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Academic Planner for student instructions
Academic Planner for student instructions
Academic Planner for student instructions
Academic Planner for student instructions
Academic Planner for student instructions
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Academic Planner for student instructions


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  • 1. Academic Planner Instructions for Students About the Academic Planner The Academic Planner is a student tool to help organize future classes. The purpose of the planner is to create a plan by semester for each course you will need to take in order to complete your educational goal at HCC. This tool should be used after a student visits with an academic advisor to determine what classes they must take to satisfy the requirements for a specific degree or certificate. Step 1. Log-in to HCC Student Center. Step 2. Expand drop-down menu and click on (iAAR). Click the double arrows next to the drop-down menu.
  • 2. Step 3. On your iAAR, degree requirements will be sectioned off by light blue headers (see “Written Communication” below). Click on the course(s) you would like to “plan” to take to complete each section (i.e. Composition I). Step 4. Click on the campus location that you would like to plan to complete the course.
  • 3. Step 5. After reading the description of the course, click “Add to Planner” if you want to schedule to take this course in a future semester. Step 6. You will then get a message that the course has been successfully added to your Planner. A. Click “Return to Select Course Offering” to return to the previous page. B. Click “Return to My Interactive Academic Advisement Report (iAAR) Step 7. Continue planning courses until you have planned all required coursework indicated for completion of your iAAR and academic goal.
  • 4. Step 8. Once you have completed adding courses to your iAAR, return to the Student Center home and click “Plan” Step 9. You will now see all of the courses you planned in a category labeled “Unassigned.” To move a course to a specific semester, click the check box next to the course and then navigate down to the drop-down menu below. Select the term you want to plan this course for and click “move”
  • 5. Step 10. Continue this process until all courses have been assigned to a semester. Below is an example of a completed Planner: Step 11. Meet with an advisor to review your Planner for accuracy.