How Tomorrow Moves: Communicating Corporate Climate Strategy
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How Tomorrow Moves: Communicating Corporate Climate Strategy



Effective communications are essential to achieving success in a corporate climate strategy. For this presentation, CSX's Skip Elliott and Vance Meyer discussed how the company has integrated ...

Effective communications are essential to achieving success in a corporate climate strategy. For this presentation, CSX's Skip Elliott and Vance Meyer discussed how the company has integrated communications to create a comprehensive approach to sustainability.



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How Tomorrow Moves: Communicating Corporate Climate Strategy Presentation Transcript

  • 1. CSX: How Tomorrow Moves
  • 2. Today we will discuss a company that is…  180 years old  Creating environmental advantages for the nation  Communicating those advantages 2
  • 3. Overview of CSX Chicago New York St Louis WHO WE ARE Memphis • 30,000 people Charleston • 21,000 miles of railroad Jacksonville • 1,300 trains per day • Access to 70 ports New Orleans Miami 3
  • 4. The nation’s challenge More people Many of those They have to move consuming more things come across land to get to things… through ports… consumers 4
  • 5. Freight trains: Reducing the carbon footprint of transportation • One train carries the load of 280 trucks • CSX trains move 1 ton of goods 468 miles on a gallon of fuel • Better air, less dependence on oil, lighter highway traffic, jobs 5
  • 6. Transporting by CSX freight rail is a part of the solution   • Moving freight by rail is the most  environmentally friendly and energy  efficient way to move goods. If only 10 percent of freight currently  moved by highway switched to rail, fuel  consumption would be reduced by one  billion gallons per year. This is enough to  power more than 11,000 homes for a year. • Transporting via freight rail: Reduces the carbon footprint of transportation Improves air quality Reduces oil demand Fosters economic growth with reduced environmental  impact 6
  • 7. Committed to continuous, consistent improvement • CSX was the first transportation provider to become a member  of the Climate Leaders program. Through the Climate Leaders commitment, CSX has  voluntarily pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by  8% per revenue ton mile by 2011.  We are well on our way. • CSX is a charter member of EPA SmartWay program • CSX participates in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and  achieved the best score among freight railroads in the 2008 CDP  Report and third best in the overall Transports and Logistics  category. CARBON DISCLOSURE PROJECT 7
  • 8. Investing heavily for our future •CSX has invested $1.5 billion over the  last decade to improve its locomotive  fuel efficiency and reduce the  corresponding emissions.  Employee training Locomotive idling reduction  technology Locomotive fleet enhancements Piloting new technology 8
  • 9. Making progress on our goal to:  Reduce emission intensity by 8% over 5 years Note: Blue bars represent actual emissions intensity numbers. Green bars represent the annual goal. 9
  • 10. CSX environmental advocacy elements Media Citizenship Advertising Local impact Trees for Tracks TV, radio, press conferences City Year web, print Social media outreach Focus on fuel efficiency, traffic relief 10
  • 11. CSX Advertising: fact‐based, humanity‐centered • Communities: – Illustrate the environmental benefits of rail • Employees and potential employees: – Create a sense of ownership in environmental excellence; – Help affirm their desire to make a real environmental impact • Customers and potential customers: – Demonstrate how trains reduce the carbon footprint of supply chains • Investors: – Reinforce that our environmental solutions create value 11
  • 12. A CSX train can move one ton of freight 436 miles* on a single gallon of fuel. And since CSX is constantly improving the fuel efficiency of their trains, that number will keep getting better. * Number has improved since this ad was published
  • 13. NO DELAYS AHEAD. By moving 750,000 tons of freight daily, CSX trains ease traffic congestion and free up space on the highway.
  • 14. More go. Less stop and go. A single CSX train can reduce traffic congestion by carrying the load of 280 trucks. Making your drive a lot smoother.