Czech Republic - L. Janecký, K. Flidrová
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Czech Republic - L. Janecký, K. Flidrová



Teacher: Mgr. Pavlína Hrabětová

Teacher: Mgr. Pavlína Hrabětová



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Czech Republic - L. Janecký, K. Flidrová Czech Republic - L. Janecký, K. Flidrová Presentation Transcript

    • What do you know?
    • Area, Population
    • Personalities
    • History
    • Traditions
    • The Sights
    • Places
    • Capital city
    • Premium: Quiz
    • Czech Rebublic has fourteen regions.
    • Our country has eleven milion people. It is in the middle Europe, so is called the heart of Europe. It´s area is 78 866 km².
    • It has amazing history!
    • The man at the top is the Czech president Václav Klaus.
    • The man at the bottom is the Czech footballer Petr Čech.
    • The man at the top is Karel IV, he built Karel´s University in 14. century, that was the first in Europe. He built Karel´s Bridge and castle Karlštejn, too. Karel IV is the best king of Czech history.
    • The man at the bottom is Karel Gott, he is the best singer of the Czech Republic. He has got thirty – six Golden Nightingales.
  • One day our forefather Čech came on the mountian Říp. He said „This is the promised land! It is rich with milk and honey. Here we stay!“
    • One of the most important Tradition in Czech Republic is Easterday, Boys go out to streets and whip girls with pomlázka (picture) to the back. Boys must say a rhyme. Girls give to boys painted eggs (picture) or sweets.
    • Czech Republic has 12 sights protected by UNESCO:
    • Krkonoše is the biggest range in the Czech Republic with mountain Sněžka. Sněžka is 1602 meters high.
    • Krakonoš´s stories were filmed there.
    • In the winter there are the best slopes in the Czech Republic.
    • There are a lot of hotels and restaurants. In Krkonoše, the air is very clean. People go there with astmatic problems.
    • Castle Karlštejn was built by Karel IV in the year 1348. There were only men allowed, women never went there.
    • One day a woman trespassed to the Karlštejn. She was the spouse of Karel IV. Then he declared that women will be admitted to Karlštejn.
    • Ještěd is 1012 meters high lookout and restaurant. It is in Liberec. On the top there is a television transmitter.
    • It is a very nice building, many poeple go here every year.
    • Prague is the capital city of Czech Republic. Her nickname are: „hundred-towered“ or „mother of towns“. In Prague the Czech president Václav Klaus has his seat.
    • There are a lot of wonderful shops. There is the river Vltava, the longest river in Czech Rebuplic.
    • In Prague, there are very beautiful buildings. Orloj (top picture) is the
    • most widely known.
    • Every year a lot of people from Europe come here.
    • Who is Václav Klaus?
    • Czech president
    • Singer
    • footballer
    • What area has the Czech Republic?
    • 56 958 km²
    • 78 866 km²
    • 98 658 km²
    • What is our forefather´s name?
    • Bohemia
    • Michal
    • Čech
    • What is the capital city of Czech Republic?
    • Prague
    • Minsk
    • Bratislava
    • What is filmized in Krkonoše?
    • Datel woody
    • Kr a konoš´s Stories
    • Bear Pooh
    • Encyklopedie slavných osobností
    • www.wikipedia/
    • Well done!!!
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