10 Remarkable Discoveries About Inbound Marketing in Europe


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Here are some of the highlights from HubSpot's first-ever European State of Inbound Marketing Report.

To learn more, click here: http://hub.am/10Yp6Mv

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  • Unternehmen, die in einer zunehmend fragmentierten Markt- und Medienlandschaft Kunden gewinnen wollen, müssen sorgfältig abwägen, auf welche Marketingstrategie sie setzen wollen. Inbound Marketing ist eine Strategie, die großes Potenzial hat und in Deutschland noch ganz am Anfang steht.
    Unternehmen, die Inbound Marketing einsetzen wollen, müssen für sich zunächst einige Fragen beantworten: Für welche personas (Zielkunden) sind welche Inhalte relevant? Über welche Kanäle, wie vernetzt können sie zum Einsatz kommen, damit die Maßnahmen, die Unternehmensziele fördern können.
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10 Remarkable Discoveries About Inbound Marketing in Europe

  1. Remarkable DiscoveriesAbout Inbound Marketingin Europe.10A Publication of
  2. have changed the way theylive and work.We already know people
  3. So why haven’t marketerschanged?
  4. MANY HAVE.Especially in Europe.
  5. Welcome to the inboundmarketing revolution.
  7. Not a channel.
  8. Not a tactic.
  9. Not a technology.
  10. But a holistic approach tomarketing that attractsindividuals to your brandand creates lastingrelationships with them.
  11. HubSpot surveyed marketers, CMOs,and agencies across 13 countries inEurope.
  12. Then shared the results with topmarketing thought leaders acrossEurope.
  13. To see if Europe is really 12-18 monthsbehind the U.S. in adopting newbusiness paradigms.
  14. We’re excited to share what welearned …
  15. In the first and only comprehensivereview of the European inboundmarketing industry.
  16. Here are the report’s mostremarkable discoveries …
  17. About inbound.
  18. About social media &SEO.
  19. About analytics.
  20. About marketing &sales alignment.
  21. About hiring & budget.
  22. Let’s dive in, shall we?
  23. InboundMarketing
  24. Inbound marketing hasreached majority adoption inEurope.
  25. of European marketersimplemented inbound58% marketing strategies in 2013.
  26. A WORD FROM THE WISEAre we on the verge on an inbound marketing revolution? I think therevolution is already here. The only difference is, the activity of inboundmarketing is preceding the label. Digital marketers are widely adoptingthe strategic approach that is inbound marketing, we’re just on the vergeof people widely discovering what it’s called.Bryan Adams, @Bryan_phcCEO, Ph.Creative Internet Marketing Agency
  27. And inbound marketingdoesn’t live in a silo,either.
  28. 36% completely integrate theirof European marketersinbound marketing goals withtheir larger strategy.  
  29. A WORD FROM THE WISEThe magic happens when inbound and outbound work together, somarketers should actively approach customers and industry influencerswith content. It opens hearts and opportunities. Maybe mobiletechnologies can be the link between these worlds.Albert Pusch, @albertpuschCo-founder and Author, Socialmedia-blog.de
  30. Social Media &SEO
  31. Some socialchannels are betterthan others.
  32. of European marketers generatedcustomers from LinkedIn41% and Facebook.
  33. A WORD FROM THE WISEEuropeans may be a bit more diffident than Americans about using socialmedia for lead generation – but we’re starting to get the hang of it. We’rediscovering that you can do this well without being crass about it.Doug Kessler, @dougkesslerCo-founder & Creative Director, Velocity Partners
  34. social mediain general has become moreimportant to their marketing mix.22%of marketers report that
  35. A WORD FROM THE WISESocial media can accomplish many marketing objectives: to acquire newcustomers, increase campaign visibility, gain traffic, etc. But social mediahas more to offer. It humanizes the brand, it brings customer loyalty, itreinforces audience proximity, it creates an engaged community withambassadors. All of this will make a difference when purchase timearrives.Isabelle Mathieu, @isabellemathieuSocial Media Strategist, Isabelle-Mathieu.com
  36. SEO packs a bigpunch, too.
  37. of SEO leads in Europe converted at14% above-average rates.  
  38. A WORD FROM THE WISEAs the triumvirate of SEO, social, and blogging become top of mind, thebig question is – what’s going to distinguish good inbound marketingfrom bad? Just as customers switched off from advertising, are weheading for a showdown where good headlines and bad content becomethe curse of the internet? The metrics for measuring successful contentare still in their infancy.Tim Barker, @timbarkerCMO, DataSift
  39. Analytics &Measurement
  40. The biggest challengerevolves around analytics.
  41. the ROI of inbound tactics.1 in 4The number of Europeanmarketers concerned with proving  
  42. A WORD FROM THE WISEInbound activity is clearly having an increasingly significant impact forbrands, so it’s critical to be able to measure this versus more traditionalmarketing activities. We live in such a data-driven world. By analysingmarket trends and proving the value in investing in inbound activity, wecan show brands how they can better market themselves online.Kevin Gibbons, @kevgibboManaging Director, BlueGlass
  43. of European marketers arefocused on reaching the rightaudience and converting them intoleads.23%
  44. A WORD FROM THE WISEIt’s good to see the maturation of an industry and the move away from“any old traffic will do” strategies, to ones about generating wins andrevenue.Damien Mulley, @damienmulleySocial Media Expert, Mulley Communications
  45. of marketers cited customer15% acquisition as a success metric,but still, no clear pattern emerged.
  46. A WORD FROM THE WISEOne of the wonderful things about inbound is that it is accountable andROI can be tracked. Not only that, but it needs to be continually optimisedas well, so you’re sure that you’re making the most of your budget andproviding the content which converts at the highest rate. As we know, allleads are not equal, and neither is all content.Kath Pay, @kathpayOwner, PlantoEngage
  47. European marketers havethe opportunity to test andoptimise more.
  48. marketers who do not test theirinbound marketing efforts.1/2The number of European  
  49. A WORD FROM THE WISEThose companies still not running tests around their online marketing areleaving significant improvements on the table. In my experience, getting areturn from early split tests is very likely. I hope that the next few years willsee strong growth in companies focusing on conversion rateimprovements.Will Critchlow, @willcritchlowCMO, Distilled
  50. Marketing & SalesAlignment
  51. Better alignmentbetween marketing &sales is needed.
  52. of European firms have aformalized marketing & salesagreement.22%
  53. A WORD FROM THE WISEOnly a minority of companies have clarity on marketing and salesresponsibilities, even though the alignment of these teams is essential formaximising revenue growth and decreasing inefficiencies. This can leadto time wasted with unqualified leads or the loss of well-qualifiedprospects when information is not disseminated effectively.Linus Gregoriadis, @LinusGregResearch Director, eConsultancy
  54. of support for inboundmarketing efforts lies with themarketing team.40%
  55. A WORD FROM THE WISEThis research shows that the principal challenge for marketers is provingthe return on investment of marketing activities. This is difficult, but is verymuch possible with the right type of joined-up measurement and inter-departmental cooperation.Linus Gregoriadis, @LinusGregResearch Director, eConsultancy
  56. Hiring & Budget
  57. Europe has optimisticplans for inbound hiringin 2013.
  58. The average number of members bywhich European inbound marketingteams will grow this year.2.5
  59. A WORD FROM THE WISEWe need more talent. We’re now finding more requests to run workshopsand assist with hiring. I think many European businesses recognise that agood graduate hiring and training scheme is the key to solving the direlack of available candidates in the inbound recruitment market.Richard Baxter, @richardbaxterCEO, SEOGadget
  60. Economic influencesremain a critical factorin European budgetallocations.
  61. The number of marketers thatreported the economy impactedtheir budgets in 2013.1 in 3
  62. A WORD FROM THE WISEEurope is a mosaic of cultures, and this has a direct reflection on howmarketing professionals conceive online marketing. A number ofcompanies that will increase their investment in inbound marketing inEurope as a country may not reflect the reality of many individualcountries.Gianluca Fiorelli, @gfiorelli1SEO and Inbound Marketing Strategist, iLoveSEO
  63. Still, inbound marketingspend in Europe outpacesoutbound spend.
  64. more money was spent oninbound marketing efforts thanoutbound efforts by Europeanmarketers.76%
  65. A WORD FROM THE WISEIn tough economic times, with marketing under pressure, it’s encouragingin Europe to see inbound recognized as the dominant strategy forcustomer revenue and growth. Continued adoption of inbounddemonstrates that the role of marketing is not to help Sales sell, but tohelp customers buy.Tim Barker, @timbarkerCMO, DataSift
  66. Be the first to read about inbound marketing in Europe.Download the full State of InboundMarketing in Europe Report to explore:• Executive insights on inbound marketing• The business case for adopting inbound marketing• The marketers case for adopting inbound testing, tactics, and technology• Thoughts on building a successful team of inbound marketersSOIM http://hub.am/10Yp6Mv#