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Be part of the ongoing dialogue on the higher education opportunities in our community.

Houston Community College plays a vital role in providing access to quality education and in significantly impacting our region’s economy. HCC leadership will present its Long-Range Facilities and Finance Plan to enhance programs and services.

We welcome your input on the plan for our community as we work together to fulfill our vision for the future.

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Hccghp2012july 25

  1. 1. HCC’s Blueprint for Our Community’s Future 1
  2. 2. Trends and Today’s Realities• 80% of all new jobs require at least 2 years of postsecondary education and training to create a living wage• Economics and increases in 4-year tuition/fees have made a college education unaffordable for many• HCC remains accessible to all with affordable tuition• HCC is #1 developer in Houston of workforce-ready candidates 2
  3. 3. Postsecondary Education isthe Key to Our Future“The most importantinstitution of highereducation in Houston isHCC. I have a deep admirationfor the community collegebecause the college isimportant to connectingpeople to jobs in the 21stcentury.” Dr. Stephen Klineberg Co-Director, Kinder Institute for Urban Research at Rice University 3
  4. 4. Highlights of Previous HCC Bond Election• In 2000, voters provided the college with approximately $151 million• HCC built almost 1 million sqft of facilities by using growth dollars• We grew 40% over the last 6 years, by leveraging up our financial position 4
  5. 5. College at Capacity:Growth Outpaces FacilitiesOver the past 5 yearsHCC has served40% more students,and the college is currentlyat 92% capacity.Note these numbers areunduplicatedheadcount for Fallsemesters. 5
  6. 6. Assessment of HCC’s Stewardship of Resources• HCC lowered taxes in 2007, 2008, and 2009• Increased efficiencies and effective use of tax dollars • Saved over $79M in utility costs during the past 5 years (Report from Reliant Energy, July 2012)• Increased non-tax revenues to off-set taxation • Increased international students—8,600 • HCC is #1 in international students • Increased entrepreneurial efforts 6
  7. 7. Our Current Long-Range Outlook• State funding has decreased by $64 million over the last biennium, and further decreases are expected• HCC’s 53 square feet per student in a classroom is only 66% of the national average of 80 square feet per student*• Unable to meet students’ needed scheduling demands• Need to upgrade classrooms and labs with latest technology to create the learning space of the future• Need to ensure campuses are as conducive to student learning as possible * Recommended by the Texas Higher Education Standards Board 7
  8. 8. Steps We Have Taken to Develop the Long-Range Plan 1. Conducted a comprehensive inventory of all campus buildings and facilities and area research 2. Gathered recommendations for improvements of existing buildings from the Board and Administration 3. Created an implementation plan for the immediate needs of the HCC District 4. Developedan overview of improvements to include in the first phase of the project 8
  9. 9. Proposed Facilities Upgrade2012 Bond Program CIP Projects 2012 Bond Allocation Central $48 million Coleman $120 million Northeast $73 million Northwest $63 million Southeast $42.5 million Southwest $78.5 million Total $425 million 9
  10. 10. Summary of Impact on Homeowners of $425 million BondAnnual Impact on Homeowners ($15,000 Homestead Exemption included)Voted Bonds (millions) Total Maximum Expected Tax Rate $100,000 $150,000 $200,000 Increase $425 m $0.027677 $23.13 $37.06 $51.00 10
  11. 11. Central College BlueprintCentral Campus South CampusNeeds Needs• HCC’s original structure is • The community does not have outdated access to a workforce training center• Campus at capacity • Growth in the area, including new• Parking Garage Methodist Hospital facility, the new Dynamo Soccer Practice Fields andBlueprint the HISD Early College, will bring• New classrooms and labs expanded needs to the area equipped with 21st century technology Blueprint• Meet educational • Enhanced workforce programming demand, safety, and security • New science labs • Facility to train students in sports medicine 11
  12. 12. Coleman College BlueprintColeman CollegeNeeds• Nursing shortage in Houston• Coleman was built to hold 1,500 students, and currently serves 3,500 students• Currently unable to offer new programs in emerging health careers due to space limitationsBlueprint• New medical center building to meet educational and healthcare workforce demand 12
  13. 13. Northeast College BlueprintNorthline Campus North ForestNeeds Needs• Campus is landlocked, and Metro’s • North Forest ISD area is 99.9% rail line has created parking economically challenged challenges and increased demand • Recently annexed area has• Most popular workforce training developed increased demand in programs as well as STEM the community programs are at capacity BlueprintBlueprint • New academic center with a• Multi-use facility to provide added small business component classroom space and parking facility • Expanded student services• Opportunity to explore partnership • Fulfill annexation commitment with METRO and Northline Mall 13
  14. 14. Northeast College BlueprintNew Northeast CampusNeeds• Significant community needs for training and education• Pinemont Facility is currently leased and needs to be replacedBlueprint• Revenue savings to replace existing facility with new facility• Location to be determined based on community input 14
  15. 15. Northwest College BlueprintAlief Campuses Westside CampusNeeds Needs• Recent Alief annexation has • Significant growth in West Houston created increased demand in area has created increased demand• Growth in West Houston will • Energy corridor is requiring more continue to increase need for demand for STEM related fields higher education and training • Critical science and technology classes are being offered atBlueprint 1:00 a.m. to meet demand• Complete building improvements• Complete remaining 1/2 of Blueprint Alief campus • Developed new learning space• Enhance workforce training center based on community needs • Campus improvements to enhance technology and classrooms 15
  16. 16. Southeast College BlueprintSoutheast Campus Felix FragaNeeds Needs• More than half of Southeast • Facility Improvements & college students are forced to take Site Acquisition classes online due to full classes on campuses Blueprint• Students would prefer to take • Complete Felix Fraga Campus classes on campus instead of onlineBlueprint• Expand Southeast Campus to enhance academic and workforce programs such as advanced manufacturing to meet community needs 16
  17. 17. Southwest College BlueprintWest Loop Campus Brays OaksNeeds Needs• One of HCC’s most popular • New campus and building campuses due to proximity to downtown and the Galleria Blueprint • Develop workforce/trades skillBlueprint center• Campus wide improvements to meet student demand 17
  18. 18. Southwest College BlueprintStafford Campus Missouri City CampusNeeds Needs• No workforce building in the • Community has expressed needs area in• Significant need for training areas of entrepreneurship and in HVAC and other small business training manufacturing trades BlueprintBlueprint • Develop entrepreneurship and• Develop workforce training small business training center center to meet community needs 18
  19. 19. We are proud of the role that HCC plays in providing access to quality higher education and in significantly impacting our region’s economy.#1 in Texas for 2-year degrees and technical certificates (Community College Week, July 9, 2012) 19