Text czech republic - r. horynová, k. dolanská


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Text czech republic - r. horynová, k. dolanská

  1. 1. Czech RepublicKatka: Please, Accept our invitation to walk around the CzechRepublic. Czechia or the Czech Republic is a landlocked counry withan excellent location in the middle of Europe.Romana: Czech Republic is divided into 13 regions. The capital isPrague. The neigbours are: Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria.Katka: The Czech Republic is situated in the territory of threehistorical lands of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. Can we look at thestate symbols?Romana: That is a good idea!Katka: We can see six state symbols. The national flag, the nationalemblem and the flag of the President.Romana: The Crown jewels, the state seal and the national anthem.The basic information is very important.Katka: I agree with you.Romana: The capital is Prague.Katka: In the Czech Republic, there are over ten and a half millionpeople.Romana: The president is Václav Klaus.Katka: The highest mountain is Sněžka. It is the dominant ofKrkonoše.Romana: The Czech Republic was separated from Slovakia on 1stJanuary 1993.Katka: Our Currency is the Czech crown.Czech Republic hosts many celebrities and thousands of tourist fromabroad a year.Romana: They come to see the beauty of tradition and cultural wealthof this country. The Czech Republic has much to offer.Katka: Yes, castles, ruins, museums, galleries and beautiful naturalscenery.Romana: There are hiking and biking trails. Largest and most famousspa in the Czech Republic are Karlovy Vary. Czech Krumlov is thesymbol of Czech culture and history of South Bohemia.Katka: In Moravia, you can taste great wine, you get to know thefolklore and hospitality of local people. The oldest national park in
  2. 2. the Czech Republic, the Czech Paradise region is a very romanticplace with sandstone rock formations.PragueKatka: Prague is the capital and the largest city of the CzechRepublic.Romana: Prague is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful citiesin Europe.Katka: That is evident. Its historic centre city together with thePrague Castle are listed in UNESCO.Romana: Tell us briefly what is the legend about Prague?Katka: The name of Prague is traditionally derived from the word‘‘doorstep‘‘, which is "práh" in Czech.. Princess Libuše had found atown where a settler in the woods was making a ‘‘doorstep‘‘ for hislog cabin. Are there any museums or galleries?Romana: Yes, there are dozens of museums, galleries, theatres,cinemas and various cultural institutions.Katka: Okay, but I can’t wait to hear about the sights.Romana: Me too.Katka: The Prague Castle, St. Nicholas Church, National Theatre,National Museum, Charles Bridge, Town Hall.Romana: Community house, Powder Tower ,Malá Stranawhere is Plague Column of the Holly Trinity, Hradcany and Vysehradtoo.Katka: Region Prague is the center of economy, trade, culture andtraffic.Romana: Prague boasts many nicknames as a Hundred-Spired,cultural, city of legends and myths, Heart of Europe or as the motherof cities and many others.Katka: In Prague there are hundreds of restaurants and bars andpubs in particular with good Czech beer.Romana: Old Town, Zizkov or Malá Strana.Now, let’s leave the monuments and let’s leave rest. Let´s stay in oneof the most beautiful Czech hotels called Hotel Clement.
  3. 3. Katka: I recommend you to visit our beautiful city of Prague andspend lot of wonderful moments there.