How Cool Brands Stay Hot - Branding to Gen Y (by Joeri Van den Bergh & Mattias Behrer)


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How Cool Brands Stay Hot reveals what drives Generation Y and how you can reach them. Based on five years of intensive new research, it provides insights into the consumer psychology and behaviour of ‘the Millennials’. It will help you to connect with this new generation of consumers by understanding their likes and dislikes, and how you can make your advertising, marketing and branding relevant to them.

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  • Like to hear more reasoning behind it. As I'm a X/Y generation dude: is there a podcast i can listen to?
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How Cool Brands Stay Hot - Branding to Gen Y (by Joeri Van den Bergh & Mattias Behrer)

  1. //Template 1• Tekst
  2. Danish brand from the Bestseller group (Vero Moda, Only, etc) : from 4-6 collectionsa year 20 years ago (when they started) to 20 different collections a year today //Template 1 • Tekst
  3. //Template 1• Tekst The new coke FREESTYLE fountain: from 6 standard coke brands in a dispenser to over 100 different combinations and variations, all coke branded.
  4. Source: InSites Consulting 16 country study January 2011 – 4,065 respondents aged 15-25 in USA, UK, Russia, Germany, France,Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Romania, Poland, Brazil, India, and China.
  5. Cool
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  7. //COOL =0.38*Original Cool
  8. CoolInnovation, novelty and scarcity //Template 1 • Tekst
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  10. //COOL =0.20*Popular Cool
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  12. Gen Y has 146 brand related conversations/week: = 2X amount of adults43% of Gen Yers actively recommends brands to peers#1461/3 try product/brand for first time after a brand related conversation Cool
  13. Cool//Template 1• Tekst
  14. Cool //Template 1①Act, don’t tell • Tekst①Innovate and surprise①Friends are the COOL filter
  15. Real//Template 1• Tekst
  16. Real
  17. //Authenticity forGeneration Y NOT origin, history or heritage (like in adidas commercial) but … staying true to yourself Real
  18. Real//Template 1• Tekst
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  21. Real//Template 1• Tekst
  22. Real①Stay true to your roots, but don’t shout //Template 1 • Tekst②Warm is the new cool①Be open and respectful, listen (like friends)
  23. Unique//Dietrich Mateschitz //Template 1 • Tekst
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  25. Unique//Template 1• Tekst
  26. Unique
  27. Unique//Evolution of the environment in denim //Template 1 • Tekst
  28. Unique //Template 1①Sustain your unique proposition & style • Tekst①But adapt to the changing environment①Not forgetting about your core audience
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  34. Self//Template 1• Tekst Insert movie rorschach U by Kotex
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  42. Self //Template 1①Don’t offer products, support lifestyles • Tekst①Never use tribes on the outskirts②Vary & combine different passion points
  43. Happy
  44. Happy//Template 1• Tekst St Johns university Queens New York 1 tweet, 1 Facebook status update (now 22.5 million fans) 1 million views within a week Top 1% of best scoring ads ever tested by Coke in the US
  45. Happy//Template 1• Tekst
  46. Happy
  47. //HAPPINESS =50% Setpoint+10% Conditions+40% Voluntary Csikszentmihalyi (H)
  48. Happy
  49. Happy//Template 1• Tekst
  50. // I WILL NEVER FORGET THE DAY… Happy Extreme experience (e.g. skydiving, mount climbing) When I was dumped by my partner Graduated Meeting the love of my life Becoming a sport Surprise Death of a person champion N = 40 close to me Happiness Anger My first kiss N = 156 N = 13 Got my driving license When I got in a fight Fear Disgust N = 30 N = 14 New school Sadnes Discovered I had no s real friends when I N = 93 Moved needed them most Encountered aggression Was diagnosed Being dumped by my with a serious boy/girl friend Parents got illness divorcedSource; InSites Consulting 16 country study January 2011 – 4,065 respondents aged 15-25 in USA, UK, Russia, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy,Romania, Poland, Brazil, India, and China.
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  52. Happy//Template 1• Tekst Insert movie SAF integrated longer
  53. Happy//Template 1• Tekst Insert movie SAF integrated longer
  54. Happy //Template 1①Deliver gratifications, not just pleasures • Tekst①Don’t use negative emotions①Happiness is the new rebellion
  56. R2=.57 R2=.62 R2=.74InSites Consulting Brand Model tested by path analysis
  57. // RESULTS - 70% Increase in Sales compared to season index - 68% Increase in Sales in ‘Take Sthlm’store activity compared to traditional NIKE space - 8000 NIKE+ apps downloadedSource: Sara Althini, Brand Manager NIKE Running Sweden Oct 2010
  58. // How Cool Brands Stay HotThe book is about connecting with a new generation (Generation Y) which willdetermine how society and the consumer markets will evolve in the next 3decades. The book is based on 5 years of intense new market research andinsights and case studies of MTV teams from all over the world, and offersinsights in the psychology and behaviour of “the Millennials” as consumers. Thebook describes the five main characteristics of successful youth brands and willhelp companies get in touch with this new generation of consumers byunderstanding their preferences and dislikes. The book is interspersed with casestudies and interviews with global marketing executives at international brandssuch as H&M, Coca-Cola, Levi‟s, Nike, Nokia and Jack & Jones. It presentscreative ideas to its readers about how to position, develop and promote brandsand how to make them relevant for Generation Y. More info and updates on:http://www.howcoolbrandsstayhot.comThe book has just won the „Marketing Book of The Year 2011‟ award. Aprofessional and international jury nominated it as one of the 10 best books of2011. Afterwards 2,153 marketers from 85 countries voted „How Cool BrandsStay Hot’ as best marketing book of the past year. More info on this award on: