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Pin pointpresentation

  1. 1. PinPoint SystemTechnical Presentation
  2. 2. PinPoint System
  3. 3. PinPoint Leading PCB Benchtop Diagnostic solution Fixtureless testing Multiple test Strategies:  In-Circuit  Impedance Signatures  Reverse Engineering  Full Analog and Digital Provides rapid diagnostics to Component Level
  4. 4. Test Methods In-Circuit & Card-Edge Tests  Trace Tests between components Dynamic Digital Functional  Automatic Program Generation Analog Functional  IC Identifier for unknowns Analog Signature Analysis  In-Circuit/Out of Circuit tests Hybrid Functional Reverse Engineering  Boundary Scan Integration Schematic Generation  PXI integration
  5. 5. Typical Fault Coverage Opens  Component tests include: Shorts  Memory Voltage  Processors Functional failures  Counters Leakage  Registers Cold Solder  Programmable Broken Trace  DTL, TTL, ECL, CMOS Etc Corrupt firmware  Analog Incorrect Component values  Many More….
  6. 6. Typical Test Process FAULTY TPS GOOD FAULTY In-Circuit FAULTY Test
  7. 7. Where PinPoint Fits Two-Tiered Test Approach LRU’s SRU’sEADS/Aerospatiale ATEC Any Functional Test Set Air Force Navy Bombardier
  8. 8. Test Result Server &ATML Interfaces• Interfacing between any functional test system and PinPoint• Uses open interface software• ATML standard interface to extract indictment lists and write diagnostic results
  9. 9. US Air Force AWACSSaving Programming TimeTypical TPS programming time. GO/NOGO DIAGNOSTICS 12 Weeks 36 WeeksDiagnostics programming with the PinPoint GO/NOGO DIAGNOSTICS 12 Weeks 2 weeks
  10. 10. Automatic Fixtureless Test MethodsProviding Test, Consistency and Result Data Analog Functional  Dynamic Digital Network Signatures  Boundary Scan TMS TCK TDI TDO
  11. 11. Device Test Interface• Robust custom Interfaces• Fatigue Life of over 1,000,000 cycles• Ergonomic Handles for Even Weight Dist.• Repairable should a pin fail• Down to 0.4mm pin-pitch
  13. 13. Programming Simple In-Circuit Graphical Environments TestVue™ - Software
  14. 14. TestFlow
  15. 15. Seawave & Debug
  16. 16. Reverse Engineering
  17. 17. In-Built Instrumentation Interactive or Automatic Use with a Test ProgramFunctional Analogue  DMM  Dual Timer Counter  Arbitrary Waveform Generators, 4 Max per Card  Oscilloscope, 100MHz dual channel  16 Single Ended / 8 Differential Analogue Inputs  Avionics Reference Output, 400Hz 26VAnalogue Signature Analyser  Fully Programmable  Current Limit Protection
  18. 18. In-Built Instrumentation 4 ½ Digit Digital Multi Meter 100Mhz Dual Channel Oscilloscope Dual Channel Frequency / Timer Counter Arbitrary Waveform Generator 4 max per card 16 Single Ended / 8 Differential Analog Inputs
  19. 19. Vectorless Test – V / I signatures• Fully programmable Frequency Range 5Hz to 3Khz (1 Hz Res)• 256 Voltage / Current ranges• Multiple Waveform types (Sine Square Triangle, etc)• Pulse Generator for Gate-Fired devices• Current limit protection
  20. 20. Vectorless Test – Shorts Locator• Interactive tool to determine the exact point at which a short circuit has occurred• Intuitive User Interface• Audible and graphical display to guide the user• Specification summary: – 500mV max o/c voltage – 1A max s/c current – 3 sense ranges (x1, x10, x100) – User selectable audio frequency output
  21. 21. Vectorless Test – LCR Bridge• Used to measure the values of Inductors, Capacitors and Resistors• Measures secondary characteristics – D factor (Dissipation factor – capacitors) – Q (characterises a resonators bandwidth) – ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance)• Series / Parallel equivalent circuits• Kelvin measurement system• Multiplexed to intenal rows A and DSpecification summary:• Inductance 1uH to 1000H• Capacitance 1pF to 1F• Resistance 10mΩ to 100MΩ
  22. 22. Vectorless Test – PTUParametric Test Unit• Four independent channels dedicated to precision DC voltage and current sources• Provide functional testing of discrete components in and out of circuit:• Programmable voltage and current on each channel• Each channel can sink or source current or voltage• Semiconductor junction forward voltage• Output drive levels of devices or circuits• Tri-state leakage current• hFE of transistorsSpecification summary• + / - 10V• + / - 20mA• 2.5mV resolution• 5uA resolution
  23. 23. Analog Programming Graphical Instrument Strategizer Providing the ability to rapidly use any external instrument that has a VISATM software driver Eliminates the need to create instrument specific software drivers Automatic self-configuring of the software Simple insertion of the VISATM Driver into a directory
  24. 24. Analog Programming ‘C’ Function Editor‘C’ Function Editor Providing the power of the ‘C’ programming language Easily included in the standard TestFlow structure using the drag-and-drop icon provided
  25. 25. Boundary Scan TMS TCK TDI TDO Leading Boundary Scan System JTAG Compliant System Quick & easy to Use Tests BGA Components Tests complete boards Provides device status Pin Points Faults
  26. 26. Data Capture PodCapture Input Data Pass stimulus data to PPII Reset or Sync Inputs driven Program Generated Outputs collected
  27. 27. Bed of Nails OptionProvides:Interface for fixtures (VP G12)Housing for multiplexer cardsAutomatic testing of devicesIncludes:Bed of Nails Software
  28. 28. PinPoint RangePCB BenchtopDiagnosticsystem UDA Diagnostic sub-system Mixed Signal Functional Test with In-circuit diagnostic system. Module and PCB
  29. 29. Diagnostic Sub-System 19” rack Diagnostic sub- system 10U Integration with third-party functional test sets to provide excellent and proven PCB component level diagnostic capability Rugged versions for deployable applications Scaleable diagnostic capabilities through an industry standard 19” rack mounting Runs under the proven TestVUETM suite
  30. 30. PinPoint UDA PCB DiagnosticsModule Test To component and network Digital level Analog  Guided Probe Mixed Signal  Dynamic functional  Analog Signatures  Component Functionality  Values of Passive devices
  31. 31. Keeping your electronics working