The Cold War
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The Cold War






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The Cold War Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The cold War
    Mr. Shore
  • 2. America and the Soviet Union
    Wartime alliance a matter of strategic convenience
    Soviet Union supports a global Communist policy
    Communism is considered both an alien and “evil” doctrine that is opposed to American values of liberty, economic freedom, religion and traditional freedoms
  • 3. Broken Soviet Promises
    Based on the Yalta Agreement the countries of Eastern Europe (under Soviet occupation) were to have open and free elections
    In 1946, the Soviets allowed only “mock” elections in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Hungary and Czechoslovakia establishing “puppet” Communist regimes
    The Soviet Union establishes a Communist regime in East Germany and East Berlin
  • 4. The “Iron Curtain” & Containment
    Churchill famously declares, “An iron curtain has descended across the (European) continent”
    Truman’s foreign policy advisor, George Kennan establishes the doctrine of containment: “A long-term, patient but firm and vigilant containment of Russian expansive tendencies” would end Communist dreams of world domination
  • 5. Truman Doctrine
    Stop Communist takeover of Greece
    Resist Soviet plans for access to the Dardanelles in Turkey
    $400 million to help free people in Turkey and Greece resist Soviet expansionism
  • 6. The Marshall Plan
    Massive US foreign assistance to Western Europe to ensure stable economies and democratic governments
    $17 billion for European Recovery Program (official name of the Marshall Plan)
    $12 billion additionally over a 4 year period
    Successfully kept Western Europe in the pro-democracy, anti-Communist alliance
  • 7. The Birth of NATO
    US establishes a collective security agreement with Canada and Western Europe –the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
    General Eisenhower becomes first Supreme Commander of NATO
    The Soviet Union creates an opposing collective security pact—the Warsaw Pact
  • 8. National Security Act--1947
    Centralized Department of Defense to coordinate Army, Navy and Air Force
    Creation of the National Security Council
    Creation of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
  • 9. Atomic Weapons
    US develops the Hydrogen bomb in 1952
    Soviets test their first A-Bomb in 1949
    NSC-68: Quadruple defense spending to 20% of GNP, form anti-Communist alliances, educate American public