletanoBest-Selling AuthorSPEAKING ATINBOUND 2013
  45. Don’t be afraid to getcreative andexperiment with yourmarketing.Mike VolpeCMO, HubSpot“SPEAKING ATINBOUND 2013
  46. Confidence is thewillingness to be asridiculous, luminous,intelligent, and kindas you really are,withoutembarrassment.Susan PiverBest-Selling Author“SPEAKING ATINBOUND 2013
  47. The way you can understand all ofthe social media is as the creationof a new kind of public space.Image Credit: ghirsonDanah BoydSocial Media Researcher, Microsoft“
  48. A blog is a great way to connectmore deeply with your existing orwould-be customers, build acommunity around your business,give a human personality and “voice”to an organization, evolve yourbusiness and relationships insometimes unexpected or surprisingways, and yes, drive sales.Ann HandleyChief Content Officer, MarketingProfs“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  49. Marketing today is muchmore like sailing thandriving. Your boat is thebrand. If you point your boatin the right direction, followthe winds/currents, andsteer, you will get the boatto go where you want it.Marketers should becomethe wind, but accept thatthey’re at the mercy of thecurrents and weather.Steve RubelChief Content Strategist, Edelman“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  50. For corporate marketers,podcasting is low-hanging fruit.Paul GillinAuthor, The New Influencers“
  51. Before you createany more “greatcontent,” figure outhow you are goingto market it first.Image Credit:cadfael1979!Joe Pulizzi & Newt BarrettCo-Authors, Get Content Get Customers“
  52. The signal is the truth. The noise is whatdistracts us from the truth.Nate SilverFounder, FiveThirtyEight.com“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  53. D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Inspiration isthe mostimportant partof our digitalstrategy.Image Credit:!notashamed!Paull YoungDirector of Digital, charity: water“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  54. Increasingly, search is our mechanism forhow we understand ourselves, our world,and our place within it.Image Credit: !MicMacPics1!John BattelleFounder, Federated Media Publishing“
  55. How dare yousettle for lesswhen the worldhas made it soeasy for you tobe remarkable?Seth GodinBest-Selling Author“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  56. If you have more money than brains, youshould focus on outbound marketing. Ifyou have more brains than money, youshould focus on inbound marketing.Image Credit: RangerRick!Guy KawasakiFormer Chief Evangelist, AppleCo-founder, Alltop.com“
  57. Quit counting fans, followers, andblog subscribers like bottle caps.Think, instead, about what you’rehoping to achieve with andthrough the community thatactually cares about what you’redoing.Amber NaslundBest-Selling Author“SPEAKING ATINBOUND 2013
  58. Creating an interestingpresentation requires a morethoughtful process thanthrowing together the blatherthat we’ve come to call apresentation today. Spendingenergy to understand theaudience and carefully craftinga message that resonates withthem means making acommitment of time anddiscipline to the process.Nancy DuartePresident & CEO, Duarte Design“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  59. Find interesting stories to tell – look toyour customers or challenges in yourindustry. Don’t worry so much abouttalking about your products. Build anaudience first with compelling stories.“Tim WasherCorporate Comedian, CiscoSPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  60. In a way, the web is like yourHollywood agent: It speaks for youwhenever you’re not around tocomment.Image Credit:!Chris Brogan & Julien SmithCo-Authors, Trust Agents“
  61. You can’t expectto just write andhave visitorscome to you—that’s too passive.Anita CampbellFounder & CEO, SmallBizTrends.com“
  62. For business,our internetlove affair wasa gift from thegods.Image Credit:!CarbonNYC!Gary VaynerchukBest-Selling Author“
  63. The best companies win with inboundmarketing by deeply engaging and aligningwith their sales department so both parts ofthe business are more measurable, scalable,and effective.Image Credit: Lee Ann L.!Mark RobergeSVP of Sales & Services, HubSpot“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  64. To trust agents,hyperlinks are the21st centuryequivalent of thename-dropper.Chris Brogan & Julien SmithCo-Authors, Trust Agents“
  65. Don’t build links. Build relationships.Rand FishkinFounder, SEOmoz“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  66. Marketers needto build digitalrelationshipsand reputationbefore closing asale.Chris BroganFounder, New Marketing Labs“
  67. I wanted to reinventcharity. I thought ithad become brokenand stigmatized.The word meanslove, and I trulybelieve that givingtime, talent, moneyis whollyredemptive.Scott HarrisonCEO, charity: water“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  68. To be successfuland grow your businessand revenues, you mustmatch the way youmarket your productswith the way yourprospects learn aboutand shop for yourproducts.Brian HalliganCEO & Co-founder, HubSpot“Image Credit: Lee AnSPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  69. Spending money onothers provides a biggerhappiness boost thanspending money onyourself.“Elizabeth DunnBest-Selling AuthorSPEAKING ATINBOUND 2013
  70. Worry less about sounding professionaland worry more about creatingremarkable content that other humanscan relate to.Ann HandleyChief Content Officer, MarketingProfs“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  71. Effectiveengagement isinspired by theempathy thatdevelops simplyby being human.Image Credit: !Brian SolisPrincipal, Altimeter Group“
  72. Smartphones are reinventingthe connection betweencompanies and their customers.Image Credit: Ziębol!Rich MinerParter, Google VenturesCo-founder, Android“
  73. Marketing without data is like drivingwith your eyes closed.Dan ZarrellaSocial Media Scientist, HubSpot“Image Credit: Lee Ann L.!SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  74. Think like acustomer.Image Credit: decafinatPaul GillinAuthor, The New Influencers“
  75. Anyone’s job, nomatter what yourposition, is aboutbeing effective ataccomplishing yourcompany’s goals.“Rand FishkinFounder, SEOmozSPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  76. We’re all learning here; the bestlisteners will end up the smartest.Image Credit: !dsassoi!Charlene Li & Josh BernoffCo-Authors, Groundswell“
  77. Marketing isn’tmagic. There is ascience to it.Dan ZarrellaSocial Media Scientist, HubSpot“Image Credit: Lee Ann L.!SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  78. Holding backtechnology to preservebroken businessmodels is like allowingblacksmiths to veto theinternal combustionengine in order toprotect theirhorseshoes.Don Tapscott & Anthony D. WilliamsCo-Authors, Wikinomics“
  79. The future ofbusinessis social.Image Credit: greekaBarry LibertCEO, Mzinga“
  80. The difference betweenSales and Marketing is thatMarketing owns themessage and Sales ownsthe relationship.John JantschAuthor, Duct Tape Marketing“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  81. Keep your eyeout for hottopics andtrends. Themedia isconstantlylooking fortimely stories.Image Credit: motograf!Jim KukralAuthor, ATTENTION!“
  82. Leadership comes when your hope and youroptimism are matched with a concrete vision ofthe future and a way to get there. People won’tfollow you if they don’t believe you can get towhere you say you’re going.“Seth GodinBest-Selling AuthorSPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  83. Traditional methodsof sales prospectingare grossly inefficient.Image Credit: dominiquJill KonrathAuthor, Snap Selling“
  84. Authenticity, honesty, and personalvoice underlie much of what’ssuccessful on the web.Rick LevineCo-Author, The Cluetrain Manifesto“
  85. Many charities go outand just ask people formoney; We ask peoplefor their voice.Scott HarrisonCEO, charity: water“ SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  86. Your organizationis becominghyperlinked. Whetheryou like it or not. It’sbottom-up; it’sunstoppable.David WeinbergerAuthor, Everything is Miscellaneous“
  87. The key to making a good forecast is not inlimiting yourself to quantitative information.Nate SilverFounder, FiveThirtyEight.com“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  88. Rand FishkinFounder, SEOmozBest way to sell something:don’t sell anything. Earnthe awareness, respect, andtrust of those who mightbuy.“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  89. Until Facebook camealong, there washardly anywhere on thepublic internet where youhad to operate with yourreal name.David KirkpatrickAuthor, The Facebook Effect“
  90. By listening, marketing willre-learn how to talk.Doc Searls & David WeinbergerCo-Authors, The Cluetrain Manifesto“
  91. A thrilled customer is the most potent marketingasset your organization can leverage.John JantschAuthor, Duct Tape Marketing“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  92. Companies needconnections to theirmarkets to createlong-term loyalty.Charlene Li & Josh BernoffAuthors, Groundswell“
  93. Be passionate about theculture and the business,and remain positive,because it inspires others.Barry LibertCEO, Mzinga“
  94. Good is the enemy of great...The vast majority of goodcompanies remain just that—good, but not great.Image Credit: CharlesJim CollinsAuthor, Good to Great“
  95. On average, peopleshould be more skepticalwhen they see numbers.They should be morewilling to play aroundwith the data themselves.Nate SilverFounder, FiveThirtyEight.com“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  96.                  In this age ofmicroblogging and two-second sound bites,almost no one has theattention span, or time,to read more than a fewsentences.Tim FrickAuthor, Return on Engagement“
  97. Once you have yourquestions and stories, mapthem to the buying process— just as your prospectwill experience them.Ardath AlbeeAuthor, Emarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale“
  98. Internet word ofmouth is extremelyimportant. You seewhat the most vocalconsumers have tosay about you andabout yourcompetitors -- andtheyre saying itwithout necessarilyknowing yourewatching them.Steve RubelChief Content Strategist, Edelman“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  99. You want toinvent new ideas,not new rules.Image Credit:!doug88888!Dan HeathCo-Author, Made to Stick“
  100. Content is the fuel that powers theinbound marketing machine. Without gas,your car cant go anywhere. Without yourcar, burning fuel is a dangerous mess.Laura FittonInbound Marketing Evangelist, HubSpot“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  101. Those who buildand perpetuatemediocrity… aremotivated more bythe fear of beingleft behind. Jim CollinsAuthor, Good to Great“
  102.                    Money followspassion —not the otherway around.TWEET EBOOK!Image Credit: BlakJakDavy!David Siteman GarlandHost, Rise to the Top“
  103. In that age of ambientintelligence -- ofinformationeverywhere --marketing will need tobe contextual, andbrands will have toalign their interestswith the interests oftheir prospects andcustomers.Dan LyonsMarketing Fellow, HubSpot“SPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  104. Companiesneed to lightenup and takethemselvesless seriously.They need toget a sense ofhumor.Doc Searls & David WeinbergerCo-Authors, The Cluetrain Manifesto“
  105. Faith in yourself, inyour friends, in yourcolleagues, andmost of all, faith inyour ability to impactour future is the beststrategy I know.“Seth GodinBest-Selling AuthorSPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013
  106. COME SEE THESE SPEAKERS ANDMORE AT INBOUND 2013.August 19-22, 2013Hynes Convention CenterSeth GodinNate SilverScott HarrisonNancy DuarteMarcus SheridanAnn HandleyMike VolpeCC ChapmanSteve RubelErika NapoletanoMark RobergeDan ZarrellaLaura FittonJohn JantschAmber NaslundTim WasherDavid Meerman ScottRand FishkinDan LyonsRamon DeleonSusan PiverElizabeth DunnPaull YoungBrian HalliganDharmesh ShahSPEAKING AT INBOUND 2013