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Using LinkedIn Answers, the introduction function, who's viewed my profile, benefits of joining Groups, LinkedIn Etiquette, how to manage your network in 5 minutes a day.

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Linked in answers presentation (00380960)

  1. 1. LinkedIn AnswersHilary Schneider, Business DevelopmentManagerBrown Wright Stein
  2. 2. Overview– LinkedIn Answers– The introduction function– Whos viewed my profile– Groups – the benefits of joining– LinkedIn Etiquette– How to manage your network in only 5 minutes a day
  3. 3. Last time we covered: Good Profiles include• A good headline• A good summary, directs the reader to your full Profile and highlights the main messages you want to tell people about what you do and how you can help them• Detailed, current, and describes your unique experience thats not retrospective (like a CV is) containing keywords so you come up in searches• A minimum of 50-70 qualified connections
  4. 4. LinkedIn Answers• In LinkedIn go to More tab>Answers• Answers function enables you to demonstrate your expertise, by answering peoples questions• Useful if youre looking to gain national exposure as an expert on a certain topic
  5. 5. LinkedIn AnswersFrom the Answers page you can browse topics related to your industry or expertise• listed on the right hand side of the page under browse• you can also search by keyword to find relevant questions
  6. 6. The Introduction Function• Can help you to get introduced to a second or third-level connection.What to do• If you know the name of the person you want to meet, click "Get introduction" from the search screen:• Or if you are viewing the persons profile, click "Get introduced through a connection".
  7. 7. The Introduction Function• When you push the Send button, those 2 messages go to your trusted connection and this is where the power of LinkedIn comes into play.• Your connection get to write something nice about you and to reaffirm that youre a good person to work with. When he pushes "Send", that information goes to the person you want to meet.
  8. 8. Benefits of the Introduction function• Can be a more respectful and potentially more effective way to ask for an introduction than using the phone for the following reasons:• Your connection can review your message when they have sufficient time• You dont have to tie them down and ask for an introduction while theyre busy trying to get work done.• They can write a detailed recommendation to pass along to their friend and if they do, the connection is much more likely to happen.
  9. 9. Who’s viewed my profile?• Found in the right hand column of the LinkedIn homepage• Information on the viewer is limited, but you can sometimes guess by the type of company, industry and company name who is viewing your profile• Can also help you to measure whether youre increasing your activity and presence on LinkedIn
  10. 10. Benefits of joining groupsThe benefits of joining groups on LinkedIn are:• You will be found• You will find others who have similar affiliations or interests.• Joining groups that your clients, suppliers or vendors hand out is a way to connect, answer questions and share resources, expertise and events.• You will find job opportunities, because every group has a tab for available positions at members companies.
  11. 11. Benefits of joining groups cont’d• You can become a credible expert by answering questions and posting articles of interest for the entire group to see.• People in groups talk about events theyre involved in, and this may help you to find activities of interest to you.• You can promote an event you are hosting to a group of people who have the same interests.• You can search within groups and communicate with members to whom you are not officially connected.
  12. 12. Turning off email notifications for groups• NB youll want to turn off the email notification for discussions taking place in some of the larger groups. If youre emailed each time theres a comment to a discussion it becomes very irritating.• To turn off email notifications change the Settings in the groups Settings section.
  13. 13. LinkedIn Etiquette• Don’t be one-sided• Act quickly on requests• Keep it professional• Make a big impact with small gestures
  14. 14. How to manage your network in 5 minutes a day Source: Robert Half: Business Etiquette: The new rules in a digital age• Be the first to have a point of view. Share a relevant news article and add value by including an observation that may not be so obvious to others.• Let them know theyve been heard. Listen to what your network has to say, so you can make informed suggestions or relevant introductions.• Establish yourself as the go-to person.
  15. 15. How to manage your network in 5 minutes a day• Try to add at least one new person to your network a week. Growing networks are far more effective than stagnant ones
  16. 16. Summary• LinkedIn Answers enables you to demonstrate your expertise• The Introduction function can help you to meet second or third-level connections• The benefits of the Introduction function are that it can be a more respectful and potentially more effective way to ask for an introduction than using the phone for the following reasons:
  17. 17. Summary cont’d• You can see who’s viewed your profile• Joining groups is a great way to interact with people in your specialty or industry• Remember social media has etiquette too• Online networking doesn’t have to be time consuming, if you use simple practices that only require a few minutes each day
  18. 18. Actions• Upload your Profile, summary and specialities• Add your photo• Connect with people you know• Join groups• Answer people’s questions• Aim for at least 50-70 qualified connections
  19. 19. Hilary SchneiderBusiness Development ManagerBrown Wright SteinT 02 9394 1067F 02 9394 1011E