Letohrad králíček, limberský


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Letohrad králíček, limberský

  1. 1. Theprecursorofthe city until 1950 called Kyšperk GeiersbergCastlewas (Vulturemountain), whichstood on amoundcalled Hradisko. Thefirstmentionofhimcanbefound in 1308 in the Zbraslavské Chronicle.Thecastlewasprobablyfounded by the Lord ofthe Ţampachu already in the 13th century. ofthecentury.TheoldestknownholderwasthemaraudingKnight Jeniš oftheKyšperka. The lastmentionofthecastleisfromtheyear 1419. Thetownitselfwasfirstcommemorated in 1513, butitislikelythatthecastlewasfounded as previousle.The rapid developmentofthe cityismainly in the 17th century.century, whentheestatewasownedby rod Vitanovskýchofthe Vlčkovic.Count Hynek JetřichVitanovskýfromthe cityforreimbursementappliances,founded ahospitalfortheimpoverished and hadten subjects. Also intownwasfounded by sixoftheguildsandtherebuildingoftheoriginalRenaissancefortressfromtheyear 1554 on the early Baroquechateau (1680-1685).In itscloseproximity to thebaroquecastlechapel, which in 1726 becametheparishchurch. Therich stuccofiguraldecorationofthevaultoftheship and the presbytery istheworkofItalian master g. Maderny,whichisalsothe Černínského stucco Palace in Prague.The stucco workwassaid to be as much astheentireconstructionoftheChurch. PortraitofKarel Škréta belongs to the mostvaluableworksofbaroquepainting and exhibited in the rychnovském Castle. In thetimeofplague in 1713kyšperští carefullyguardedthegatesofthe city, especially in thedaysofthemarkets. Theplague, the citybypass and religioustownspeoplealongwiththesuzerain(countHarrachem) wasbuilt on evidenceofgratitudeplaguecolumn " ". He wasconsecrated in1724 and istheworkofsculptor Antonín AppellerafromLitomyšl. Thebaroquechapelof St. John of NepomukwithcloisterswasbuiltduringthereignofOrthodoxCatholic, count Jan Václav BredaofŠpandavy, on thepětiúhelníkovém plan. Insideis a pětiboký Baroquealtarwiththe legend of St. Jan Nepomuckém.Behindthecastleisnaturallylandscaped park, founded in 1820-1830 countMarcolini-Ferettim, in which areplantednumerous species ofexoticflowers and trees. TheSaxoncount Petr Marcolini-Feretti on thekyšperské estate in 1795, married and lefthere to import theoriginal sled oftheEmperor Napoleon.Letohrad
  2. 2. Later, thecastle park in romantic style, with Empire wallfountain, Pavilion, and artificialcaves (grottou). In1824, a largefiredestroyednearlyallthehouses on the square and in currentComenius (formerly Lukavské), atotalof 76 friendlynumbers. New houseswerebuilt, thenfromthose. In thefirsthalfofthe 19th century.century Kyšperku becameubiquitous in thedomesticproductionofwhitephosphorusmatches. Job " sirkař "thereis evidence forthreeyearsbeforetheystartedtheproductionofmatches in Sušice. Thatswhy Kyšperkuwascalled " sirkový " and manufactureofmatcheshere, from a fewhundredpeople. Work intheproductionofwhitephosphorusmatches has been very harmful, so theGovernment has banned. In theearly 20th century. centurygraduallyfell, individualplants.Reineltovafactoryofmatches, whilethe fit canbefound on thenewregulations and thesafeSwedishmatches,but therestoughcompetition led to theterminationofproduction. AfterthePrussian-Austrianwarof 1866,Austriadefeatedthe uvolilo according to thepeaceagreement to build a railway line fromthen to thepresent,thePolishMittelwaldeMiedzylesie, via Kyšperk in Ústí nad Orlicí. Atthesametimeitwasdecidedtheconstructionof lines from Chlumec nad Cidlinou, Hradec Kralove tooverKyšperka. Theoperationwaslaunched in 1874. Kyšperk has obtained a large station withtheheating plant,and many jobopportunities.In 1893 wasbuiltmechanicalweavingfactoryLouis-Weis on theEagle, afternationalization Hedva,laterPrimona.Reineltovafactoryofmatches, whilethe fitcanbefound on thenewregulations andthesafeSwedishmatches, but therestoughcompetitionled to theterminationofproduction. AfterthePrussian-
  3. 3. Austrianwarof 1866, Austriadefeatedthe uvolilo according to thepeaceagreement to build a railway linefromthen to thepresent, thePolishMittelwaldeMiedzylesie, via Kyšperk in Ústí nad Orlicí. Atthesametimeitwasdecidedtheconstructionof lines from Chlumec nad Cidlinou, Hradec Kralove tooverKyšperka. Theoperationwaslaunched in 1874. Kyšperk has obtained a large station withtheheating plant,and many jobopportunities.In 1893 wasbuiltmechanicalweavingfactory Louis-Weis on theEagle,afternationalization Hedva, laterPrimonaThanks to the far-sighted transfer forprocessingsilkinsteadofcotton in theworldeconomiccrisis has notbeen as badlyaffected as the textile companies in othercities. In 1901, launchedanoperation in KyšperkuFischlovaWeaverFischl-Engel, afternationalizationofOrban, laterthePearl.Shealsosurvivedthecrisiseasierthanother textile companiesaround,becauseyoungFischlduringtheirpractice inthe USA has establishedusefulcontacts andacquaintances and theymanaged tosecuretheorderevenatthisdifficulttime.Thefirstworldwar toforciblyinterruptedtheeconomic andculturaldevelopmentofthe city.Afterthewar he startedbuilding..
  4. 4. Thehistoric centre of Letohradu has opened a timezonewith many interestingbuildingsgroupedmainlyarounda largerectangular square withtwolargearcades, similarly as in thecooperationandLitomyšl. Thefloorplanis aBaroqueburghers houses. Amongthearchitecturalmonumentshereincludetheplaguecolumn and theChurchofSt. Václav withanunusual arrangement, themonumentalfaçade and aninteriorfigural stucco vault andpresbytery. The most prominent buildingofthe square representsthelock, whichcarriedouttheexamination.Thistwo-story buildingwith a prismatic Tower and clockaddedterrace, anEnglishpark with a Empire wallfountain, artificialcaves, a gazebo and a rare flora. Inthecastlethereis a restaurant, hotel, library and exhibitionand representationalspacesofthe city.Monuments
  5. 5. addition to therelativelywell-knownprofessions such as Carpenterorwoodworker, presentstheworkofkovotlačitele, wheelwrights, Coopers, šindeláře and many others. Amongthe most interestingexhibitsincludea carvedmechanical Museum ofhandicrafts, mechanicalworkshops, sawmillswiththreefunctionalan 100yearsoldschoolclasswithexamplesofnationalcostume.Fortheyoungervisitors to the New Court, thereisalso a permanentexhibitionof Fauna in the Czech Republic, whichshowsthe " to 120 ofstuffedanimals,birds and fish in natural scenerywiththeoriginalsoundrecording. Aftervisitingthe Museum, visitorscanrelaxin thestylish New Restaurant, whichislocated in thesamebuildingwiththe Museum.Craft Museum
  6. 6. Autors: Michael Králíček (14)Martin Limberský (14)