Innovation past and future


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personal thoughts on elearning innovations and where things are headed

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  • When you turn a light on in your organisation, another light can go out\n
  • Or when you open the system up in one place, another (fire) wall goes up\n
  • Often i see education organisations looking a bit like this\n
  • Interested to tell our collective story. apple like prometheus. Google is like frankenstein.\n
  • Looking at some past projects and what lies ahead\n\n
  • Take a couple of back roads to illustrate some points about where we might be headed.\n
  • 4 years of innovation projects\nOver 100 in Victoria\n
  • By far the best project. Integrated trades. Solved many problems at once.\nSeveral databases used including sharepoint keeping IT happy. Payoff was that everything had to be a link which changed how teachers used the web.\nTools used for what they did best. bb was used as a landing platform for the admin for which it is designed. So delivery could happen elsewhere in the teachers platform of choice, eg wordpress or google docs.\n It was all wrapped up in a pd matrix so staff could see where they were up to and would look ahead.\nBut they currently block facebook and twitter. \n
  • Although using the wii as a training spray gun for painting was only partially successful the team went on to explore all the options for using the wii in gesture based training. \nKnowledge was collated into this public wiki\n
  • Set up own servers with second life open sim. This got around firewall, dealing with linden labs and the complex issues of taking young people into second life.\nOpen source\nShared with Monash university pharmacy project.\n
  • Rss from all 2010 and 2011 project blog collated\n
  • Obsession with content. Someone had the "bright" idea to combine all resources into one huge databases (instead of using people). It became a mess. The quality of packaging became elevated over innovation and learning and the database fell over. It was all too logical. \n
  • Simultaneously, everything converged to creating content in Moodle, since it was hosted at low cost by the government body handing out the funding. Everything started to look and taste the same...\n\nThere is new funding - states saying they wont produce content; and the content people are not happy.\n\n
  • Idea of the lms remains too linear. At least moodle is an improvement on its predecessors. However it often suffers from the scroll of death and may not be the best tool of choice for the future\n
  • Linear and overly logical approaches tend to suit the left brained.\n\nThe LMS is also a poor social tool. Ok for collaboration but not for community \n
  • Integrated models to fit emerging ecologies\n
  • Apple in the 80s had a positive discrimination toward left handers\nThe ipad continues as an integrated tool. It makes us think in combinations of apps.\nUS presidents of late have been left handed -maybe this hasnt worked so well.\n
  • Ipad and wordle werent talking to each other \nIrrationality. Story of the psychologist who won the nobel prize for economics, showing that humans were essentially irrational .apoarently this was a surprise to the economists\n\nRight brainedness is becoming us\n
  • This is scary and how might this be happening\n
  • There is still washing on the lines\n
  • Physical scientists doing the clean up at chernobyl report the biggest damage was psychological\nThis guy deserves a nobel prize\n
  • Japan tsunami. Double tradgedy. Reactors are still above boiling point. Farmers are committing suicide.\n
  • Trauma gets stored (or packaged) \nTrauma released and healed partly with the help of methods that include storytelleing.\nEvidence for coherence lying in the right brain. borderline personality patients both lack coherence and measured low right brained activities.\n
  • Back to the LMS\nJude Hewitson, Reality Learning\nSet up as a charity rather than an RTO\nSimple LMS point of difference was that it is story centric\nDelivers elearning to hospitals in china teaching staff rehabilitation to treat Sichuan esrthquake victims.\nRecently offered fancy Moodle\nWe dont want moodle\nMigrant Refugee psychiatry unit\n\n
  • The RL platform differs from the conventional LMS in that it is story centric\n
  • When staff working with the traumatised get a comparison with Moodle they reject it in favour of the story centric platform\n\nMoodle was not their noodle. \n
  • Similar experience from a migrant and refugee psychology unit in Melbourne. They have had moodle for a year and are rejecting it in favour of RL\n
  • So for a more integrated experience should we hand out ipads? The device can be yes disruptive but also too open.\n\n100 ipads handed out to teaching group and students\nObstensibly as cost saving - ebook reader but there were other agendas. \nAlso poor timing \nStaff merger and new staffroom\nNew building\nAll too open\n \n
  • Staff not using them . Met with a scowl. \n
  • Ipads to aged care workers who worked with indigenousstudents\nMost digitally challenged group \nIpads to learn with moodle\nTechnical homework\nClient preparation\nFelt part of a story\nWon an award.\n
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  • Innovation past and future

    1. 1. Innovation: what happened and where are wegoing?Howard
    2. 2. Polarities
    3. 3. The firewall
    4. 4. The organisation
    5. 5. Prometheus
    6. 6. 3 Projects
    7. 7. open sim in construction trades
    8. 8. Innovations RSS
    9. 9. corral the learning
    10. 10. Packaging
    11. 11. The LMS
    12. 12. Linear
    13. 13. • Integration, wholeness, left-handers, story, identity, self, circularity, spirals, feminine, creativity, relatedness, indirect, introversion, irrationality, feeling, eros, art, symbolism, divination, dreams...
    14. 14. living in an environmentally traumatised world
    15. 15. Chernobyl
    16. 16. Scientist with a geiger gun
    17. 17. Japan tsunami
    18. 18. Brain
    19. 19. Reality Learning
    20. 20. Story centric approach
    21. 21. "we dont want Moodle"
    22. 22. Migrants and refugees
    23. 23. You wanna teach me ipad???
    24. 24. Upper Yarra Community Centre
    25. 25. What to do• Consider context• Multimodal delivery and assessment• Include them in the story• Design for experience rather than instruction
    26. 26. thank-you to the #tlv11
    27. 27. Credits• Spiral road down to a new tunnel 27889738@N07/5474172508• Legend of fire• Firewall• Opposites• Can you hear me now• dont fence me in• Too much choice• DCSF2265
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